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Top places to see the 4th of July Fireworks in NYC

Independence Day is considered as one of the most patriotic days for Americans. It’s also referred to as the Fourth of July and represents the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The celebration takes place all across the USA and it’s well-known for the 4th of July fireworks in NYC as well. Not so surprisingly, there are a couple of ideal places where NY residents can enjoy the spectacular view of flying sparks.

the 4th of July fireworks in NYC

Grab the best place to watch the extraordinary 4th of July fireworks in NYC

As the most patriotic celebration, it’s an important national holiday that brings people together and involves mostly leisure and entertaining activities. Furthermore, people are free to enjoy the splendid fireworks show in dozens of venues and to celebrate it the way they want. Since it falls into the summer, there are plenty of fun things to do during the holidays. Whether you are living in the city that never sleeps or just spending the 4th of July there, you will (once again) be part of the spectacular fireworks display that will illuminate the NYC skyline. Also, epic concerts and dancing events, barbecue and burlesque shows are what you can expect if you happen to be in New York during this major holiday.

After an eventful day, you can settle in at one of the best viewing spots to watch the stunning show that lights up the American sky. If you are planning your move during the holidays, make sure are all settled by the 4th of July, so that you can unwind and relax.

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What to do on the 4th of July in New York?

This year fireworks show will be launched from the Brooklyn Bridge and four barges along the lower East River. It’s planned to start around 9:20 pm. No matter which viewpoint you choose, make sure to arrive early. As it turns out, NYC hosts a couple of amazing spots where you can have a breath-taking view of the spectacular skyline. After all, the nation’s largest fireworks show deserves a really good watching position. Here are some of the most popular places to catch the view of the fireworks display.

Top locations with the amazing 4th of July fireworks in NYC

white, red and blue balloons

Join the celebration!

  • The rooftop bars and terraces at the Park South Hotel and the Kitano Hotel New York

Along with a wide range of cocktails and frozen drinks, these popular rooftop bars are one of the most amazing places to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks in NYC. With an unrivaled view and people’s excitement, people visiting the city for the first time are able to better understand the importance of this event.

  • Coney Island

Situated on the southwestern part of Brooklyn, Coney Island is one of NYC’s top attractions. This is exactly where you can have all-day-long fun listening to the music, hanging out with other people, eating hot dogs and watch fireworks while sitting on the sand.

  • Berry Park

The bar is hosting a traditional 4th of July party. Since reservations are not accepted for that day, you’d better arrive early to catch a place with an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to grab a place with a riverside view too. Watching the fireworks light up the sky above NYC is a truly unique experience.

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

You might not be so lucky to grab a bench at the Brooklyn Height Promenade, but you can always bring your own blanket and have fun with your friends while capturing some of the most magical moments of the 4th of July fireworks in NYC.

  • East River State Park

With a couple of friends, tasty snacks and beverages, it can be a perfect position for you to enjoy the fireworks show. Aside from catching the best view of the 4th of July fireworks in NYC, there are a lot of amazing activities to engage in.

Other activities on Independence Day

a red truck with the fireworks

Feel free to spend some leisure time

No matter how unique and breath-taking Macy’s fireworks, you can find dozens of places where you can have a great time. But, have you ever considered watching the fireworks from the water?

The good news is that there are several cruises that allow an unobstructed view of the illuminated skyline. While avoiding the crowds, you can celebrate the nation’s day with your friends and loved ones. If you are planning on moving to Brooklyn anytime soon, make sure to complete everything until the Independence Day to be able to make the most of the national holiday. Here are some of the suggestions on how to spend the 4th of July.

  • Organize a barbecue in the park

Since NYC is home to a lot of picturesque green spaces, you will easily find a place for having a picnic. A lot of fun in the sun, tasty food, people’s laughter in some of the most iconic local parks is what will make this experience unforgettable. If you are just visiting NYC for the first time, you will most definitely have some quality time surrounded by the people who are so proud of their national legacy.

  • Spend the day at the beach.

There’s no better way to recharge your batteries than to head straight to the beach. Get the subway to Coney Island and spend some laid-back time. Swimming and sunbathing along with a lot of entertainment options can make your day truly amazing.

  • Go through a history lesson.

A Broadway musical Hamilton, which is summarizing the life of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton will tell his story through some major historical events. Celebrate the nation’s day by going through this history lesson. However, don’t miss the 4th of July fireworks in NYC!