How to enjoy summer when facing home relocation

How to enjoy summer when facing home relocation

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, summertime happens to be the most convenient period for home relocation for several reasons. Who would intentionally move during the hottest months of the year if it weren’t for:

  • Most apparent: nice weather is your ally (mostly)
  • Peak real-estate season
  • Good time to list your property
  • Kids are off school

Furthermore, this is the only period when most families can coordinate their free time and thoroughly organize home relocation process.

In spite of all difficulties, planning as far ahead as humanly possible may be a good start for your summer moving adventure. If there’s no other way but to schedule your home relocation for sweltering summer months, make sure at least to engage a timely and efficient strategy.

sun flowers in the summer
Home relocation is one of the activities people prefer doing in the summer

Due to tight schedules, you may be faced with fewer choices when it comes to available moving services. Ideally, you should start with moving preparations at least two months in advance since you are not the only one looking for affordable moving services NYC during the peak season.

With a modern organization, you are standing a better chance of getting reasonably priced yet quality services. During the summertime you are supposed to relax and enjoy with your loved ones, so don’t let your home relocation get in the way completely. As we all know, it’s a significant concern, but don’t give up your summertime vacation plans and adventures. With a positive attitude and efficient planning, you can juggle your projects with arduous moving tasks during the summertime.

Which date to pick for the upcoming home relocation?

In comparison with other daunting moving activities and responsibilities, deciding on a moving date may seem like an insignificant detail.

Setting a favorable moving date turns out to be one of the crucial aspects of successful home relocation. Benefits of moving during the summertime aside, the wrong moving date may jeopardize the entire relocation experience. As it turns out, problems caused by choosing an incorrect moving date may add up quickly. But, sometimes circumstances beyond your control may decide instead of you.

Moving for work leaves little room for flexibility as there is a specific time-frame you need to work around. As a result, there will be less affordable moving options to choose from. But, keep in mind – the earlier you start planning, the more flexibility you may have when picking a moving date.

Also, with kids in the moving equation, the entire process may become even more of a challenge.

Since you are looking to make this transition less disruptive for your kids, you may want to organize your home relocation according to their school calendar.

When organizing an office move, you may want to schedule it for a less hectic period for your business. Even when transitioning to a new location it’s important to keep your business going and reduce the downtime as much as possible.

Another vital factor in planning for is the availability of your helpers. Aside from your movers, you may need your friends and relatives involved. Who will look after your kids on moving day?

But, all those considerations aside, you may want to avoid some of the busiest periods like weekends, rush hour, beginning or end of the month. An auspicious moving date can make all the difference between a stress-packed and seamless moving experience.

Surviving home relocation in the summer heat

a hand holding a bottle of water
Regular hydration breaks will keep you on track with your home relocation duties

Taking a little bit of time to consider some health precautions advisable for moving in the summer heat proves to be worthwhile in the long run. As it turns out, health-related issues are not uncommon during demanding physical efforts in the summer heat.

-Take regular breaks. Much as you want to settle into your new home, don’t rush into it. Take your time to rest periodically and, more importantly, do not ignore signs of heat exhaustion, dizziness or headaches.

-Stay hydrated and cool. Have a lot of water and cold refreshments on hand during intense, moving activities. Think about your movers’ and helpers’ needs as well as it’s in your best interest to keep them energized and safe.

-By aiming for an early morning start, you may be able to beat the heat and avoid hectic afternoon rush hour.

-Take good care of temperature-sensitive items. Some items are not supposed to travel in a hot moving truck for an extended period of time. That is also important when renting a storage unit in NYC because certain things are sensitive to high temperatures and humidity.

-Provided that you are moving locally, you may be able to keep both places cool by making a short trip to your new home before other family members head there. Or at least turn the air conditioning on as soon as you all reach your new home.

-Wear light and comfortable clothes that will allow easy movements and keep you cooler throughout the day.

-Apply sunscreen before you hit the road early in the morning.

Getting help for your home relocation

moving box on a trolley
Arrange for professional assistance when organizing a home relocation in the summer

Even though moving quotes NYC may be higher during the summertime, the best way to keep your sanity during the daunting summer move is to hire trustworthy movers as soon as your home relocation becomes imminent. Professionals will do all the hard work and heavy lifting, which will significantly ease the entire transition.

But, before settling for any particular moving company make sure to perform a thorough background check as well as consult moving ratings and reviews. Keep in mind that rogue movers are lurking around looking to take advantage of all those desperate people who are trying to organize a last-minute home relocation. Much as moving to a new apartment is exciting; if you add possible inconveniences with fraudulent movers, it can easily become a nightmare.

Aside from your movers’ responsibilities, some duties are entirely up to you. If you gather packing supplies and free moving boxes ahead of time, you will pack up your belongings before your movers arrive. That way you will have more time for other moving-related tasks like arranging paperwork and handling your kids’ transition.

Planning a move?

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