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Moving out of your parents’ house

moving-out-parrents-houseMoving out of your parents’ home is one of the most important steps toward independence. Whether it is your decision or you are compelled by circumstances, living on your own is quite an adventure, especially if you are moving to a new city. As attractive as the idea may seem, living alone requires certain level of maturity and responsibility, so make sure you are prepared before taking this step.

Can I afford to move out of parents’ house?

– Think about monthly expenses. Other than paying rent, you will receive utility bills every month, so make sure you are fully aware of how much living on your own costs. In addition to that, you will be facing everyday personal expenses and moving expenses, too. If moving on you own seems too complicated, hire personal assistance. Luckily, moving industry in NYC is very popular, so you can find movers according to your standards.

– Establish your budget. Assess your average income and whether you can live on your own within the boundaries of your budget. Take into consideration your fixed expenses like monthly utility bills, rent, mortgage, credit card, insurance in order to determine how much cash you will have after you pay the bills. Make your personal budget so that you can figure out whether you can afford to live on your own. Also, calculate the money you spend on entertainment, food, clothes,… Financial stability is the key factor to consider when thinking about moving out of parents’ home. If you have a temporary job it might not be the right moment for you to move out.

– Include moving-related costs: security deposit, hiring moving company or renting the moving truck/van if you are going to move by yourself, purchasing or renting packing material and other moving supplies, possible repair works at your new home, buying some essential items your landlord hasn’t provided,…

– Arrange your funds properly and try to save some money every month. If you are going to be independent, you shouldn’t rely on your parents’ help any time you get into financial trouble.

– Don’t move your debts. In case you have some credit card debts or student loan, pay them off while you are still at your parents’ house. Make sure you are financially ready to move out.

How to prepare for living on your own?

Moving out of your parents’ home is a very important transition in your life. Once you have decided to leave your parents’ house, arrange your new living space and make it comfortable.

– Find suitable apartment according to your standards and possibilities well in advance. Take the time to look several apartments and inspect the neighborhood as well. Visit some of the most important locations and institutions you are interested in. Also, make sure you have everything you need nearby – grocery store, pharmacy, school, park,…

– Are you going to live alone or with a roommate? Sharing the apartment with a roommate may make your life much easier only in case you choose a reliable person to share your living space with. Your possible roommate will provide half of the rent and utility bills, assistance with chores,…Furthermore, it is very important to have a healthy relationship with your roommate and to discuss about how the costs will be divided.

– Make a list of items missing in your new apartment. Your parents will certainly like to help you and give you some of the items they no longer need.

– Hire movers or rent a moving truck/van. If you are going to hire professional help, start researching movers as soon as possible. New York City offers variety of moving companies, but it takes time to research them all and choose one that meets your criteria. Book them in advance, set the moving date and establish terms of the move.