The most expensive moving mistakes

The most expensive moving mistakes

The whole moving process can easily become a nightmare if not planned properly. And being well-informed is often more than enough to avoid moving disasters. Researching and weighing all moving options, paying close attention to each moving-related detail and planning in advance are the most important actions you should take if you have in mind to move house. On the other hand, an unsuccessful move may result in a lot of stress, frustration – and wasted time and money. Since you are probably not interested in spending some additional money on the move, you will do your best to avoid some of the most expensive moving mistakes. For starters, you can hire the best movers in Brooklyn. But let’s see what else can cost you.

How to avoid the most expensive moving mistakes?

A wrong moving company may be a major source of unexpected moving expenses. Although most moving companies seem honest, by doing little research you can find out details that can be interpreted as a red flag when it comes to choosing a reputable NYC moving company. Not every moving company provides the same quality of service. Some of them have an appealing marketing strategy to attract customers, but their service is not that attractive after all. For example, if you are looking for the best piano movers Brooklyn, a great moving company will have a good piano relocation service.

Most expensive moving mistakes
You can learn how to avoid the most expensive moving mistakes.

And we know, choosing the right movers takes time. But you don’t have to hire the first moving company you come across at. Get several moving estimates, talk personally to the movers and analyze thoroughly each offer you get. Talk about your needs, requirements, and priorities… This is the key when it comes to avoiding the most expensive moving mistakes! Also, ask your friends and relatives to help you out with their advice. Most probably you know someone who moved recently.

Here are some tips

Also, great thing is that you can schedule an in-home moving estimate so that your movers can provide an accurate quote. An online estimate or an estimate over the phone is just an approximate value and is not good enough if you don’t want any additional moving expenses.

Another thing that is a red flag for sure is a cheap deal. So avoiding too good to be true offers will ensure a safe move. Similar offers usually indicate that you are actually dealing with rogue movers in New York who will keep your goods hostage or just disappear with the deposit and your belongings. You surely don’t want that, as you will have to buy everything all over again.

In order to avoid scammers make sure your moving company is licensed and that they comply with rules and regulations. A reference can be really helpful when it comes to choosing a moving company. Still, it is your duty is to do thorough research, read moving reviews available on the internet in order to ensure the safe choice. Be familiar with the terms and conditions of the move, read carefully your move-related paperwork and make sure you understand each clause.

Hidden costs that you never think about

One of the most expensive moving mistakes is also an assumption that a DIY move is cheaper than hiring movers. This is usually completely wrong since there are a lot of hidden costs and possible issues you haven’t taken into consideration previously. For example, you can break your items, lose time or even worse – get a serious injury lifting heavy and bulky items. When you put everything on paper you will see that hiring good local movers NYC is cheaper than doing it yourself.

Correct timing can save you a lot of money when moving.

Another thing is the key here. When moving, a burning issue is not only who but also when. Correct timing can save you a lot of money. That’s why make sure to avoid following periods if possible: weekends, the first or the last days of the month, holidays, peak season. In the moving industry, that would be from May to September.

As you may imagine, moving during holidays and peak season can be very risky. Not only are you going to pay more, but also you can get a poor quality service. If you hire a cheap moving company, you will probably have to deal with the lack of experienced staff, delays,… So, if you are at liberty to choose the moving date, think carefully about the exact date. The best would be to set it sometime in between holidays, weekends and peak seasons. Furthermore, the sooner you hire the moving company, the less you will pay for their services. Don’t wait until it’s too late to hire movers, because you don’t have a lot of choices then.

Know your budget – and stick to it!

Knowing your moving budget and your possibilities will help you arrange your funds properly when you move. Plan and predict moving expenses having in mind how much you can spend on each moving service. As we said, you can always try an online moving estimate… Or simply call for a free cost estimate with a moving agent.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to hire movers!

Remember, not every item you own needs to be transported to the new place. Decide what you really want to keep. And bear in mind that the more items you give away, the less you will pay for the shipment. Also, before the moving day make sure all the items you want to move actually fit into the new home. Measure them and create a floor plan.

Also, it is very important to pack your belongings properly so as to prevent any damage. In case of any damage or loss, your belongings will be covered by the moving insurance you have previously purchased. Otherwise, you will have to replace damaged or lost goods at your expense. Now that you learned about the most expensive moving mistakes, we hope you are ready to move. Good luck!

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