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Moving a car long distance

moving boxes on top of the car

Moving a car to a new home is another task to take care of during the home relocation

Aside from researching moving companies, packing and dealing with the moving-related paperwork, you will have to figure out the most efficient way to transport your car to a new location. Provided that it’s worth moving, there are two options to choose from. If you decide to drive it, prioritizing your family’s safety during the moving process is of paramount importance. On the other hand, moving a car with a shipping company can be a smooth experience provided that you choose a reliable one.

Chances are your final decision depends on your moving budget, so make sure to calculate all expenses associated with moving a car to a new city. Your personal travel arrangements will depend on your finances, too, so make sure to know your options in advance.

How to travel to your new long-distance home

an airplane flying above the building

Driving of flying to a long-distance home can be a major concern when moving

As you are preparing for the move, chances are you will feel more comfortable transporting certain items on your own. Moving a car locally may seem like a straight-forward process, but when moving overseas things may get rather complicated. Aside from ensuring a safe transport of your precious belongings, you should take care of your travel arrangements.

Whether you will be driving or flying to your new destination depends on several practical and financial aspects. Ideally, you will pick the option that will make your transition as stress-free and comfortable as possible for the entire family. Without a doubt, flying to your new, long-distance home will burden your budget, but let’s consider some of the most obvious advantages.

-If facing a sudden, last-minute move, flying to your new home would be the most time-efficient solution, especially if you have some personal or work arrangements immediately after you arrive. Needless to say, you will have more time to tackle the daunting unpacking process properly and to get to know your surroundings before you immerse yourself in the new routine.

-Always choose the mode of transportation that makes the most sense for your family. If your little ones are likely to become nervous during the long road trip, then flying can be a perfect way to keep the stress down to a minimum.

-Typically, due to a shorter duration, an airplane travel is less mentally and physically exhausting. Unless you are changing planes for a connecting flight with a variable gap in between, flying can be an efficient way to reach your new home effortlessly.

With these considerations in mind, you will be able to choose option that will cause minimal disruption and stress.

Moving a car to a new place

Driving to your new home comes with a number of benefits. Not only will you be able to take regular breaks when necessary, but also you may have an unforgettable road adventure with your family.

In addition to that, driving cross-country is a unique chance to visit some interesting places along the way and turn your moving journey into an excursion. And, what’s more, valuables you couldn’t entrust to the moving company will be perfectly safe with you.

As moving day is fast approaching, clean your car inside out and make enough room for important items. Get creative when squeezing in your possessions and making a comfortable and safe environment for all passengers. Start out by familiarizing yourself with the list of non-allowables with flammable or toxic nature that may threaten your family’s safety. Due to the limited storage space in your car, choose carefully which items you will move with you.

moving a car with the dog hanging head out of the car window

Make your pets feel comfortable on the road to a new home

In case there are more items than your car can actually accommodate, consider adding an overhead carrier, where you can fit everything you won’t be needing during the journey. Instead of sturdy boxes and personal luggage, make use of different bags so as to use up every hidden space.

It’s not always easy to determine what will fit in your car, but one thing is for sure. Essentials kit is probably one of the most important boxes you will move with you on your cross-country road trip. If moving with kids, make sure to stock up on their favorite toys that will keep them busy all along. It’s also important to secure your pet while in the car. Make sure your furry friends are up to date with their vaccines before you hit the road.

How to prepare your car for shipping

an animated man washing a red car

Get your car in top shape before moving

Amongst endless moving tasks and responsibilities, you may easily fail to prepare your car for the upcoming move. Let’s face it, moving to another state will force you either to sell or to have your car shipped to a new location.

If you are planning on moving a car with professionals, you should make arrangements with the shipping company in advance. Reliable auto shippers that offer convenient pricing and quality services can be your best ally during this project. Having decided to entrust this task to a dependable shipping company, probably the biggest concern is whether their quote will fit your moving budget.  As it turns out, auto shippers base their estimates on the following factors:

  • Distance between your homes
  • Weight and size of the vehicle

Hiring a reputable shipping company is a huge relief, but still you are expected to prepare your car for the pick-up in order to minimize the risks related to the vehicle transportation.

  1. Perform a complete maintenance check – notify your shippers about any specifics or mechanical problems they may incur when moving a car.
  2. Check car fluids and the condition of the tires.
  3. Inspect your vehicle carefully for existing cosmetic damage and document it.
  4. Remove personal items and valuables as your shipping company will not be responsible for their loss. Not to mention the damage those items may cause to the interior of the vehicle.
  5. Wash your vehicle thoroughly.
  6. Disable your car alarm so as to prevent possible inconveniences down the road.

Remember that as long as you comply with these simple suggestions, your car will reach its new destination on time and in perfect condition.