Tips for moving overseas

Tips for moving overseas


Once you have made the decision to move overseas, you need to create a detailed checklist you can rely on during the relocation process. Moving overseas requires thorough organization, planning and money. Hopefully, the following tips will help you move your belongings overseas without spending a fortune.

How to move your belongings overseas

– Sort the items into different piles. Decide which items are absolutely required, which items you cannot live without at your new place. What you will take depends on how long you will stay at the new place.

Long-term arrangements allow you to sell the items that can be easily replaced as well as the old and unnecessary ones. On the other hand, if you know that you will be back in a couple of months, you should consider storing your belongings.

– Once you decide which items should be shipped, find an appropriate packaging – sturdy and durable moving boxes, a lot of bubble wrap, padding material, packing tape,…

– Book your flight early, don’t leave it to chance. Waiting for special last-minute offers may be very risky, since a lot of important things are at stake. Early birds are likely to find some convenient deals at a good price.

– Check baggage allowances, especially if you are booking low-cost flight companies.

– Research international moving companies. Reading online reviews and ratings will help you identify professional and trustworthy international moving companies. Get several moving estimates from different companies and make sure you understand terms of the move and which services are included. Check their professional background just to make sure your items are in good hands.

– Certain items like perishables, flammable material, alcohol,… are not allowed. Your moving company will give you all necessary instructions and guidelines.

– If your household insurance doesn’t cover your items while in transit, consider purchasing an adequate moving insurance.

– Moving a pet seems to be very complicated and expensive affair. Every country/state has its own regulations when it comes to moving with pets. Certain airlines allow small animals in the cabin if their carrier can fit under the seat. On the other hand, bigger animals are allowed only in the cargo bay. Also, you need to arrange the paperwork in advance. Get required permits, health certificate and other documents from a vet.

– Make an inventory of all belongings you want to move before contacting the shipping company.

– Get your items weighed before contacting the shipping company.

– Decide whether you should ship your belongings by air or by sea. Shipping by sea is usually less expensive, but it takes much longer. Your items are usually picked up at your residence and then transported to the port and loaded on the boat. When your items reach the new country, let your international movers take over. They are familiar with all custom forms and how to get your belongings cleared.

– Shipping by air seems like much more expensive option. Having in mind the shipping cost, you should consider reducing the amount of items you move. Renting long-term storage unit may be a viable option. Also, bare in mind that items that can be easily replaced at the new place should be left behind (sold, given to charities, donated, recycled,…).

– Label each container and indicate both your current and new address.

– Each carrier has its own regulations on which items are allowed and how to pack them. Some of them accept sturdy cardboard boxes, while others insist on specific containers. They are at liberty to open each box and check its content, so make sure you have packed everything according to company’s terms and regulations.

– Shipping a vehicle to another country can be expensive, but certainly doable. Just make sure you have all the paperwork arranged and your vehicle prepared and properly insured.

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