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Long Island movers

Long Island movers will be at your service to help you with the packing and moving process once you make a decision to move to the city that never sleeps and restart your life according to your needs and requirements.
 New York City with its five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island) offers plenty of opportunities to choose from when it comes to relocating.
Long Island movers will ease your NYC transition

Hiring Long Island movers will smooth your NYC transition

Every single district has its own charms and appeal that will draw you in and offer you a plethora of possibilities.
New York is an amazing, dynamic and eclectic city with beautiful architecture, sightings, cultural diversity and endless entertainment options that will keep you occupied nonstop and slightly overwhelmed if you are not accustomed to its, sometimes, hectic ways.
Before making a step to move to Long Island, one should be certain that has made an informed decision as to which neighborhood best accommodates their needs and wishes in order to avoid possible disappointments. Do not rush your move and take the time to explore the city, do your research, take notes of the characteristics of the areas you are interested in and, if possible, take advice from New Yorkers. Arm yourself with patience, find reliable NYC movers and start meticulously planning your relocation. Hopefully our tips and guidelines will smooth your transition and help you find trustworthy Long Island movers.

The Long Island lifestyle

If you’ve chosen Long Island to be your place of residence, after careful consideration of all the relevant aspects of each New York City borough, here you can find some general information that might get you acquainted with it and show you what to expect from the neighborhood which you will be soon calling home.
Long Island is a large and densely populated island where the majority of New Yorkers live. This fish-shaped strip of land is composed by four counties: Kings and Queens (which are the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens) and Nassau and Suffolk that are mainly referred to as “The Island”, which is mostly of a suburban nature.
When it comes to defining New York City, moving to Manhattan is usually the goal for all enthusiastic newcomers that yearn for the fabulous NYC lifestyle. This is why Long Island is often outshined by its flashy neighboring borough. However, many would consider this overlooking of The Island to be unjustified since it is an area that has plenty to offer.
– Long Island with its economic growth and cultural venues, gastronomic diversity, bustling art scene, long sandy beaches, numerous vineyards and striking landscapes is considered to be one of the best rated places to live in America. Living in The Island will provide you with plenty of outdoors activities such as fishing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, camping, wine tasting and sporting events, as well as visiting art galleries and exploring its numerous cultural institutions that will keep the most refined visitors satisfied.
suburban environment is suitable for house owners with a family

Long Island movers will help you start over in a calm, suburban area

– For most of us, Long Island is famously associated with the high-end vacation spot, the Hamptons and it is usually thought to be a good location for the summer and a gathering place for the wealthy and famous, but it needs to be said that it has much more to offer than the extravagant mansions described in The Great Gatsby. On one hand, Brooklyn and Queens offer a youthful and vibrant flare which is comparable to the Manhattan colorful lifestyle, and on the other, Nassau and Suffolk provide a more calm, suburban environment that is suitable for house owners with a family.

Long Island housing

Long Island is a great place to settle down as it offers plenty of possibilities

Start the apartment-hunting process as soon as you decide to move to Long Island

– Compared to the space deprived and overpriced New York City apartments, owning a spacious and comfortable house with a front and backyard can be a much needed refreshment. Long Island is a great place to settle down in as it gives you the best of both worlds: you can be within driving distance from New York City and enjoy its perks, but without having to live in a overcrowded and loud city. Another benefit of moving to Long Island is that you get to keep your car and not have to worry about finding a parking space, especially if you are a house owner with a garage.

However, the downside of driving on the island is that, not only it is a necessity since the area is not as commuter friendly as Brooklyn or Manhattan where you can pick an easy and efficient transportation means that will get you from point A to point B in no time, but it is highly likely you will find yourself in a traffic jam that will make a short distance commute feel like a long distance trip. Make sure to take that aspect of the island lifestyle into account when commuting to and from work.
Moving with your family to Long Island is a great decision because the area offers a variety of excellent public and private schools that are ranked among the best in the United States. Not only the education of your children will be well taken care of, but growing up in a place with sandy beaches, parks and enchanting landscapes with lots of space to run around and play, will give your kids a childhood to remember.
– However, prior to taking up residence in Long Island you should carefully plan out your moving budget and start saving much in advance in order to avoid being shocked by the property prices. The costs of living won’t be any lesser than the ones in Manhattan, so you will need to adjust your expectations. Before renting or buying a house in NYC, make sure to always ask about the property taxes, because they can be very high depending on the location and will increase your expenses significantly.
– When considering buying a house, before finalizing your decision it is recommended to visit the property during day, as well during the night to get the overall feel of the ambient and don’t forget to take a look what it looks like over the weekends, because what it seems to be a quiet neighborhood during the week, it can become noisy on the weekends if there is a bar or a restaurant nearby.

How can Long Island movers help you relocate with children?

Moving with children made less stressful with Long Island movers

Although moving with children seems complicated, Long Island movers will make it less stressful

After a thorough decision making process that has lead you to put down roots in Long Island, it is now time to start organizing your family move whether you choose to get help from a professional NYC moving company or venture to do it by your own means. The main reason for relocating to a suburban area is often a desire to form a family and provide one’s children better schooling opportunities and a carefree childhood in a safe, spacious and green environment. Expanding one’s family also means a larger living space that is hard to find in the downtown city confinements. Therefore, big houses with garage space and room for all the utilities represent a major advantage in comparison to small and expensive New York City studio apartments.

We all know, from our own or other people’s experiences, that a moving process can be a very stressful and tiresome experience that requires careful planning and efficient time managing, even more so when there are children involved. From the beginning to the end of the endeavor, from making an inventory to actually starting packing your household belongings accumulated over the years, you can expect to be on the verge of a breakdown.
In order to help you and your family cope with the moving distress and prepare your kids for the big transition, here bellow we made a list of activities that can ease the relocating process and make it, dare we say, fun for everyone involved.

How to involve children when moving to Long Island

– Before even considering starting packing up your things, make sure to keep up the positive thinking and energy throughout the moving period. Surround yourselves with your favorite objects and don’t stop doing your favorite activities; you can try to incorporate them in a moving process as well.
– Making a compilation of your favorite tracks; playing upbeat music during the process will boost up the morale. Listening to your favorite songs and dancing along will elevate the spirits and alleviate the arduous packing process.
– Make sure to keep the children busy and let them participate in the process, instead of having them running around. You can stir up their interest by making up a packing game and rewarding them for the job well done. The kids will be happy to help you if they feel encouraged and helpful. With a little imagination the moving experience can be less tedious. Don’t forget to equip yourself with tones of snacks, sweets and drinks to raise the energy of your little helpers.
– If your kids are too small or you’d rather not having them involved in the packing, you can keep them entertained with toys and activities away from all the commotion.
– Uprooting their young lives may represent a challenging and overwhelming experience to your kids, so don’t neglect the psychological effects it can have on them. It is essential to have a talk with your children, listen to their concerns, recognize their apprehension and reassure them that they’ll have your support with the adaptation process.
– Take the time to get to know the new neighborhood together and explore all the interesting locations where you can spend quality time and have fun with your kids. Familiar surroundings will make the transition go smoother.
– Lastly, when most of the endless tasks are checked out of your list and you can calmly wait for the professional and experienced Long Island movers to take on their part of the job, make sure to reward yourself and your kids by throwing a farewell party with your friends and family.

Finding reputable Long Island movers

Finding reputable Long Island movers is an important decision in regards to your relocation process

Having decided to move house, you can rely on expert Long Island movers who will get the job done properly

Having chosen the neighborhood that accommodates all your interests and having considered all the relevant aspects, it is time to make a second most important decision in regards to your relocation process: should you take the task of packing and moving your possessions upon yourself or should you trust and hire reputable Long Island movers who will take care of the moving process for you?

The answer to your dilemma depends on several factors including your budget, moving costs, calendar, date of the move, speed and efficiency required. You should carefully consider all your options and limitations before committing to specific Long Island movers. If your moving involves relocating to a different city or across the country it is desirable to seek help from seasoned professionals and rely on expert Long Island movers that will offer you the best moving experience. Don’t forget to make a checklist of the specific requirements such as packing services, handling of fragile and valuable objects, transportation expenses, etc. in order to find movers that will successfully meet your needs.

Tips for finding Long Island movers

Find an affordable moving company that will guarantee a safe transport of your belongings

Dumbo moving and storage crew is available to assist you with your big move

Now, a question of great importance should be raised: is it possible to find reputable Long Island movers that can offer affordable moving services and guarantee a secure transport of your possessions? We believe that the answer to that question is, “Yes”, but not without previous meticulous research. When it comes to choosing the best possible Long Island movers who will ensure a successful moving the following tips can be useful.

– Before choosing a suitable mover, have in mind that there are several thousands of moving companies that operate in the United States and offer their services using diverse means. Around fifty percent of them are certified members of the American Moving and Storage Organization, but you need to be beware of the other half of them that might lure you into their scam.
– Start your hunt with the top rated Long Island movers that care about their good reputation and have high ratings as a result of many satisfied customers’ reviews. It’s always recommended to take the advice and suggestions from friends and acquaintances that have recently used the services of a NYC mover as they will not misguide you nor sugarcoat the situation.
– To prepare yourself and be alert of the potential fraudulent behavior, we offer you some essential points that will make it easier for you to spot a scammer.
– The moving company’s website can reveal much about the mover’s qualifications and professionalism, as well. Their details, credentials and registration should be available on the website.
– A good mover should be willing to go onsite and visit your home and examinate the moving items in order to give you an exact moving quote. Their booking fees shouldn’t surpass the 10-15 % of the final cost. An unusually large deposit and demanding a cash payment should raise a red flag.
– If you’re moving to Long Island from the New York metropolitan area make sure that your movers don’t charge you long distance rates, as some companies tend to charge you extra for all moves outside Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn. Beware of the hidden moving fees that can add up to your expenses.
– A reputable Long Island mover should by all means have clearly branded trucks and operating warehouses and storage space.
– You should require from your mover to provide you with an accurate moving estimate and a final price that will be calculated upon a visit to your house from a moving expert.
– If a budget is an issue for you, make an effort in finding Long Island movers who can offer affordable options such as coupons or different types of discounts. Doing a good research will provide you with solutions that will take off some costs of the final estimate, you will just have to brush up your negotiating skills.