How much money to save before moving to a house

How much money to save before moving to a house

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It’s no secret that moving house can drain your wallet. How much you are going to spend on your big household move depends on several factors – how far away you are moving, when you are moving and if you are moving with the professional moving company or on your own . While some moving expenses are obvious, others may be easily forgotten or ignored, which may lead to further misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises.

When planning a household move, it is extremely important to understand benefits of an accurate moving budget. Managing your finances in a logical way and setting up a budget on time will help you be better prepared for the upcoming move and avoid unnecessary additional moving costs. Remember that if you are not financially prepared for the move you can end up paying a lot more than expected.

If you are facing financial uncertainty and don’t have a secure job in your new area, some savings may come in handy when it comes to handling financial obligations and monthly expenses.
Hopefully these guidelines will help you figure out how much money you need to save before your big household move.

Housing expenses

If you plan on moving to another city or state, you should know that housing expenses are probably the biggest issue. Whether you are paying the mortgage or the monthly rent, you will need to establish the maximum amount of money you can set aside for those expenses. If you are moving out from your parents’ house you should know that starting an independent life can be emotionally and financially challenging sometimes. Just make sure you rent or purchase an apartment within your means, since exceeding your monthly budget may overwhelm you in so many different ways.

Moving expenses

Moving house has proven to be much easier with the assistance of the experienced professionals, especially if you are moving overseas, to another country or if you don’t have enough time to move your large household items/expensive possessions. If planned accurately, a DIY move would be a cheaper option. Provided that you can manage logistics for your local move efficiently and that you have enough resources (friends who are willing to help, moving vehicle and equipment, packing materials) a self-move may be actually a good choice.

Living expenses

Will your savings cover living expenses in the next couple of months? Unless you have a secure job, it may take some time for you to settle into your new home, adapt to the new area and find a job.

Personal expenses

Revise your spending habits and act according to your budget. If you’re on a restricted budget, refrain from buying things that you don’t really need and try to cut down on your everyday personal expenses.


When calculating your monthly expenses at your new place make sure you count in monthly utility bills as well. Your landlord should be able to tell you how much approximately you are going to pay for your electricity, gas, water, cable, internet bills and this is the responsibility you cannot ignore.

Additional shopping

Quite obviously, if you are renting an empty or partly furnished apartment, your monthly rent will be more affordable, but soon you will face some furniture and appliances shopping. Don’t rush to buy everything at once and try not to spend more than you really have to. Take your time to unpack all your belongings and get some basic appliances and furniture pieces you can’t do without.


Be prepared for some unfortunate circumstances that may occur by setting aside some money that will ensure your peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

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