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How to unpack quickly

As all of you who have had experiences with packing and relocating know, these can be quite a nerve-wracking task. The same goes for unpacking. However, with applying proper techniques and following tips we are about to give you, you can also learn how to unpack quickly. This can save you a lot of time. Instead, you can choose to use it something else you want. So, we hope that these tips can really serve you well. And your reliable NYC movers are here to assist you. You will see, it will all come easily to you once you get started. So…let’s get started!

Compile a list

A check list that'll help you unpack quickly

Make a packing checklist to maintain a good organization which will later help you unpack quickly.

First things first. You cannot begin with this type of a project unless you actually know what you are packing. For this simple reason, begin this adventure by writing down a list of items that will find their place inside boxes, bags, etc. Once you finish making a definite moving list, you can move on to the next step. Make sure to double check it to see whether you have not forgotten to enlist something important. Just note that this part of a task will be harder for you to complete if you are rushing to do it. Therefore, in order to get done with it properly, start doing it in time. Maybe right now you don’t see the connection between this and how to unpack quickly, but trust us, everything starts with a good organization.

Have a what-not-to-pack list

Take some time and think thoroughly about what you need for this moving. That is, think about all the items that are necessary for you and your family. If it is easier, you can also have an elimination list. In this list, you can include something you are absolutely certain you won’t bring with yourself. Remember that piling up will only make things much more difficult. Furthermore, you will need more time to pack and unpack them as well.

Decide what you will unpack first

Depending on how big this relocation is, you can make an assumption on how long it will take you fully unpack. We suggest you have a box of essential things you will be using during several days after you have relocated. This box should contain:

  • items for personal hygiene,
  • something to help you quickly prepare food,
  • something to drink and eat,
  • an emergency kit,
  • documents, etc.

If you think that there is other stuff that should be inside the box, feel free to put it there. On the other hand, do not forget to separate this box from other boxes. Otherwise, you might lose them among the pile of boxes when you unload them from the moving vehicle. Speaking of it, you should also know how to properly unload a moving truck.

Put the labels on boxes and bags

Labeled cardboard boxes

Label boxes properly to save you time when unpacking

This step will actually be the one that will help you the most. Putting the labels on boxes and whatever you are using for packing your stuff, will hugely shorten the process of unpacking.  Also, by knowing which box contains what content, you could directly place them in appropriate rooms in the new home. That is why later you won’t have to lose much time on this. Imagine you didn’t do it, you would spend so much time digging those boxes while looking for something specific. Soon you would make such a disorder and mess that it will take you ages to get everything in order again. If you want to unpack quickly, or as quickly as possible you need to establish an order.

Set up a rule and hold on to it

Just like you read it is important to establish some rules. But you won’t do much unless you follow them. Keeping up with the partial order also won’t do much for you. Being systematic is the only option if your goal is to get rid of moving boxes fast. This means that if you put a label “Kitchen” on a box it should not contain anything else that does not belong there. Why would a book find its place inside a box with shampoos and other toiletries? When you think about it, it sounds ridiculous. Make several such hasty moves, and you’ll get a real mess.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need to unpack quickly

Being surrounded by things that are just taking the precious free space can really form a great confusion. Remember the “What not to pack” list? Refer to it once again, and do yourself a huge favor. Throw out, donate or sell everything you don’t want to take with you in a new home. This way you will clear up space a lot. Moreover, you won’t find yourself unpacking some unnecessary things which wouldn’t contribute to your unpacking fast at all. The less you bring, the less time you’ll need to settle in your new home and free yourself from the packing supplies, cardboard boxes, etc.

A sigh which says "donate"

Do a good deed and donate something you don’t need anymore. With another item less, you will unpack quickly for sure.

Don’t shrink from obligations

That’s right! Unless you hire professional packers, your bags won’t pack alone. So if you think that you can leave this task for another time, then think again. Procrastination is the worst companion in every task. When you have something as complex as relocation, procrastination is the last thing you need right now. Therefore, do not postpone commitments as it can largely influence other tasks as well. This is especially important if other people are involved in this moving as well. So, keep in mind that time management is essential.

And there you have. These tips are quite basic but very effective when you hold on to them. To unpack quickly you’ll need to think about the amount of stuff you’ll pack. Also, if you decide in advance where you will put them, you will save yourself a lot of time.