How to properly unload a moving truck

How to properly unload a moving truck

Moving to a new home does not only mean that you should just pack and transport your belongings. There are many things you also need to pay special attention to. One of them is certainly how to properly unload a moving truck. Before the truck reaches its final destination, you need to take several steps to ensure a smooth and efficient move-in. We are going to give you a helping hand with this. Keep reading the article and you will learn some tips and tricks.

Make sure everything is properly prepared before the moving truck arrives

One of the things that can be of great help when the moving day comes is to have everything prepared. This means that, for example, all repair and maintenance works should be over before the moving truck arrives. In addition to this, you should also clear the pathways of your new home.

Painting walls
Make sure all home repairs are finished before you move in into your new home

By doing this, there will be no obstacles and the danger of getting yourself hurt or damaging some items will be minimized. If it happens that you are not sure whether you can do everything on your own, ask for help. Residential movers NYC are at your disposal- all you need to do in order to hire them is just to contact them. They know how the work should be done since they have been in business for many years.

Think about some technical things

There are some things that can have a great impact on your relocation and unloading the truck that may not come to your mind. For example, you should check whether the parking is free in front of your new home. In case it is not, you should obtain the necessary permission to park the moving truck in front of the building.

Also, you should check whether you can book the elevator. Contact the building manager and ask whether there are some restrictions on how long you can use the elevator when moving in. Another thing you should do is to protect the interior of your new home. You can use some cardboard, old blankets, sheets, etc. The reason for doing this is simple- the heavy items can scratch your new floors.

To properly unload a moving truck, you will need help

If it happens that you have decided to move on your own, ask your friends and relatives for help. In case some of them have moved before, they will know what and how to do. On the other hand, if you have hired a professional moving company, there will be nothing to worry about. Of course, you can certainly give them a helping hand.

Labelled boxes
One of the things you can do to help your movers properly unload a moving truck is to label your moving boxes

One of the ways in which you can do this is to properly label your moving boxes. In this way, the movers will know which box to put in what room and make the unpacking part easier for you. However, if you have decided to get packing services NYC, you can feel free to dedicate yourself to completing other tasks. The movers are going to perform the whole process on your behalf.

Think about the strategy of unloading

You have probably thought about how to load a truck properly. However, you are going to need a more detailed plan when you need to unload a moving truck. One of the things you should bear in mind is to get the proper equipment. You should use a utility doll to unload heavy items first. You can start from kitchen appliances and then move on to light moving boxes that are on top of heavy furniture pieces.

After that, you can unload the furniture pieces and take them to the corresponding rooms. In order for you to avoid any moving injuries, always keep in mind proper lifting techniques. This means that you should lift the load from the knees, not from the back. Also, you should always keep your neck straight and head up.

Keep your children away from the boxes and the truck

You would certainly like to avoid your children getting damaged in a process like this. For this reason, the best solution would be to ask someone to keep an eye on them. That person can be your friend or your relative. You can either ask them to come with you or you can leave your children with them. On the other hand, if your friends and relatives are unable to help you, there is another thing you can do.

A child playing
Keep your children occupied during the process of unloading the moving truck

You can try to keep your children busy during your move. In this way, they will be far from the moving boxes and moving equipment. They are not going to get hurt and you will manage to keep your peace of mind. In case you have some pets, try to leave them at your friends’ home until everything is over. If it happens that this is not possible, keep them closed in some part of your home.

When you are relocating, one of the most important things you should think about is how to unload a moving truck. Even though this seems easy, it is far from that. You have to take a number of things into account and make sure the timing is right. On the other hand, if you do not think you are going to manage this on your own, ask for help. Professional movers NYC are always at your disposal and are willing to do this on your behalf. As you can see, there is nothing to worry about!

Step-by-step summary of how to properly unload a moving truck

Dumbo truck - learn how to load a moving truck
With years of experience, Dumbo movers know how to properly unload a moving truck

Before the moving truck reaches its final destination, you need to take several steps to ensure a smooth and efficient move-in.

  • Have your new residence prepared for the moving day by making sure that all repair and maintenance works are completed by the time the moving truck arrives.
  • Obtain necessary permission to park the moving truck right in front of the building or book a parking space a couple of weeks in advance.
  • Book the elevator. Talk to a building manager and ask if there are internal restrictions as to when you are allowed to move in and for how long you can keep the elevator.
  • Create a detailed floor plan so that your movers or helpers know where exactly each item goes. Provided that you have labeled the boxes properly, you won’t waste your precious time trying to figure out where each item should be placed.
  • Clean the pathways leading from the moving truck up to the home entrance. There should be no obstacles, and if you are moving during the winter, make sure you clear the sidewalks and driveways so that it cannot get more dangerous for the people carrying a heavy load.
  • Assess doorways in order to make sure all items will fit through. If necessary, remove the doors from their hinges so as to make more space for extra large and oddly-shaped items.
  • In order to prevent any damage to your floors and walls protect the interior of your home with a lot of cardboard, old blankets, sheets, and film protectors.
  • If your move is not handled by professional movers, ask your friends to help you unload a moving truck.
  • Everyone involved in the unloading process should wear appropriate clothing and sturdy, but comfortable shoes that will enable you to move easily.
  • Keep your children and pets busy and out of movers’ way. Ideally, a babysitter or neighbor will take care of them while you can tackle other moving tasks and responsibilities.

Ultimate guidelines for unloading a moving truck

The unloading process should be considered as a strategy planned carefully in advance. Hopefully, the following suggestions will help you complete your DIY move successfully and transport your goods undamaged.

  • Engage the loading ramp and open the moving truck carefully and slowly in case any of your possessions shifted during the transport.
  • Use a utility doll to unload heavy items like kitchen appliances first. Also, remove light moving boxes NYC placed on top of heavy furniture pieces and appliances, since they are preventing you from reaching other heavy boxes and furniture.
  • Next, unload small and large furniture pieces and take them to the corresponding rooms.
  • Always keep in mind proper lifting techniques so as to keep injuries at bay. Remember that you should lift the load from the knees, not from the back, always keeping your neck straight and head up.
  • Make a floor plan and color codes visible for the people who carry your household possessions so that each item is delivered to its designated room.
  • Once the moving truck is completely unloaded, take a look around the entire storage area and check if you have missed something. Once the move is over, have the fuel tank topped up before you return the moving truck. Make sure you return it on time as per the contract you have with the rental company.
  • Install appliances and reassemble furniture as soon as you start unpacking. Remove all straps, moving blankets, bubble wrap and padding materials that were used for packing.
  • If you hire a professional team of cheap movers NYC you can rest assured that they will handle each aspect of the move in a timely and efficient manner. In the meantime, you can run your personal errands or just relax.

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