Hiring professional packers for your upcoming move

Hiring professional packers for your upcoming move

Hiring professional packers for your upcoming move may turn out to be the best decision to make, especially if you have a limited time-frame, if you are too busy, or if you simply prefer to let professionals handle everything. As it turns out, packing your entire household for the upcoming move usually takes longer than expected. So many different tasks, large and tiny objects to tackle seem to make this phase of the relocation process very complicated. Especially if you are moving on short notice.

If your budget allows you to pay for extra services, professional packers should be the first on your list. And, of course, the reputable moving company. Packing up your home for the move is probably one of the most important tasks on your moving checklist. Depending on how it’s done, it may affect the entire course of your household move. In most cases, a limited moving budget is what prevents people from hiring professional movers and packers. Also, one of the most common concerns is whether the benefits are worth paying additionally.

What do professional packers offer?

Convenience is at the top of this list. Your relocation is being handled by someone else, so you can carry on with your regular routine and your job. Also, you can forget about spending weeks sorting your things out, searching for packing supplies, and wrapping everything carefully. You don’t have to bother packing and lifting heavy boxes because packers will. Some people would say that professional packers offer peace of mind. They will arrange everything in a logical and timely manner always keeping in mind the safety of your precious household belongings.

People are likely to procrastinate their moving duties and responsibilities until a later time and do things at the last minute. No wonder they are so stressed out and frustrated by a series of difficulties they need to deal with throughout the process. A successful move is all about making the right decisions. So, for starters, you should determine whether you need professional packers’ services. Maybe you can handle everything on your own with the help of some friends and family.

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Full-service or specific services

If you are hiring an NYC moving company, you can also arrange for full-service movers or have your movers pack only the most delicate and demanding items like a piano, king-size bed, artwork, china, antiques, etc. If you are worried about the affordability of packing services, let the professionals pack only bulky, heavy, oddly-shaped, and fragile items. Also, reputable moving companies usually offer affordable storage units NYC. It is very helpful if, for some reason, you cannot move everything on the same day. They are properly trained to disassemble large furniture pieces and keep them safe from any dents, scratches, and stains.

If you are on a budget, contact your movers and ask them for a specific service you need to avoid overspending but still get a convenient way to move your valuables.

Packing services

Professional packers use quality packing supplies and equipment. You might think that simply wrapping your fragile items with a sheet of newspaper will do the trick. The truth is that this can often lead to damage. Instead of replacing damaged items later on, rather hire professionals because in that way you can rest assured that your household belongings will be handled with the utmost care and properly prepared for transport.

Precise moving quote

In order to have an accurate packing quote, let the surveyor do an inventory, and assess the items that need to be packed. The final cost depends on several factors – the volume of the items that should be packed, the amount of packing supplies needed, the estimated time for packing, etc. Do not forget to contact several top-rated companies and comparing their quotes. That way, you can get a better idea of the real cost of professional packing services. At the end of the day, given the number of advantages of hiring professional packers, paying extra cash turns out to be worthwhile. Getting a moving quote will greatly help you plan a budget and avoid unexpected moving expenses.

Saving time

If you don’t have enough time to pack everything carefully, go ahead and hire professionals. They will do the all the work for you. Also, if you have a high volume of possessions hiring professional packers may be worth the cost. They are experienced and skilled enough to pack your belongings in a quick and efficient way. Sometimes saving precious time can pay off more than saving some amount of money.

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Safe transportation

Moving long-distance is always a good reason for you to go for professional packers. You will want to make sure that your precious household belongings survive the transport and reach the new destination undamaged. Imagine how many bumpy roads the moving truck comes along the way. Especially when driving to a whole different country for thousands of miles. If your items are not packed properly, there is a big chance they will break, scratch, or break.


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Professional packers accept the liability if anything goes wrong during the process. In order to take extra safety measures, you can take a lot of photos of the items that should be packed. In case of any dispute with the moving company, you can use those photos to prove your items’ condition before the move. Pictures will not take much time to take, but they can be really helpful in case anything breaks.

If you are still searching for professionals to assist with your upcoming move, go ahead and contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out. With Dumbo Moving and Storage you can have a full-service move and not worry about a single thing. Our team of professional packers NYC will take care of packing and unpacking your belongings at your new home. Contact us today to get your NYC moving estimate.

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