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Guidelines to packing and moving fine glassware and china

A warning sign when packing - yellow triangle with a broken glass in it

Taking a few extra minutes when packing your breakables can save you a lot of headaches in the long run

Needless to say, packing fragile items like glassware, antiques and china can be really tricky. One can never be too careful when it comes to packing kitchen glassware and other delicate possessions. It’s no secret that replacing broken items may cost you more than investing in proper pre-move preparation. Hence, you may want to put some extra effort in protecting your breakable belongings so that they reach a new destination in one piece.

The preparation phase is critical for the overall success of the relocation process. So, be mindful of the following pointers when facing an upcoming household move. After all, the well-being of your breakables during the course of the move is at stake, so you shouldn’t take the packing process lightly.

Hopefully the following lines will help you learn how to move your glasses, porcelain plates, bowls, mugs, saucers and other breakable items prone to damage.

How to tackle packing of breakables

A layer of air bubble cushioning material - the most valuable packing material

Quality packing supplies are a reliable ally when packing glassware and other fragile items

Get hold of the right packing materials so as to pack your breakables as safely as possible. Once you’ve decided what to move and what to leave behind, make sure to collect all necessary packing supplies:

  • special dish boxes
  • medium-size cardboard boxes
  • cell dividers
  • packing paper
  • air bubble cushioning material
  • plain newsprint
  • packing tape

Tips for packing glassware for a move

The rule of thumb – use a good deal of packing paper and wrap each item individually. Secure each breakable item with several sheets of blank packing paper. Although you may already have tons of old newspapers in your house, use it carefully. While it’s a cheaper alternative, using newspapers as a packing material can generate ink stains on your precious glassware. Therefore, if you decide to use newsprint, chances are that you will have to wash your glassware to remove the stains of black print.

As we all know, newspapers are great wrapping and padding material. Layer the bottom of each cardboard box with crumpled newsprint before filling it with the glassware. Reinforce the bottom and the sides of each box so as to make sure they will hold the weight of the load.

Also, once you pack the box, use newsprint to fill out an empty space between items. You can use soft packing paper for that purpose, too. Whatever material you use, the point is to prevent your glassware from bumping into one another and breaking during the transport.

Be as generous as possible when it comes to using the packing paper as a padding, wrapping and cushioning material. Once you’ve finished the first row, place a protective layer of crushed paper and bubble wrap before you repeat the entire process all over again.

Finally, put a layer of padding material on top of the load before you seal the box.  A friendly piece of advice – do not over-pack moving boxes! But, on the other hand, ensure there isn’t empty space between items where they can move around. Whether you are moving them on your own or hiring professional movers, too heavy moving boxes are difficult to handle for anyone.

If you are unsure as to the size of the moving boxes, bear in mind that large ones can easily get too heavy and difficult to move. So, opt for the medium-size boxes you won’t have trouble dealing with. Once your boxes are full, seal them properly with the packing tape and label them according to the content and destination. That way your movers and helpers will know that they need to handle those boxes with the utmost care.

Breakable items like glasses, wine bottles, jars and vases will be better off in the cell boxes. Use soft packing paper to wrap each item for an extra protection. If you start moving preparations well in advance you may be able to get some free moving boxes. Check if local liquor stores are giving away unnecessary moving boxes designed for a safe transport of glass bottles.

Hiring professional packers?

With so many pending moving tasks you must be wondering whether you will be able to complete them in an efficient and timely manner. Moving day is just around the corner and you have so many responsibilities and tasks to take care of.

A sealed moving cardboard box

Plenty of free moving boxes are available at different retail stores and restaurants

But, before you hit the panic button, there’s still something you can do to relieve the moving stress. Provided that you can afford additional moving services like hiring professional packers, you can be sure that the most laborious part of the move will be handled professionally and efficiently.

There’s no doubt that professional packing services or full-service movers will add up to a higher moving quote. Advantages of hiring professional packers are pretty obvious. Not only will they save you a lot of time and energy, but also they will reduce the moving stress. Knowing that professional packers will provide all packing supplies and secure your items is a huge relief. It goes without saying that they have what it takes to complete the move successfully.

With an experienced and professional approach they will make sure your items reach a new home intact. You won’t have to worry whether your breakables will make it to your new home. However, accidents do happen and it’s always a good idea to purchase an adequate moving insurance so as to ensure your peace of mind.

What usually prevents people from hiring full-service movers is the financial aspect. Furthermore, if you prefer doing things on your own, you won’t like the fact that someone else is responsible for important moving-related duties.

In this cases your packers get to decide what goes in which box. So, if you want to have more control over the packing process, give your movers/packers instructions and guidelines. It’s no secret that your fragile glassware will be better off with professional packers who have extensive experience in handling fragile and valuable items.