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College move made easy

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A college move is an incredible opportunity that is considered as a milestone for young people

When moving to college you are probably concerned about so many things. From the moment you’ve been accepted to college you keep asking yourself:  Will I fit in? Will I get along with my roommate? How can I transport my belongings? Will I fulfill my academic responsibilities? A forthcoming college move may generate a wide range of mixed emotions. After all, starting a new life away from home is anything but a stress-free experience.

Normally, moving out of your parents’ home may make you feel both nervous and excited. While you have so many plans, let’s go step by step. For starters, let’s get your items moved to your dorm room. But, before that, make sure you have some basic information about what your life in a dorm will look like.

-Get in touch with the college staff and housing office so as to establish a dorm assignment and move-in day. Make sure to fill out all the forms and applications before you get to the dorm. Have all the paperwork ready prior to moving day.

– Review dorm regulations, policies and list of specific requirements. Find out which necessities the residence will provide and whether they are able to receive packages prior to your arrival. Each dorm has specific regulations about room decorations, smoking, pets, noise, recycling, break periods, family housing,…

– Learn more about the person you will be sharing a living space with. Contact your roommate and make initial arrangements. He/she should be present when you arrive in order to discuss how to set up your room.

Preparing for a college move

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Proper planning and organization is the key to a successful college move

After moving to college you will be responsible for organizing your life, settling into your new environment and decision making processes. As it turns out, organizing a college move is just one of so many challenges you will need to take upon yourself.

And now the time has come to take care of the move-in logistics. Depending on your budget and moving distance, you need to figure out whether to move your items yourself or hire professional movers. It’s no secret that you can benefit a lot from hiring professional movers during this difficult period of transition.

When facing such an important life-changing event chances are that there are so many different tasks awaiting for your attention. Also, getting your belongings up and down stairs or through narrow entryways and hallways requires an extra pair of hands. Reputable movers with many years of experience in the moving industry know how to relieve the stress and make this transition easier on you and your family.

Having performed hundreds of similar moves they are familiar with resident’s rules and regulations. In brief, you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting, hauling, shipping and storing your possessions. Let the professionals do all the hard work while you are preparing for a huge transition. Start researching affordable moving companies as soon as your relocation becomes imminent. Request several moving quotes so as to get a clear idea of how much moving services may cost you. Only than you can decide whether hiring professional movers works for you.

College move checklist

After you’ve been accepted to college make sure to find out which commodities your future residence provide. Unfortunately, due to limited space and specific requirements in dorm rooms, you won’t be able to move everything you want. When you are moving to a totally new environment, it’s hard to decide on your priority essentials. However, the following rule of thumb applies to each case – do not over-pack! Hopefully our college move checklist will help you get through the packing process as smoothly as possible. Here are some ideas on what to pack when moving to college:

  • school supplies (book bag, pencils, pens, markers, folders, notebooks,…)
  • clothing (hangers, shoe rack, sneakers, sweaters, undergarments, rain boots, jeans, pants, winter coat, bathing suits,…)
  • toiletries (shower shoes, towels, shower caddies, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss,…)
  • bedding (sheet sets, pillows, extra blankets, pillowcases, mattress pad, comforters, portable lamp,…)
  • electronics (laptop, chargers, flashlight, hair dryer, extension cords, internet router, batteries,…)
  • decoration (curtains, coffee table, mirrors, wall art, plants, picture frames…)
  • kitchen appliances and supplies (plastic plates, bowls, glasses, utensils, cups, small fridge, microwave, coffee maker…).

After reviewing the list of provided commodities, if you want to bring some additional items you will need to get permission. Also, you will need to coordinate with your roommate and make sure those items won’t clutter up your living space.

Since you are moving to a completely new environment, you may want to make your new living space feel cozy and comfortable. A few decorative elements and memorabilia may add a homey touch to your new place.

How to get along with your dorm roommate after moving to college

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Keep track of your college move responsibilities with a comprehensive moving checklist

Let’s face it! Soon you’ll be living with your new dorm roommate and you have no idea how this will turn out. Sharing an unfamiliar living space with a stranger doesn’t seem promising, does it? However, cohabiting with a roommate doesn’t have to be a negative experience at all. We are about to share some suggestions on how to make things easy between the two of you.

– Make room arrangements before you bring all your possessions. It’s extremely important to establish who gets which part of the room, closet, shelf prior to the move-in day.

– Set some ground rules about cleaning activities, chores, sharing food, clothes, social gatherings, bathroom and sleeping habits, getting essentials.

– Don’t invade your roommate’s personal space. Don’t place too high expectations on the relationship with your roommate. As long as you respect each other’ needs and personal space you will get along perfectly. Also, if you are moving in with your best friend, you should know that good friends don’t make necessarily good roommates.

– Don’t leave a mess behind. Try to maintain your dorm room clean and tidy and stick to the cleaning schedule that you’ve hopefully set in advance. Dorm rooms are typically very small and you two should work as a team in order to keep it nice and comfortable.