Relocating for the first time

Relocating for the first time

When leaving the safety of your parents' home and relocating to a new one, you are likely to experience a lot of different emotions.
Relocating to your first apartment can be both exciting and frightening experience

When relocating for the first time and leaving the safety of your parents’ home, you are likely to experience a lot of different emotions.

As much as you are looking forward to your new independent life, fear of the unknown seems rather overwhelming sometimes.

Although living with parents comes with a lot of perks, you’ve been anticipating this moment for a long time and now you can’t wait to finally break free and move into your first apartment. A household move is one of the most important life-changing events which can be associated with a great deal of mixed emotions and concerns. If you’ve made up your mind to leave the family nest, here’s what to take into consideration first.

Let’s face it – relocating for the first time involves a lot of challenges and hopefully you will be reading the following guidelines before you take on this important task.

Guidelines to relocating for the first time

Whether you are moving locally or to another state, relocating for the first time is both emotionally and practically challenging. When you are about to leave your family nest, you will realize that you are actually on your own.

From now on, you are the only one responsible for tasks that you’ve been taking for granted. Whether you are forced by circumstances or it is your decision, moving house for the first time is quite an adventure. Moving out of the family home means stepping into adulthood so learn how to deal with the moving responsibilities in advance.

How to prepare for the first-time relocation

Set up a moving budget before relocating to the new home
Set up a moving budget so as to keep track of the relocation expenses

– Have a better understanding of your finances.

Will your monthly income cover expenses like food, transportation, housing, entertainment, utilities? Calculate all monthly expenses and try to figure out how much you can spend on your new apartment.

When creating your budget make sure to include the following:

⦁ deposit

⦁ monthly rent

⦁ mortgage and down payment

⦁ utilities


⦁ personal expenses

– Find a suitable apartment that will accommodate your belongings.

An affordable apartment situated in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood close to all places of interest would be a win-win situation. In order to get the best possible deal start your research a couple of months before moving day.

– Decide whether you will be sharing an apartment with a roommate.

Moving in with a significant one or with a roommate is sometimes considered as a mixed blessing. While financial benefits usually outweigh all downsides, in some cases sharing a living space is not a smooth experience.

– Adjust your expectations when you start the apartment-hunting process.

If you are moving on a budget you will try to find a reasonably priced decent place in a safe neighborhood. If you are moving out of your family home to pursue an independent life and career, you can probably expect your parents’ help and support through this challenging process.

– When choosing your first NYC apartment, you should be certain that you are making an informed decision as to the exact location of the place you are about to call home. Take the time to explore the city and neighborhoods that may accommodate your needs and requirements. Searching for a proper apartment is a meticulous process that requires your full attention and dedication.

– Hire an affordable moving company to ensure all your belongings reach the new destination in one piece. Get several moving quotes so as to get a clear idea of pricing in the moving industry.

What to do after relocating to a new home?

Stock up on groceries and other household necessities after relocating
Stock up on some essential items after relocating to a new apartment

It feels good to finally sit down in your new apartment, doesn’t it?

– Start fresh in a new home with as little belongings as possible.

If you are sharing living space with a roommate you should be mindful of his/her needs. Therefore, avoid cluttering up your new place with unnecessary items that you barely use.

– Keep track of your outgoing costs and spend according to your budget. Easier said than done, right? Well, not necessarily.  Rent and utility bills always should come before any other personal expenses.

– Stock up on groceries and other household necessities.

Compile a shopping list for the first week after moving to a new home. Your kitchen is waiting to get stocked with lots of food supplies and essentials.

– Create the schedule of household chores as soon as you settle into your new home. It’s no secret that a familiar and comfortable daily routine is now behind your back and you need to take care of your place and yourself.

– Are you ready to deal with the post-move occurrence called relocation depression? Once the dust settles and the thrill wears off, you are likely to experience some depressing thoughts as well as homesickness.

Does your new place feel like home?

Do you feel settled and happy after relocating to your first home? The truth is that it may take a while to adjust to the new surroundings and feel at home.

Here’s how you can speed up the adaptation process:

– Unpack and arrange your belongings so as to feel comfortable in your new home.

– Recreate the sense of familiarity by bringing out favorite items and memorabilia.

– Stick to your regular routine.

– Add a personal touch to your first apartment by displaying photos of your loved ones and other sentimental items.

– Add a burst of color without painting and creating additional chaos. Get some fresh flowers, nice curtains, rugs and household accessories in order to add a shot of color to your new apartment.

How to throw a housewarming party after relocating to your first home

Is there a better way to celebrate the new beginning than with your loved ones?
Host a welcoming housewarming party after relocating to your first apartment

Is there a better way to celebrate the new beginning than with your loved ones?

Regardless of whether you have finished unpacking or just about to start it, it’s time to think about showing off your first apartment to your friends and relatives. After you have left behind friends some of the most important people in your life, you’ve finally got the opportunity to throw a housewarming party. Aside from inviting your old friends, you can also get acquainted with your new neighbors. Also, the fact that you’ve moved into your first apartment doesn’t mean that you can just cross your arms and do nothing. There are a lot of tiresome tasks ahead of you and the housewarming party may serve as a distraction after a really challenging and stressful period.

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