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Cheap tricks for a successful move in NYC

Make use of our money saving tips to make your move more financially bearable

While costs of a household move tend to pile up, you may want to follow our money saving tips to reduce relocation expenses

It’s no secret that a household move in NYC is never a simple and cheap endeavor. But, aren’t you curious about the steps you can take to make it more physically and financially bearable? Dumbo moving and storage crew has moved a lot of families locally and outside NYC and we are glad to inform you that you don’t need to spend a fortune on your household move.

Therefore, anyone who’s moving on a tight budget may find these ultimate tips and tricks very helpful. Unless you want to create a minimalist home, chances are that you have a lot of household items to transfer to your new home. At some point it may occur to you that you are about to spend even more than you’ve planned initially. So, in order to prevent this unfortunate scenario we are sharing a handful of ideas for saving money on your household move.

Staying within boundaries of your moving budget is easier said than done. Although a household move doesn’t have to be as costly as people usually claim, overlooking some important aspects can be very expensive in the long run. Hopefully our tips will help you make the most of your moving budget and organize a successful household relocation in NYC.

Proper planning and preparation is the key to making your household move less stressful and less hectic. By eliminating extra weight you will be able to trim moving costs as well as create a clutter-free home.

Efficient strategies for cutting moving costs during the move

How to purge before the move

Having to move an excessive amount of household items imposes a great deal of difficulties. Dealing with every single household item can be very frustrating, let alone the packing and moving costs. It’s always a good idea to arrange your items weeks before moving day so as to get a better understanding of how many moving containers you need. The sooner you realize that you don’t need everything you own, the less expensive your move is going to be. Do not hesitate to get rid of the items that you haven’t used in years. Chances are that you won’t be using them at all in the future.

When performing a household move you may want to reduce a negative effect on your environment

There are a lot of ways to reduce a negative effect of your household move on the environment

Throwing away everything you don’t want to use any more would be the easiest thing to do. However, if you are interested in preserving your environment, you may want to opt for a more eco-friendly way. You can make the de-cluttering process work without environmentally damaging activities. Therefore, instead of tossing your unnecessary items, consider donating or selling them. That way you will be able to earn some money that can be put to good use during the relocation process.

Saving money on professional moving services

Whether you are heading to another state or moving locally, a professional moving company can make the entire relocation easier and cheaper that you expect. People tend to assume that hiring professional movers is more expensive than moving yourself.

While trying to think of the cheapest way to move house, you may fall for too-good-to-be-true moving quotes and deals. A detailed background check on your prospective movers may help you spot attempts of fraudulent moving companies to take advantage of your household belongings. Therefore, a recommendation from a friend or relative can go a long way towards hiring an affordable yet high-quality movers in NYC. Also, moving house is an exhausting undertaking and all the help you can get is of great value. Therefore, gather as many friends as you can who are willing to do the heavy lifting, packing and unpacking.

Also, when moving during the off-peak season, chances are that your movers will be open to certain compromises. You may want to engage in negotiation with your movers in order to get a convenient moving deal. If you are flexible about the moving date, your movers may surprise you with some incredible discounts. Moving house during the cold winter months may bring you major savings and easier scheduling. Also, if you decide to move in the middle of the month or week you are likely to get a special promotion. It’s no secret that moving companies will charge more for weekend and bank holiday moves, so scheduling a move during this period would certainly not be part of the cost-saving strategy.

Saving money on packing supplies for your upcoming move

Get free cardboard moving boxes for your upcoming move

Using traditional cardboard moving boxes is the cheapest way to pack up your belongings for the upcoming household move

Having decided what to move to the new home and what to leave behind, it’s time to create a list of moving supplies. Hiring professional packers or full-service movers may save you a lot of troubles and headache, but since it involves higher rates, let’s consider other budget-friendly options. Aside from proper packing and handling technique, quality packing supplies may guarantee safety of your household belongings while in transit. It’s good to remember that you shouldn’t sacrifice quality while pursuing cost-cutting tactics.

Luckily, there are so many ways to get free moving boxes. You can pick them up at the local grocery store, bookstore, liquor store and other independent businesses. Just talk with the store manager and find out when the delivery date is. Also, you may want to take advantage of online resources in order to get free moving boxes and packing supplies.

Gather boxes in perfect condition that can hold the weight of your household belongings. Not only will you save a lot of money, but also you will be performing an environmentally-friendly move in NYC by reusing cardboard boxes.

Having in mind a greener move, you can also ask your friends who have recently moved house whether they have packing supplies that you can reuse. Also, have in mind that reputable moving companies offer plastic moving containers that can be reused and re-purposed as well. They usually deliver the containers and pick them up at your new home at the agreed time.