How to avoid losing money while moving

How to avoid losing money while moving

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Due to numerous tasks that need to be accomplished, move can be very challenging and expensive.
Creating a moving budget will help you organize your finances and realize which services you can afford and how you will be spending the money. However, unfortunately, it is not uncommon that people spend far more money than expected.

Make sure the move won’t quietly drain your wallet and cost you more than necessary by taking some of the following tips into account.

Tips for avoiding overspending during the move

Selling or renting out the previous home, buying or renting the new one, hiring movers, getting packing and moving supplies, hiring real estate agent, performing repair works, arranging your new home are some of the activities which will take money out of your pocket.
Hopefully these tips will help you keep your finances under control while moving house.

– Do not accept the lowest moving quote.
Hiring the cheapest moving company does not guarantee a successful outcome of the move. A moving estimate which is significantly lower than those from other companies can be interpreted as a warning signal indicating a fraudulent moving company. Once they get hold of your goods, they will keep them hostage until you pay what they ask for.

– Choose the right timing.
Book moving-related services at least a couple of weeks ahead. Avoid last-minute arrangements. Rush decisions may cost you a lot eventually, so take your time to do a thorough research of the service providers you are going to hire. Unless you are moving out on short notice, allow yourself enough time to weigh your options and possibilities.

– Set the moving date during the off-season
If you can afford it, choose the right and less expensive time to move house. Moving during the peak season will probably cost you more, so unless you are forced by circumstances, postpone the moving date for the off-peak season (September to May). Furthermore, moving companies are more flexible during the off season, since their work schedule is no more that tight.

– Be informed about additional fees.
The quote you are given in the beginning isn’t usually the final cost of moving services. An honest and professional moving company will let you know about additional services that could be needed during the relocation process and whether you will be charged extra.

– Choose full value protection of your belongings.
Using more comprehensive protection will ensure your goods are fully covered in case of damage or loss.

– Stick to the moving plan and act according to your moving budget.
A moving budget will help you anticipate and realize if you can cover all moving expenses.

– Declutter.
The more load you have, the more you will pay. Go through your clothes, furniture, appliances and give away, recycle or sell broken and old items. Keep in mind that it is easier to replace than move some items, so do not get too attached, you will have plenty of time to organize your new home the way you like. Make more room for some new and exciting things, in case you want to redecorate your new home.

– Ask for help.
If you are moving short distance, you might have the impression that you can do the move alone, without hiring movers. As a matter of fact, you can. But, at least have some friends help you with heavy lifting.

– Do not assume that DIY move is always cheaper than moving with a moving company. It’s always a good thing to have professionals assist you, especially if you are moving long distance.

– Find an appropriate location for your new home. Inspect your new home closely.

– Keep moving-related receipts, because some of the expenses are tax deductible.

– Try not to make huge investment before realizing how much money you have left after the move. Do not spend money on things you don’t really need at the moment.

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