What to Do While Movers Are Packing

What to Do While Movers Are Packing

Moving away to a different city, country, or continent is never or just around the corner is never a simple thing. Not only will you change your surroundings, friends, your job, or university, and even your gym and a favorite park. While you learned a lot about your new place, you still have some questions about what to do while movers are packing your items. Hiring reliable movers that provide packing and unpacking services is beneficial in so many ways, and one of them is that you wouldn’t have to deal with tedious item packing. Let us see what you should do and whether you should do anything while movers are packing your items.

Before your movers arrive

Your good collaboration with movers begins even before their arrival. There are some ways in which you can make their job easier, and shorter, meaning that you will pay less at the end of the day. Here are some things you can do for your movers before they knock on your door with packing equipment:

Reserve an elevator

If you live in a building, it is wise to reserve the elevator on your moving day. This is because if your movers can’t use the elevator for carrying your items, they will have to use the stairs. This will lead to charging you extra fees, which is something you don`t want. Let us stress here that understanding moving costs is crucial. It might give you a good idea of how to avoid additional moving costs.

Reserve a parking space

Reserving a parking space for your movers is also something you should do to avoid paying extra for the long carry service. The closer your movers can park to your home, the less money you will have to pay in the end.

A Moving Truck Parked In The Alley And Ready For Loading
Find the most convenient parking space for your movers

Clear the pathway

When your movers arrive, they will appreciate seeing that they have a clear path anywhere they need to go with heavy boxes. This means that you should remove all the boxes, plants, dust, mud, or any other obstacle they might have. Check all the pathways your movers will use and remove the items standing in their way.

Keep children and pets away from the house

If you have children and small pets, the best thing for them is not to be at home while movers are packing. The fact that they are small and curious can lead to distractions for your movers, as they will have to think about them as well. Find a reliable person and have your kids and pets taken to a park or on a walk. Plus, if your little ones see movers pack their favorite items, they might get sad or anxious as they can`t understand what is going on.

Check your essentials box

Hiring full-service movers usually mean that you can relax knowing that they will do everything on your behalf. They will pack every box with your items, except for the essentials box. This box should contain your most important items, such as passport, visa, medical documentation, jewelry, keys, phone chargers, clean clothes, etc. You should pack everything here that you don`t want to be in the truck with the rest of your items. Keep an eye on this box, and label it clearly so that your movers don`t accidentally pack it into the moving truck.

Be there for your movers

While you are not required to do anything while your movers are packing, it is enough for your movers to know that you are there for them. Be present while they are working, and listen to whether they have any problems. You should be able to answer all the questions they might have regarding your items.

Provide your movers with snacks and water

Especially if they will be working all day at your house. Some snacks, sandwiches, or pizza will be great, as your movers will get hungry after a couple of hours. Easy access to tap water is essential, as well as clean glasses. If you have already turned the water off at your house, just provide some bottled water for your movers.

Snacks and Beverages
Offering some snacks and beverages to your movers is a very nice gesture

Provide them with soap and clean towels as well

Your movers should be able to use the bathroom to refreshen themselves during the break. Liquid soap and clean towels, along with tap water are a perfect way to help your movers while they are packing.

Declutter your items to lower down your final bill

While there is not much you can do while your movers are packing, you can certainly choose what exactly will they pack. If you wonder how to declutter before the move, here’s what you can do. Instead of packing everything you own and moving it to your new residence, decide to get rid of all the items you no longer use. The weight of your belongings will directly influence the final moving bill. So, instead of paying a lot of money on items, you have outgrown, go through your belongings and ask yourself whether you need all of them. Then, you can sell the items on a yard sale or online, you can donate them or give them to your friends and family members, while you can decide to throw away some of the items as well.

Watch your movers while they are packing and decide whether to tip them

Most people are unsure of whether and how much to tip movers. If you watch them closely while they are packing your belongings, the question will be answered very quickly. This is because you will be able to see whether they are just tossing the items inside, or carefully packing your precious belongings. Of course, tipping movers is not obligatory, and it is entirely up to you whether you will give them a tip or not.

A 10 Dollars Tip For Movers
If you’re satisfied with your movers, don’t forget to tip them

Relax while movers are packing your items

One of the things that you have to do while movers are packing your belongings is to do nothing. If you hired reliable NYC movers, there is absolutely nothing you need to do, except to relax and be available to your movers if they encounter any problems. This is why it is of utmost importance to hire reliable and cheap Brooklyn movers that will do their job efficiently and professionally. Good luck!

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