Guidelines for upsizing your home

Guidelines for upsizing your home

Upsizing a home can be a huge challenge if you don’t know how to handle it properly. However, just by breaking this process into smaller steps, you will be able to find lots of different solutions to the problem you are experiencing- the lack of space. So, if you are thinking about upsizing your home, you will have to take into consideration many things. But, don’t let this scare you because we are here to help! We have written a guide regarding this topic that will teach you all about upsizing homes. Make sure to keep reading if you want to learn more about this topic!

To upsize or not to upsize?

It’s no secret that downsizing a house is a good thing to do, and for several reasons. Lower rent or mortgage monthly payment, lower bills, reasonable maintenance costs are only some of them. People are often forced by their difficult financial situation to move to a smaller house or apartment, but some of them (empty nesters) at one point realize that they no longer need to live in a huge living space.

That is why they opt for downsizing. They get rid of the items they don’t use anymore and move to a smaller home. On the other hand, it is important to point out that it is very hard for young families to downsize. Raising kids comes with bigger expenses and bigger homes. And this is exactly why you might take into consideration to upsize your home.

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Think about the pros and cons of your current home before you decide to upsize

Insufficient living space leads to upsizing your home, which is not an easy decision. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration before deciding to upsize. If you intend to purchase or rent a bigger house or apartment, you have to be aware of all the pros and cons of such an important decision. Whatever the reason for upsizing the home is – marriage, a child on the way, family members moving in, you should think about this option through. Ask yourself some basic questions to find out whether there is a need for upsizing or not.

Buying a new home vs. Remodelling the old one

Most people think about buying a new home when someone mentions to them about the process of upsizing. But, let’s face it, not all of us can afford to buy a new home. And, there is a solution to this problem. Actually, there are two solutions! The first one is for those who are willing to relocate. If you are in search of a bigger, more spacious, but affordable home, you should take into consideration moving to a city that offers affordable housing. You can hire long-distance movers NYC and relocate to the desired destination in no time!

And what about the other solution? Well, if you can’t afford a new home and you don’t want to relocate, you will want to think about remodeling the home in which you currently live. You can open up space by tearing down some walls and build hidden storage space (for example, under the stairs). You can get moving boxes New York to pack some of your items and place everything in the storage you have built. But, even though this sounds like an interesting project, there are some downsides of remodeling old homes. This option may seem appealing and more affordable, but you might also end up spending more money. Keep in mind that old house improvements can cost you more than buying a new property. This is why you should weigh your options carefully.

So, which option to choose?

Try to be realistic while weighing the options about upsizing your home. Figure in all family members’ demands, but the most important factor is finances. Before you start researching housing options, have your current house valued. Take into consideration your monthly income, expenses and terms and conditions of the loan if you are considering one.

Job stability is one of the most important aspects you have to take into account when deciding whether you should purchase a new home or remodel the one in which you currently live. Long-term financial commitments may be very risky and challenging given unstable times we currently live in. So, a steady monthly income and a good financial situation usually make purchasing a bigger home feasible.

House under construction
Remodeling is not as simple as it sounds so inform yourself about it

If you can afford it, treat yourself to a spacious and more comfortable home instead of dealing with remodeling. But, keep in mind that moving to a more spacious home necessarily goes with higher monthly expenses – rent or mortgage, monthly utility bills, maintenance costs, and so on. Moving to a house with a garden or yard also means that you have to invest time, energy and money in keeping it well maintained. Furthermore, a large living space needs to be well furnished, which appears to be a huge financial investment.

Get ready for upsizing your home

Whether you have decided to buy a new home or make some adjustments to your current home, we will help you go through this process problem-free. There are some things you will want to take into consideration and we will now inform you about them. We strongly advise you to read carefully and, if it is necessary, write down some information.

First things first – Figure out what you need

Upsizing your home can be quite challenging. Whether you want to buy a home or remodel, you will need to assess your needs carefully. Your finances should determine your expectations. Since one of the most common reasons for upsizing is the growth of your family, make sure all family members are on the same page regarding the expectations about your new home. You should all agree on some basic aspects like house characteristics, the number of bedrooms, where you will build additional storage, and so on.

In order to figure out what you need, you will need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Here are some of them.

  • What makes you feel that your current home is too small? Do you need an additional living room, bedroom, or just some additional storage space?
  • Do you need a (bigger) backyard? Families with kids and pets in most cases want to live in homes with a backyard.
  • What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to have kids, or to have more of them? Remember, bigger families need bigger living spaces.

Oh, and one more thing! If you want to bye a new home, you will want to choose the location carefully! The location of the new home is a factor that matters a lot. There’s no point in buying a larger property situated in a bad neighborhood or far away from your office or children’s school. If you intend to spend years in this neighborhood, make sure all family members are happy and satisfied. This move might be a life-changing experience, so make sure it is a positive one for all those who are involved.

Let’s talk about your budget

As we have already told you, upsizing your home won’t be a cheap project. However, if you decide to move to a new home, you can save a couple of bucks by hiring reliable movers! Even though some moving companies offer pricey services, not all of them are the same! We have made sure that our moving services come at a cost-effective price so that everyone can afford them! You can stop by our website and get a free moving estimate if you need help with determining your moving budget.

Keep in mind that you can also earn some money if you decide to sell your current home. However, you will need to plan this process carefully! As soon as you determine your moving date, start planning the process of selling your home. There are some simple yet useful home staging tips that will help you sell your home fast. Make sure to check them out!

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Determine your budget carefully if you decide to upsize your home- you don’t want to spend more than you’ve planned

Remember to declutter!

Decluttering is something all of us should do from time to time. We all tend to accumulate unnecessary items and keep drawers and cupboards full of stuff we haven’t been using for a while. Why would you keep something if it has been in your drawers ever since you have bought it? Keeping unnecessary items is one of the reasons why you lack space in your home.

So, instead of keeping unnecessary items, get rid of them! You can give away or donate all unwanted items so as to get more usable free space. You can even try to sell some of this stuff, but only if they aren’t damaged beyond repair! If you decide to sell items, think about organizing a yard sale or, even simpler, try to sell them online. Decluttering is one of the ways for upsizing your home.

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