Downsizing your home in NYC

Downsizing your home in NYC

It’s a well-known fact that moving house is a never-ending decision-making process. You will be faced with plenty of difficult choices and dilemmas from the moment your move becomes imminent. Downsizing your home is one of those strategic decisions you are likely to make to improve your day-to-day life. Although at first, it may seem like you are taking a step backward, there are several good reasons why downsizing your home makes perfect sense for you and your family. Whittling down your precious household belongings is an emotionally-challenging task that can bring several undeniable advantages.

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Embrace a simpler lifestyle after downsizing your home

As it turns out, downsizing is in order when:

  • Retiring
  • Mortgage and rental payments are becoming more overwhelming
  • Kids have left the family home
  • Planning to reduce utility and maintenance bills
  • Intending to save some money and time

Transitioning from a large house to a smaller one could be tricky, but it inevitably comes with a lot of benefits. But, one thing is for sure – you certainly have more items than you can take with you. So make it your first responsibility to decide what to keep and what to part with. Letting go of a lifetime’s worth of belongings is a daunting prospect. But, sooner or later you will realize that you have to purge your life of the possessions you no longer need. As a result, your life will become a lot simpler as you will spend less time and money on maintaining your living space.

Financial considerations to make when downsizing your home

To reduce monthly costs and save money for some future projects, people usually decide to move to a smaller place. With less maintenance and repair works to perform around the house, you are likely to generate some substantial savings in the long run. If your child is going to college, you may find yourself forced to sell the house and move to a smaller one to obtain enough funds for the scholarship.

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Moving to a smaller place will generate fewer household expenses, hence more savings

Also, job loss is one of the most common reasons for downsizing your home. A drop in income may give you a hard time when juggling monthly rental/mortgage payments, utility bills, personal and other unexpected costs. In that case, it’s only logical to look for cheaper housing. Even if it happens to be smaller than the previous one, there must be other conveniences that will make you forget the apparent cons.

The changed family situation as a common reason

People at a certain age don’t need much space, and in case of retirement, they usually tend to move to a more comfortable and quiet place.

savings for retirement and downsizing your home
Invest in your future!

Once you realize that there are a lot of unused items accumulated in your house, it will be much easier for you to move out. At a certain point, you may become aware that there are things you have been keeping for a while without using or even touching them. The fact that we are attached to some items doesn’t necessarily imply that we have to keep them for an entire life. Things that have certain sentimental value for you could be an exception to the rule. Coping with Empty Nest syndrome could be even more difficult in a house that’s suddenly become too big for you.

Once your children have left home, take your time to review your budget. Aside from reorganizing your home, you could even consider the possibility of moving to a smaller home. As warmer states usually appeal to empty-nesters and retirees, no wonder, so many of them are moving to Florida or Arizona.

In addition to that, one of the changes that may occur when ending a marriage is the urge to move to a smaller place. Transitioning from a marital home to a smaller property doesn’t come easy, but in most cases, it will ensure a happier life in the long run. By cutting housing costs, you will be able to regain financial stability and recreate your new, independent lifestyle.

Where to start when decluttering?

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A clutter-free home means a fresh start

Moving to a smaller place is a perfect occasion to get rid of all possessions you were keeping ”just in case.”

To begin with, be honest to yourself when assessing your actual needs. So, inspect your possessions – furniture, clothes, books, appliances carefully…and ask yourself how often you have been using specific items and whether you are going to use them ever again.

So, to make enough room in your new home for the things you care for and need, you should start purging as soon as you decide to move. Check carefully every nightstand, drawer, and shelf, and don’t hesitate to get rid of every old, unused item you come across. As it turns out, a proper fresh start doesn’t involve cluttering up your new home.

If you are like most people, you will have trouble letting go of some items you are emotionally attached to. Since it’s completely understandable, you may want to store them away from home and still keep them safe. To that end, consider renting a short-term storage NYC that can accommodate your precious belongings. That way you can use them whenever you like.

Bonus tip: try to stay objective while weighing what to toss and what to bring with you. Maybe an outside observer can help you decide. Your loved ones’ advice can be valuable in this case as it might save you a lot of trouble afterward.

Furniture disposal in NYC

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Give your new home a fresh look by disposing of unnecessary items

After you’ve finished packing the essentials and smaller items, the question of moving larger objects arises. People who are moving to NYC have already become accustomed to the idea of downsizing. The truth is that the choice of large items that will make it to your new home will be significantly limited. Although disposing of the worn-out furniture would be a logical thing to do when downsizing your home, there’s still something holding you back. It’s your emotional attachment to those possessions. Should you move every single bulky item that you own? And more importantly, will they fit in your new home?

Knowing the exact dimensions of your furniture could help you plan the interior design of your new home and rearrange the furniture before moving day.  The moving and packing process should motivate you to rethink what are the objects that are truly indispensable to you. Disposing of unnecessary furniture can be daunting, especially since it involves a lot of heavy lifting. So, unless you plan to hire professionals, surround yourself with a couple of strong friends and volunteers. Aside from paying for a storage unit when downsizing your home, you can also get professional bulk and furniture disposal services in NYC.

Therefore, measure your new house, furniture, and make a floor plan. Then you may get a clearer idea about which items are for keeping and which ones you will leave behind. Inspect the storage potential of your attic and basement carefully. Typically those are the most commonly neglected cleaning areas that may cause a major headache when moving out. Cleaning out the clutter is a huge undertaking, and some house areas seem to require more attention than others.

What to do with excess items in your home

Although many people find the entire decluttering process rather daunting, the truth is that you don’t have to get rid of everything you hold dear. However, be honest about what you can live without. It could go a long way towards creating a homey, clutter-free space.

The easiest way to get rid of all old items is to throw them away. However, that’s not the most eco-friendly way. Having in mind your environment, you will contact the nearest recycling center and obtain further instructions. That way, you will support a green move idea.

Also, you can give away or donate other still usable items. Someone will appreciate your kind gesture.
Alternatively, you can organize a garage sale or sell your goods online. Get in touch with the nearest secondhand or antique dealers. Maybe they will be interested in something you have. Also, gather your friends and ask them if they want any of the items you no longer use.

On moving day, first of all, move the furniture according to the plan you have made in advance. Huge pieces of furniture require a lot of effort, so you should take care of it at the beginning.

Furthermore, it is much easier for you to arrange smaller items after that. Your movers will be more efficient if you label all moving boxes properly and make a map of the house. Properly labeled boxes will be correctly disposed of in respective rooms, which will considerably save your time.

Regardless of the reasons for downsizing your home, the entire process doesn’t have to be stressful. If you decide to take advantage of the moving services Brooklyn, you are likely to have more time to focus on the tasks that require your immediate attention.

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