Family moving

Family moving

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One of those so-called ”big days” during the lifetime is certainly a moving day. In order to accomplish the moving-mission as fast as you can, you will need good strategy and solid plan.
Since the unforeseen circumstances are likely to happen, every participant of moving process, every house member should be dedicated to his task.

If you hired NYC movers to help, you should do the packing before they arrive, mark the boxes correctly and base them on a proper place.

Duties between family members should be shared logically. Husband can handle packing cumbersome items, heavy pieces of furniture and also can help with loading moving truck.

Wife may pack carefully fragile items, make sure to give away all unnecessary things, which can be very complicated for a woman. Not all clothes, items, pieces of furniture need to be moved to a new place. Strange as it may seem, there are plenty of things you can live without.
On the other hand, there are children, that could be helpful if they are at adult age.

But how to handle moving if you are a parent of a toddler?

move baby

Moving process as complicated as it is could be even more difficult if there is a young child in the middle. So, basically, in addition to a packing-moving-unpacking effort, you have to look after your child.

Maybe the best option is to ask your neighbor/grandmother/grandfather/cousin to take care of the child.
But, if you’re not that happy, you will have to manage the whole situation on your own. Children are often attracted by sharp and fragile things, so make sure that knives, scissors and similar tools are carefully packed and placed out of their reach.
Also, make sure they don’t get in touch with cleaning chemicals, toxic liquids, electrical outlets and some flammable materials.

Basically, all you have to do is to supervise your children in order to prevent them from hurting themselves and making a bigger mess.
In case it’s too stressful for you, you can hire a babysitter, which would probably be a real relief for you.

On the other hand, teenagers might be of service during the moving process. They might be interested in arranging their new bedroom, cleaning, choosing furniture. It could be quite an adventure for them being involved in ”adult’s affairs”.
They can also help with packing clothes or with taking care of their younger brother/sister.

Moving with a pet


If your pet is the member of the household, it is necessarily the part of the moving.
Pets are often nervous and anxious during packing-moving-unpacking process. They can feel your excitement and rush. Once the moving day has arrived, make sure to place your pet in a separate room for security reasons. Pets are likely to become aggressive in those situations, so keeping them in a safe room will reduce a tension a bit. In that way, the pet won’t interfere, so movers can do their job smoothly.

Be careful with transporting your pet. Choose the means of transportation which won’t upset it. Cats should be transported in a carrier during auto travel. There are lots of tools in the pet shops that might help you transport your pet safely. Also, make sure to make pauses and let your pet relieve itself.

However, if you cannot manage moving with a pet, feel free to contact one of the animal relocation companies that will transport your pet using a proper vehicle and by applying specific methods. In that case your pet will feel both comfortable and safe.
As you can see, moving is all about good organization and arrangement. In order to accomplish the moving procedure smoothly, all participants must give their best.

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