Turn Your Move into an Adventure

Turn Your Move into an Adventure

Don`t get us wrong, your move will most definitely be an adventure, you just need to make it a positive one. The entire moving process is long and can get a bit boring, and stress-infused. So, why not turn your move into an adventure? Why just stress about it and thinking up various scenarios in your head, when you can actually enjoy it. Of course, you should not feel pressured to make relocation into something that it is not, we just suggest that you should take every advantage possible from it. One thing is certain, if you hire cheap moving companies Brooklyn to assist you, you will have plenty of time for everything that comes to your mind.

Organize a packing party and a give-away

The most mundane thing you will be doing during your relocation process is decluttering and packing your items. Luckily, you can turn these into a fun adventure that you will love. Invite your closest friends to assist you with packing, but make sure not to tell them that you will be organizing a giveaway as well. Since you already know your friends and what would they like to get from your old stuff, it will be easy to go through your belongings and pick something for each of them. Plants, books, souvenirs, figurines can all be used for this purpose.

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When it comes to packing there are a few things you should know and prepare in advance when you are inviting several people to help you:

  • Prepare snacks and beverages – You can order pizza, or bake something in the oven, just make sure it is delicious. You will have fun packing, eating, and just chatting with your friends before the relocation.
  • Make a playlist – If there is one thing that can make absolutely everything better and more cheerful it is music. So, make a playlist of your favorite songs to play when your friends arrive. Even better, the music should be on all the time, as it will give you the boost that you need.
  • Head over to the improvement store – Get all the moving supplies NYC that you need, so that everything is ready for the packing to begin.

When your friends arrive, and amidst all the packing, announce that you will be giving them some of your favorite items. This is a win-win situation, as your friends will get something to remember you by, and you will decrease the moving costs.


If you are relocating by car, you can set the atmosphere just as you like it. The previously mentioned music will make long hours shorter and much more fun. If you are moving with kids, make sure to have enough material to keep them involved. Pack their favorite toys, books, and comfort items such as their favorite blanket. Needless to say, you will need plenty of snacks for the entire trip.

Organize a sightseeing tour

While you are driving all the way to your new home, there is no reason why you would not explore the country along the way. Just a little bit of research is enough to prepare a sightseeing tour. Check out the historical landmarks, museums, amusement parks, or other interesting places that you will pass by. Small detours like this will turn your move into an adventure, and you will arrive at your destination place a little bit later, but definitely happier.

Get to know your new city or town

When you arrive at your new home, the adventure truly begins. After you take a really good nap, you can postpone the unpacking process for a few hours. Get outside and just take a walk around your neighborhood. And take some time every day to get to know your new environment. The more you do this, the faster you will accommodate to your new place. Find your favorite coffee shop, visit a few museums, search the most amazing landmarks, and simply enjoy being a tourist.

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Get involved in your new community

People usually dread this part, but in reality, it is much easier if you don`t think about it a lot. Find a gym near your home (and start visiting it a few times a week). Download the Nextdoor.com app and see what is going on in your neighborhood. This is an app that is designed to help you find your way in a new community. You will find out about the best schools, coffee places, parks, etc. right here.

Meet new people

Your relocation is an adventure in itself as we already mentioned. There is no comfort zone here as you need to build your life from scratch in completely new surroundings. Making friends is, therefore, the best thing you can possibly do. One way is to download the app and go to the gym, parks, stores near your home. All of your neighbors are likely to be there. Another way is to throw a welcoming party.

Throw a welcoming party for your neighbors

Take a deep breath and invite your neighbors for a welcoming party. You should do this about a week after your relocation when you have already unpacked all of your items. Just remember, your neighbors are dying to meet you as well.

Decorate your new home just like you always wanted it

There is magic in new beginnings, and you should never forget it. You have a wonderful opportunity to decorate your new house just like you always pictured it. Nowadays, there are plenty of DIY options, and you can find almost everything you need at a discount or really cheap.

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Turn your new home into a tasteful, luxurious place where wonders happen. Turn your move into an adventure by creating a perfect habitat for your family.

Enjoy every minute of your relocation

The very best way to turn your move into an adventure is to look forward to every aspect of it. Smile, and enjoy the time spent with your family. Prove it to yourself and others that relocation does not have to be stressful. A new and wonderful period of your life begins, so embrace it. Dumbo NYC wishes you good luck!

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