Tips on decorating your NYC home

Tips on decorating your NYC home

You have managed to fulfil the dream of almost half the population – living in New York. And if you by any chance have an apartment in Manhattan, then my, my, you are lucky! Now that you have in your possession something so precious, you should take the most out of it. You already know all about what to do your first day in your new home and how to settle once you are in a new city. We got you covered! But, now it is time for decorating your NYC home. Let’s see what tips we have for you!

Buy things you can take with you after you leave

decorating your NYC home
After the stress of relocation is over, it’s time for some more interesting activities.

We know you don’t even want to think about it, but you might not be in that apartment for a very long time. There are many reasons why you could move again and soon. That is why it isn’t the best idea to buy things you can’t carry with you. Although you already know how to move on a tight budget and you probably now have money to spare, that doesn’t mean that you should spend it so easily. Here are some things you could buy that won’t be wasted.

  • Decorate your NYC home with some colourful items you can get in  1$store, such as pillows, candles and vases
  • Always have a bouquet of flowers  lying around, fresh and vibrant
  • Picture frames and paintings will always be the cheapest and the best way to decorate your home. And you can always take them with you!
  • Buy smaller furniture, easier to move, that will have a huge impact on the room, but it will not take so much space.

Invest first in the essential items when decorating your NYC home

Even if you have a bigger budget, there will never be enough money for everything you want to buy. This is why you will need to prioritise. But, that is very hard to do when you like absolutely everything. No worries, we are here to help you. When decorating your NYC home, you need to buy the essential items first. Another cute set of bed sheets isn’t as important as the new sofa, or plates. Once you have everything you need, you can have an occasional splurge. Make sure it all combines well, and you are good to go.

Buy less but with more quality, for a longer impact

nyc decorating tips
Small, brightly coloured items can make a big difference.

Like we have already mentioned, it’s not just about the quantity. It’s about the quality as well. A few pricey items that will last a long time are a better investment than a whole bunch of cheap and chic decorations. It’s the same like with wardrobe, a little black dress will go a long way. When you the budget for decorating your NYC home all figured out, look for quality items, and don’t fall for sales and discounts. It’s better to pay more for a dinner table that will last for generations than for 4 urban chairs that won’t make it to the end of the season.

Never underestimate a good DIY project

Perhaps you feel like you are a bit clumsy, and a bit lacking on the creative side. But, don’t let that stop you. Let it motivate you to master a new skill, save some money and decorate your new home. Remember how easy it was to have a DIY move? Well, this is even easier. Put your skills to work and not your money and you will be that much prouder of the results. Imagine having guests over and instead of saying – oh, I just bought it somewhere, you can say – I made it myself! They will be impressed and you will be proud.

Decorating your NYC home can’t be done without proper lighting

You know how everyone is talking about chic Manhattan apartments? What is the trick, how do they get it to look that great? Well, you might think they just have a lot of money. Or good taste. Or both. And all of that matters, but one thing matters more. The lighting! In order to decorate your New York home in the best way possible, put lamps and light at the top of your shopping list. Play around a little, move the things around, and see how the room changes. Look up online for some tricks and tips, and your place will be breathtaking. When you go down a list of tips, you see that money doesn’t play such an important role. Creativity and interest are way more important.

Vintage and Second Hand are the best options for new tenants and home owners

cheap decoration tips new york
Your home can be amazing in no time, or money!

Many people dread buying second-hand items. And okay, perhaps it isn’t the best idea to buy someone else’s couch. But what about paintings? Lamps? Chandeliers? All of that is sold cheaper than you might think in the best possible shape. Take a stroll to the flea market and change the look of your home for less money than you ever thought possible.

You have managed to live the dream. After knowing all about your NYC relocation, and how to de-stress after a move, now you also know how to make the most out of your new home.  Decorating your NYC home is certainly the most interesting part of the entire relocation. Now that you have finished, you can start inviting guests and throw a welcoming party. Settling in your new home and city isn’t always easy, but it will be much easier if you find people you can connect with. So, once you are done with the unpacking and decorating, invest some time into getting to know your neighbours and colleagues. Relocation can be tough, it is always a good idea to have people who will help you through it.

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