Top 5 Alternatives To Hiring Movers

Top 5 Alternatives To Hiring Movers

The relocation process is a process in which you will be making a lot of decisions. The goal is, of course, a safe relocation with your items undamaged. And the goal is also to not go bankrupt just because you are moving to a different city or a country. Many people think that the only option they have is to hire professional and the best movers Brooklyn. However, there are alternatives to hiring movers, and this is precisely what we want to show you today. Professional movers can offer you quite a lot, and if you do decide to hire them, we support you. But you should make an informed decision before your relocation begins.

Your friends and family members can help you out with your relocation

Rather than hiring professional movers, you can simply ask your friends and family members to assist you. Of course, this is only useful if you know for sure that they will show up at the agreed time. Packing and moving involve a lot of activities and is by no means easy to do. You will need to assemble and disassemble furniture, pack all the items, and later unpack them, etc. So, if you have friends who are willing to help you with the moving process, that is an excellent alternative to hiring movers. However, just because they are your friends, does not mean that you should not spend a single dollar. Make sure to order some food for lunch, like pizza or anything else that you all love.

Rent a moving truck

green Dumbo moving and storage truck
Get an appropriate truck or van for a safe transport of your belongings

When you are on a DIY moving mission, it is a good idea to rent a moving truck or to rent a moving van in New York. While you will still have to do most of the work alone, or with your friends and family, you will also save quite a lot of money. Make sure to choose the right-sized moving truck for your needs and you will be good to go. They come with a full gas tank, and when you return it, it should also be completely full. The price of renting a moving truck is relatively cheap. Another benefit is that you won`t have to make several trips back and forth in your car, for example. You will be able to take everything with you in one go, so this option is already saving you money.

Portable storage containers

Another quite useful alternative to hiring movers is renting portable storage containers. They are super great because you have plenty of time to load and unload your items. When you rent a portable storage container, the company will deliver the container to your old house. You will then have a couple of days to load everything that you want in it. There is no rush, you do everything when you want it, and there is less stress involved. When you are done, you call the company and they pick up the container and deliver it to your new home. And you get all of this at an affordable price.

various shipping and storage containers for moving house
Get appropriate shipping and storage containers for moving house

U-ship specialty moving service is another great alternative

Professional movers cannot relocate everything for you. For example, no moving company will relocate your pet to your new home. Well, here comes the U-ship specialty moving service to the rescue. They will not only relocate your pets, but also large furniture, vehicles, and any other oddly-shaped or large item. This makes them perfect for your relocation needs, especially if you have several pets, vehicles, etc. The only downside is that it may cost you a bit more than let`s say renting a portable container. However, given the service they provide, it is absolutely worth the money. Do not forget that it is important for you to know how to pack oddly-shaped items for the move.

Moving With Pets

Moving labor

Moving labor is quite similar to hiring movers, except that is better in some ways. When you hire moving labor, you hire them only to pack and load your items, as well as unpack and unload them. This means that they will save you from all the physical work, and you will not have to pay a fortune for relocation. The rest of the moving process will be like a DIY move, but you won`t have to risk any moving injury. Also, your items will be insured while in hands of moving labor. Plenty of people opt for this solution and are quite happy with the outcome.

What are other ways in which you can save money during the relocation?

Nobody wants to overspend on the relocation process. Even if you have plenty of money in your account, it is better to spend it on a well-deserved vacation, instead of on relocation. Let us, then, see the ways in which you can save money:

Get free packing supplies

Did you know that a Craigslist platform has a Free section, where you can often find plenty of free cardboard boxes? Does the same thing apply to your local grocery store, liquor store, or even the company you work in? Everybody will be happy to give you free moving boxes, just make sure that they are in the good condition.

Reduce moving expenses by getting some free moving boxes and supplies
Reduce moving expenses by getting some free moving boxes and supplies

But even before you start obtaining moving boxes, we recommend that you use up all of your suitcases and bags for packing. Furthermore, packing paper can easily be replaced by an old newspaper. Moving blankets are no different than your regular old blankets. Be creative and use your everyday items as packing supplies in order to save money.

Declutter your home before moving away

The more items you have to relocate, the higher the final cost will be. This is regardless of which alternative to hiring movers you chose. Our advice is to get rid of all the items you won`t be using anytime soon. Ask yourself if a certain item is something you need or just don`t want to give away. Remember that all the material items can easily be replaced, and you won`t be using most of them either way.

We have seen some of the best options when it comes to alternatives to hiring professional movers. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it fits your needs perfectly. Good luck!

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