How to Rent a Moving Van in NYC

How to Rent a Moving Van in NYC

Your relocation to New York is a difficult task, comprised of a lot of smaller decisions and chores. Choosing the best location, finding a suitable home, check on moving companies prices, and making the best moving strategy are only the beginning steps of your relocation. You still have to think about packing, carrying, and transporting your household items. You can choose to DIY, hire traditional movers or hire moving labor. Or you can combine all of these options and tailor a custom plan according to your needs. There are so many choices and it is expected of you to know in an instant what works for you the best. We know that this can be a bit of a challenge, so we are here to help you. If you decide to take care of your relocation personally, you will need a moving vehicle. One of the biggest decisions to make is which type of transportation to use. Should you rent a moving van in NYC?

This varies depending on the type of relocation and the number of things you will be carrying. It is important that you explore all available transport options. You need to consider the distance, budget, and overall complexity of the relocation. One of the most frequently chosen options is renting a moving vehicle. If you were wondering how to rent a moving van in NYC, take a look at our handy guide.

When should I choose to rent a moving van in NYC?

How to rent a moving van in NYC
Vans are much better for a NYC relocation than trucks because they have bigger mobility.

It is important for you to know that not all options are viable for each type of relocation. Your friends might tell you not to rent a moving van for your relocation to New York because they had a very bad experience. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily listen, because all relocations are different. Let’s see first when renting a moving van in NYC is a good decision.

Small household

A moving van is a very convenient solution for small relocations. So if you are moving in and out of your college dorm, your one-bedroom apartment, or an office downtown, this might be the best option for your relocation. There is always an option of hiring full-moving services, but since you’re only performing a small move, you can avoid paying extra. Whether you want to perform a self-move at your own pace or have a professional drive your moving vehicle, you will be able to find a variety of services that NYC moving companies offer.

Moving short-distance

If you are relocating close by, consider renting a moving van. While moving long-distance absolutely requires hiring professional movers, moving short-distance, a few blocks away can be performed on your own by renting a moving vehicle. Depending on the miles you want to cover, it might be easier to have a van go twice or even three times than having a truck go once. This is why many people choose to rent a moving van in NYC. Parking spaces and narrow streets can completely wreck your plan. This is a great advantage of moving vans in New York.

Renting a storage unit

If you are downsizing or need to store your items for a while, then you will have to rent a storage unit. But you will still have to transport your things, and the best solution, in this case, is renting a moving van. By now everyone knows the long list of benefits of renting a storage unit in NYC. If you have a lot of things you want to move, you should consider renting a moving van in NYC. This will help you a lot, and you can do it all in one trip.

Consider this before renting a moving van in NYC

Managing a moving van on the road is different from driving a car. Although self-moves seem cost-effective, you should be well-informed about all hidden costs and potential risks you might incur on the road. You should be ready to drive a vehicle that’s different than your day-to-day car, which comes as a bigger challenge for NYC folks that usually don’t own a car. Make sure to take some time to prepare yourself for what you may come upon on the road.

How to perform a self-move and drive a moving van in NYC

Take precautions

Any self-move contains much more responsibility than just paying a moving company for their service. Driving a moving van means that you are responsible for your family’s safety and the security of your belongings. Before you rent a moving van in NYC, you should take precautions and all necessary measures to keep everything under control.


Traffic laws and regulations may vary from one city or state to another, so you need to be well-informed about your upcoming road trip and anticipate the possible difficulties that may arise.

Hire a driver

If you have some doubts and fears, knowing that you can always turn to a professional driver is a huge relief. Companies that are renting moving vans in New York (as well as other vehicles) usually offer experienced drivers and many other additional services.

Focus on the positive

Relocations can be difficult, but don’t focus on the negative, the responsibilities, and the “what ifs”. Look at this as an adventure, and you will have so much more fun. Find ways to cope with the moving stress when relocating to New York, and everything will be that much easier.

Guidelines for safe moving van driving when relocation to New York

If you decide to take on the responsibility of driving your own moving van when relocating to New York, then don’t worry. We won’t let the stress get to you! Read here some guidelines on how to make your relocation that much safer:

Safety first

As always, safety comes first. You as a driver and other people in the van should wear seat belts while on the road. Also, if you are moving with a baby, make sure his/her car seat is properly installed as well.

How to rent a moving van in NYC
Driving your moving van can be more of and adventure and less a stressful task!

Don’t use your phone

It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but moving is stressful and taking some extra precautions while driving is definitely a wise decision. Avoid talking on the phone or texting while driving. This rule applies to the regular, everyday traffic situation as well, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t rush

Respect speed limits on the road as well as traffic signs and lights. Driving on unfamiliar roads can be very challenging even for the most experienced drivers. Knowing the local traffic laws will help you boost your confidence and reduce the stress level. You can get familiar with laws in advance, but the most important thing is not to rush. It’s better to arrive later than expected, than driving recklessly. When you’re driving a moving van, there’s no shame in stopping or slowing down to check out the traffic sign.

Young Man using Navigation System While Driving a Car
Remember to use navigation systems when moving on your own

Use navigation

Another good idea is to use Google Maps or any other navigation system. Find the fastest route from point A to point B and keep the map in front of you. Even better, familiarize yourself with the route before you hit the road to have an idea of what kind of journey to expect. When you rent a moving van in NYC, ask for tips, maps and where can you find updates on the current state of the traffic. This will help you if there is anything you can’t predict, such as maintenance, weather troubles, or accidents.

Stay calm

Probably the most important thing during your relocation is to remain calm. Be patient and calm in unexpected traffic situations (road under construction, landslide, bad weather conditions, animals on the road, etc.). Some navigation apps will notify you about sections that are under construction at the moment, but if it still happens that your primary route is closed, just stay calm and use an alternative route instead. Don’t give in to stress, and keep in mind that road rage is a common factor of accidents in New York, even if traffic isn’t moving.

Check your health

Consult your doctor and find out whether you are able to drive if you are taking medication that might affect your driving skills.

Green Dumbo moving Truck
Get an appropriate truck or van for the safe transport of your belongings when moving

Adjust the distance from another vehicle

Maintain a safe distance between your moving van and the vehicle in front of you and avoid tailgating. This is an important thing to note because vans have a longer stopping distance.

If you don’t feel confident driving a moving van in NYC, consider hiring professional moving services to handle your move. Contact Dumbo Moving and Storage today.

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