Tips for Moving During COVID-19

Tips for Moving During COVID-19

We are now witnessing the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Precautionary measures, social distancing, and stay at home movement have become our daily habits. While we are looking forward to the improvement of this entire situation, we are fully aware that life has to move on even in these changed conditions. What is even more important nowadays, is not to panic and to react sensibly in every situation. If you have already scheduled a move, or you are planning to move in the near future, with our useful tips for moving during COVID-19 you will make it possible.

Covid 19 Precautions During Move

Contact your moving company to check out their policies during COVID-19

First and foremost, if you have already scheduled a move, contact your moving company. They will be able to provide you with the newest information and protocols required during these sensitive times. Most large moving companies are still in the business as moving is considered to be essential, and therefore has not been restricted. However, a number of smaller moving companies have closed, and it is vital that you know whether your moving company is among them. Ask them the following questions:

-Is it possible to do an online moving cost estimate? – Normally, a moving company would send a representative to your house to thoroughly inspect and estimate the weight of your items and the type of services that you will require. However, it is desirable to avoid any unnecessary contact and have your estimate done online.

-Can you sign the papers virtually? – It would be great if you could sign all the paperwork virtually. Of course, you should only do this if you hired a reliable company that has been in business for several years, and for which you definitely know is not a fraudulent moving company.

What is the cancellation policy? – Ask your movers whether they will charge you cancellation fees and whether it is possible to get your deposit back.

Postpone the move if possible

If you are feeling well, and do not fall into any of the high-risk groups of people, such as people older than 60, and people with cardiovascular and respiratory issues, the move will go smoothly. However, if you do have some chronic diseases, it might be a better option to stay home for a while longer. If you decide to do this, get in touch with the landlord of your current home and of your future home and find out whether they will demand the rent. At the time, many landlords around the globe have decided not to ask for rent in these difficult times.

Report if you have any symptoms

While moving is one of the most important events of one`s life as it involves a complete change, it is important to be responsible during COVID-19 situations. If you or one of your family members have the symptom of the virus, it is better to postpone the move. Although, even this may not be necessary as the moving company will then follow a more intensified protocol. But it is important that you inform the movers so that they can act accordingly. Furthermore, this is equally true for the movers, as they should not send the crew members who suspect that they are positive on the COVID-19 virus.

DIY is a perfect option during COVID-19

Packed Household Stuff for Moving Into New House
Packed household stuff for moving into new house

Hiring movers and using as many moving services as you can is usually a perfect way to have a stress-free move. Nowadays, it is better to as many things as you can on your own. You will decrease the risk of getting infected, and it is an important part of social distancing measures. Pack your moving boxes with care, rent a moving truck if possible, and move the items on your own.

We always advise people who are about preparing for a move to get rid of the items that they do not need. Since the final moving cost will depend on the total weight of your items, there is absolutely no reason to move the items that you do not need. However, this advice is even stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. As many people have lost their jobs, and are struggling, donate all that you have and that you will not use. Food, blankets, and clothes will mean a lot to someone these days, and you will be able to deduct your moving costs, so it is a win-win situation.

These measures will make your move safe

Hand Sanitizer, Surgical Mask and Latex Gloves
Protective equipment for prevention of virus – hand sanitizer, surgical mask and latex gloves

As long as you follow the recommendations for a safe move, everything will be alright, as the risk will be down to a bare minimum. Always disinfect the surfaces that you use often. These are knobs, your shoes, or any hard surface that you need to touch. Make sure not to touch your face very often and wear protective masks. Gloves are a perfect solution for the current situation as the virus cannot get to your skin. Apply hand sanitizer whenever possible after taking the gloves off.

After you move

Once you get inside your new home, take all the clothes off and wash it as soon as you get your washer machine to work. Clean the entire house with cleaning supplies that contain alcohol. Spray the moving boxes with any sanitized that you have, as the virus can survive on this type of material for up to 24 hours.

Remain calm

Whatever happens, it is important to remain calm. This is an unprecedented situation, which alone is enough to make us feel uncomfortable. Find ways to relieve stress, as stress can only lower your immune system. Take it one day at a time and do not make rash decisions. Even if your plans change for a little while, remember that health is all that matters and that this too shall pass. Soon, you will be inside your new home relaxing and enjoying yourself. Good luck!

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