Tips for Packing Bulky Items for Moving

Tips for Packing Bulky Items for Moving

Getting professional movers to help you is always the easiest way to move your bulky items. But the easiest way is not always possible. Whether you’re working on a budget or you prefer to DIY, our tips will help you packing bulky items for moving. While you’re packing and moving heavy items by yourself, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily do everything completely alone. You should have at least one person to help you. So ask a friend to help you out, or if that’s not possible, hire moving labor for a few hours.

You’ll need at least one pair of hands to assist you. One person alone can’t lift an extremely heavy appliance. You’ll need help to lift a sectional sofa or any other bulky item that needs to be moved. If you’re wondering how to move your oddly shaped or extremely heavy household item, we’ve got you. Carry on reading to find our simple tips for packing bulky items for moving.

Have a plan

Before you start packing bulky items for moving, you should create a plan and decide how you want to execute it. It may seem unnecessary but having a plan and figuring out details will help you work faster and more efficiently than planning along the way. Before you start, figure out how to keep your home undamaged on a moving day.  If you’re moving several bulky items, you should first decide which one is the top priority. Then start packing that item first. You should also check if the item is too big to fit through the doors and if there are any obstacles on the way out.

Another important thing to plan is who is going to help you so you should ask a friend to confirm they’re available or contact your local moving labor and schedule their services for the desired date. Once you have a game plan, you can proceed to pack your bulky item and you’ll need to follow the next step.

Disassemble if possible

First of all, you need to know how to disassemble furniture properly. Then go ahead and check if your bulky items have any removable parts. If you’re moving kitchen appliances, that will usually be drawers or shelves, if you’re taking apart furniture you should remove legs and hardware, for beds that will be your mattress, and so on, the basic idea is to take apart a specific item as much as possible. Keep in mind that your extremely bulky items like pool tables or musical instruments will require much more effort.

You may need professional movers in order to be transported safely. The reason for disassembling your item is because it’s much easier to pack and move smaller parts than trying to lift and carry an oddly-shaped item in its original shape. After you’ve taken care of making the item easier to pack, it’s time to move on to the next step.

A mover disassembles a dishwasher
Disassemble everything that you can

Get materials and tools

Now that you’re ready to pack a bulky item for moving, you’ll need to get moving and packing supplies. You’ll need plenty of bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, and moving boxes. Each piece you separated should be wrapped individually using bubble wrap and secured in place with packing tape. Follow by wrapping with a moving blanket for extra protection. Don’t forget to secure doors if you’re moving bulky appliances or another type of furniture that has doors. They can always open during transit and cause damage. Besides having packing materials, you should also get the proper equipment to move your items easily. Start by getting furniture straps that will help you lift heavy items safely.

Next, make sure to get furniture sliders that will allow you to slide a bulky item instead of lifting it. Lastly, a moving dolly is your best friend when it comes to moving bulky things because you’ll push the dolly instead of carrying an oddly shaped item in your hands. There’s no need to buy one, just reach out to your local moving company – they should have moving equipment for rent. After you load an item onto a dolly, make sure to use moving straps to secure it in place and avoid damage or injury.

Moving dolly for bulky items
Get the furniture dolly ready

Think about safety

When preparing a bulky item for moving, you’ll probably want to pack it as fast as possible and be done with it, but you have to be careful not to hurt yourself in the process. While you’re going to take advantage of all the professional tools from the previous tip, you’ll still have to lift and push heavyweight, so make sure to follow safe methods and techniques to prepare for a day of heavy lifting. For instance, bending your back instead of bending your knees when you’re lifting is not safe and will likely cause your back injury. Use safe lifting techniques instead and always keep safety your top priority. Keep your pathway clear of obstacles so you wouldn’t trip on the way out, and make sure to have at least one helper.

Don’t do it completely alone

This tip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t DIY, but rather don’t do it completely on your own without any help. By trying to be a hero and lift an extremely heavy or bulky item alone, you’ll end up hurting yourself and that’s definitely not what you want. Instead, find someone who can help, like your friends. You can also hire moving labor instead of traditional movers. Moving labor can help you with any task for as long as you need. Besides having a helper for lifting and pushing, you’ll also need someone to help you take an item down the stairs, so arrange for a helping hand before you end up with injuries.

Movers carrying bulky items
If it’s too much for you, let professionals handle your bulky items

Hopefully, our tips for packing bulky items when moving gave you enough info to have a safe and easy relocation. But if packing and moving bulky items seems like something you would rather leave to a professional moving company, we’re at your service − Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC will pack and move your heavy or oddly shaped household items safely. Check out our packing & unpacking services and contact us anytime for a free moving quote.

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