Tips for packing and moving the bedroom

Tips for packing and moving the bedroom

When moving a household, it’s only up to you which room you will pack first. Many people claim that the kitchen is the most demanding room to pack and move. But how to handle bedrooms, especially if there are more than one or two? Whether you are moving across the street or to another country you will need a strategy and exact moving plan how to sort, pack and clean the bedroom. Because packing and moving the bedroom isn’t easy – especially when you don’t have reliable residential movers NYC to ask for help. Just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it will be impossible.

Start with the bedrooms (and items) you use the least

An average household lives in a house that has at least two bedrooms and, usually, there are three or more bedrooms involved. So one can already see how packing all of these rooms could be a huge challenge. Of course, one viable solution is hiring local movers Brooklyn NY for doing the job instead of you. But since a lot of people aren’t financially capable of affording this luxury, they usually opt for a DIY relocation. In such situations, it’s always advisable to start packing one month before the move. What you should pack first are those items you use the least.

Packing and moving the bedroom.
Figure out the right order for packing your items.

Here’s the first step – start with the rooms you don’t use frequently, like guest rooms. You can take a great deal of stress off your shoulders simply by knowing that at least two out of four bedrooms in your house are packed. It goes without saying that you will leave the master bedroom and your kid’s room among the last rooms in the house to be packed. But even then, you could start by getting rid of some items you have lying around, and we all know there must be a lot of them.

Decluttering your bedroom before packing it

Go ahead and take a look around your bedroom and then your closet. We are willing to bet there will be at least half a dozen items that you will spot right away that belong to a group of items that haven’t been used in over a year. In that situation, you have to stop and ask yourself – should you really bother with their packing and moving if you don’t use them?

You will have to sort your own clothing and other items and decide what should be moved and what left out. In order to get rid of unwanted items, you can organize a garage sale or donate them. It’s really important to simplify the packing and moving process. Furthermore, the more items you give away, the less you will have to pay for packing material and transport.

As experienced NYC movers, we always advise our customers to declutter their homes before moving. This way, the entire relocation comes at a cheaper price as a lot of movers charge based on the weight of the cargo. Not only will your relocation be cheaper but you will also manage to unpack more quickly and have a more functional bedroom after moving. So dedicate a day or two of your time to decluttering your bedroom and reap all the benefits afterward.

Get a couple of willing helpers

Looking for a fun way of packing and moving the bedroom? How about you make it a family event? Make each family member a participant in the moving process. Even your children are able to sort some of the items in their room, like toys or clothes and decide what to keep and what to give away or sell. Of course, you will delegate tasks to your kids based on their age and capabilities. Just make sure everyone knows what their part of the job is and there will be no confusion once the packing starts.

A boy and a girl walking down the road.
Kids are more than capable to help you with the entire process.

Hiring professional movers for packing and moving the bedroom

If you have hired professional movers to assist you with the move, you can also ask them if they can dismantle and reassemble the furniture for you. It might cause some additional costs for you, but leave it to the professionals to handle this. They are certainly more experienced than you, and with proper insurance, your belongings will be covered in case they get damaged. Movers usually use their own protective wrapping material in order to avoid any possible damage.

After all, NYC offers a great number of NYC moving companies providing not only moving services but also additional ones like packing, unpacking, disassembling/assembling furniture, installing appliances,… Meanwhile, you can take care of some other things that need to be sorted out.

If you eventually decide to disassemble furniture yourself do it before the moving day. Also, pay attention while doing it, because wooden elements can be easily scratched or broken. Also, mattresses are supposed to be wrapped in a mattress bag and box that you can get from your moving company. Since the first room you have packed was the guest room, you can use it to store packed boxes and disassembled furniture.

Supply yourself for packing and moving the bedroom

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the packing process? Surely, you are seeing a bunch of moving boxes scattered around the house. Those moving boxes contain your prized possessions – including the ones from your bedroom. So, in order to start packing your bedroom, you will first have to shop for packing supplies.

When it comes to this task, less is certainly not more. So don’t try to save money on supplies. To give you a head-start and a few items to put on your shopping list for packing and moving the bedroom, we suggest you look for the following items:

  • Moving boxes in a couple of sizes
  • Specialized moving boxes (hanging wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, mattress boxes)
  • Protective packaging materials (packing paper, moving blankets, air bubble foil)
  • Miscellaneous supplies like packing tape and markers

Pay attention to the packing supplies and boxes you use

Cardboard boxes can be used for packing the clothing. However, if there are some clothes that you don’t want to wrinkle, wardrobe boxes may be a perfect solution for you. You can either purchase them or rent them from your moving company. Wardrobe boxes are equipped with a metal or plastic bar so that you can move directly your hanging clothes from the closet to the box and vice versa when you reach the new place and start unpacking.

Kid's shoes on a bed.
Your biggest challenge might be packing your entire wardrobe.

If you start preparing for the move well in advance you may have enough time to create your own wardrobe boxes by inserting metal/plastic or wooden bar into the cardboard box. That way you will significantly simplify the whole packing process. Curtains and drapes can be packed in wardrobe boxes. The other option is to fold them in paper and put them in a medium box.

Pack the right way

Make sure you label each box properly so that you can manage them once you get to the new home and start unpacking. Also, don’t overload your moving boxes NYC, because they should be easily removable. Shoes are usually problematic when packing and moving the bedroom. So you can just leave them in the original boxes and put them into a medium-sized box. If you don’t have original boxes you can wrap each shoe and label it properly. It’s very important not to put anything heavy on top of shoes.

Plastic garbage bags can be used for packing linens, bedding and pillows. Provided that they are sealed, they are a very convenient solution for packing similar items. Make sure you ask your movers how to pack mirrors, pictures and frames. They will be able to give you some useful guidelines as well as special boxes for packing similar items.

Wash your clothing and linens before packing them

Does this seem like a superfluous thing to say? It may be, but a lot of people forget about washing their clothing and linens simply because they find themselves running out of time. During a process as lengthy and complicated as relocation, that’s totally reasonable. That’s why getting a head start is so important, as it leaves you with just enough time for doing everything. Remember the golden rule –starting the preparations 6 to 4 weeks before the moving date leaves you with just enough time for doing everything.

What to leave for the very end when packing and moving the bedroom?

When thinking in terms of which items to leave for the end of your packing spree, you needn’t let the distance of your move be the determining factor. It really matters not whether you are moving abroad or relocating from NYC to Floridaif you are moving with children, their toys should be in the last box to be packed and in the first one to be unpacked.

A kid playing with toys.
Your kids get bored quickly – you should know that by now.

That’s because kids, and especially younger ones, will need to be entertained during the moving process. The last thing you need is to let them run around while your movers are carrying heavy moving boxes. That would just be a safety hazard for everyone involved. Instead, keep them occupied by letting them play and by finding someone to supervise them. That should give you enough time and peace of mind to carry on with the packing and moving activities.

The bottom line

It seems like there are a lot of rules and regulations to be followed when packing and moving the bedroom. While this process certainly won’t be easy, there is no reason why you couldn’t make it fun! Involve your loved ones, delegate tasks according to seniority and watch your rooms quickly get packed. Of course, make sure you have enough packing supplies and that you start on time. Otherwise, you could risk the wellbeing of your items, and we are sure that’s the last thing you want to do.

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