DIY move - how to rent a moving van in NYC

DIY move - how to rent a moving van in NYC


Moving house within NYC involves a series of important decisions and actions:

  • finding a new place and choosing the right neighborhood;
  • selling or renting out the old home;
  • hiring a real estate agent;
  • hiring professional NYC movers or performing a DIY move;
  • organizing and planning the move;
  • renting a moving van;
  • hiring a moving van driver;
  • cleaning both homes;
  • purchasing the right type of insurance if needed;
  • getting packing and moving supplies like dolly, packing tape, straps, ropes, padding material,…

Most people find DIY moving a cost-effective way to move house without enduring major financial losses. But, what they don’t know is that DIY moves are not always cheaper than moving with a professional moving company. In order to make the most of your DIY move, you should closely analyze all positive and negative aspects. Only then you will figure out what works best for you and your current financial situation. There are several factors you should take into account when thinking about a self-move.

– Financial situation will mostly determine the type of the moving process. People happen to opt for DIY moving in order to save money on the relocation process. However, if not planned accurately, a DIY move can cost a lot more than anticipated. Proper organization will help you stay on track in terms of moving responsibilities and expenses. If you are moving house for the first time, you are likely to skip some important steps and therefore lose money.

– Distance is a very important aspect to consider when thinking about a DIY move. Long-distance moves are usually better done and organized by professional movers. Renting a moving van and driving to another state can be challenging in terms of moving expenses and safety on the road.

– Depending on your moving load you will decide whether you need professional movers’ help or not. A great number of household belongings usually involves more helpers. If you cannot get enough volunteers, you might be forced to hire a moving company to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Also, the size of your moving van depends on the amount of items that need to be moved to the new location.

Tips for renting a moving van


People who move to a studio apartment or dorm seem to have less logistic problems than those

who move to big houses or apartments. Where to rent a moving van is one of the most important decisions you have to make when preparing for a self-move.

– Research reliable local van rental companies and get in touch with those that seem most appropriate. They will advise you on the type and size of the moving van suitable for your needs.

– Get several quotes and compare them afterwards. Too-good-to-be-true offers should be avoided, since they usually include some hidden costs.

– Moving vans are available in various sizes – small, medium, large. The amount of the moving load will determine the size of the moving van. And remember – renting too small van means that you will have to return a couple of times to your old home or get rid of the items you didn’t plan to leave behind. On the other hand, renting too large moving van means that you will pay additionally for an unused space.

How to load a moving van properly

– Get proper moving supplies and make sure your moving van is equipped with the loading ramp.

– Gather volunteers that will help you with the heavy lifting and loading. Make sure each moving box is properly labeled so that your helpers will know how to handle them.

– Use protective moving blankets to keep your items safe during the move. Also, straps and ropes will secure your furniture pieces and appliances and keep them immobilized.

– The heaviest moving boxes and appliances should be loaded first. Make sure all appliances are kept in the upright position and covered and protected with a lot of padding material. Large furniture pieces should be loaded afterwards.

– Distribute the moving boxes equally inside the moving van.

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