The Pros of Moving from New York to Indiana

The Pros of Moving from New York to Indiana

Have you decided to call yourself a Hoosier? Are you wondering what Indiana has to offer to you? Each state will have its downsides, but you will find many bright sides when moving to the Land of the Indians. While the truth is Indiana doesn’t offer too much diversity, it does provide amazing outdoor options, friendly people, and cheap housing. Check out these 10 things to know when moving from New York to Indiana.

Moving from New York to Indiana

Here are a few pros of moving from New York to Indiana:

It’s affordable

According to Best Places, the average cost of living index in Indiana is 82.1 versus the national average that is 100, which makes it very affordable. A huge advantage is in its housing prices. Whether you plan on renting or buying a new home, you will find an affordable one. If you are moving from NYC to Indiana, it will be a great change from a tiny studio to a one-bedroom apartment in the capital for less than $800. Not only the housing, but the overall cost of living is lower as well.

It has outdoor spaces

You can Enjoy Parks after Moving from New York to Indiana

Indiana State Park System allows you to find plenty of green spaces in whichever town you choose. Few of the state parks are:

Brown County State Park

Southern Indiana hilltops make a perfect scenic view to enjoy from this park. It is one of the larger parks in the United States with about 1.3 million people visiting each year. Different types of trees make a forest that displays a stunning array of colors in the fall. Besides nature preserve and nature center, there are two manmade lakes in this park.

Indiana dunes state park

This park was designated a National Natural Landmark and provides amazing dune landscapes. It is surrounded by Indiana Dunes National Park and has plenty of hiking trails, bird observation tower, picnic shelters, etc. Because Lake Michigan bounds it to the northwest, you will enjoy swimming and sunbathing at the sand beach.

Turkey Run State Park

Spend a night in this state park that has Turkey Run Inn and cabins for overnight guests. In this park you will find camping sites, a system of trails, Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve, and a suspension bridge across Sugar Creek. While you’re there, also visit historic places like Lusk Home and Mill Site and the Richard Lieber Log Cabin.

Its geographical position

Every now and then you might want to get to one of the bigger cities and visit some big events like music concerts or other types of happening. Or maybe you will simply want a change of scenery and a bit of a busy vibe. One of the cons of moving to Indiana is that you will be able to do so anytime because of its proximity to bigger cities. A day’s trip will take you to Nashville, Chicago, or Cleveland, which are only a few hours away. The official motto of the state is The Crossroads of America because of its central position and four major interstate highways.


A Girl Blowing Snow after Move from NYC to Indiana in Winter

If you love four seasons in NYC, you will be happy to know that Indiana also has a change of seasons. You will still be able to enjoy the change of tree colors which is especially beautiful in autumn. While having a lot of sunny days, you will still need your winter coats and boots for enjoying the perks of snow.

It’s small

Cities in Indiana are not too big, which is great if you got tired of overpopulated capitals. Even though they have metropolitan assets, they still keep the charm of a small town. This state is a good choice once you decide that crowded metropolitan is no longer your cup of tea. If you move to the state capital Indianapolis, you will share the city with less than 900,000 people. This is the most populated city, so if you are searching for an even smaller place, check out Fort Wayne, Columbus, Evansville, South Bend, etc.


You Can Drive in Indiana Without Getting Stuck in the Traffic

If you always wanted to own a car, then Indiana is the right state for you. You can drive everywhere without getting stuck in the traffic. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a well-established NYC public transport, which is a challenge if you don’t plan on driving. But Indiana is working on launching its own companies similar to Uber to promote sharing a ride. This should help in case you don’t want to own a car and don’t want to depend on public transport. The bright side is, if you want to drive yourself anywhere there will not be much traffic.

Its people

If you want to raise a family, or simply enjoy a kind surrounding, then you will get along well with these friendly folks. Hoosiers are known for their good manners and neighborhood hangouts. Their hospitality will make it easy to get used to the new state.

Before moving from New York to Indiana

Search for home

It is a good idea to find a place to stay before you relocate. Once you start making an inventory of your home and want to get rid of some of the items, go ahead and sell them online or make a yard sale. You can use the money you make by selling those things for paying your new rent. It shouldn’t be difficult since rent is Indiana is pretty cheap.

Hire a moving company

Hire Dumbo Movers for Your Move from New York to Indiana

Reach out to several companies in advance to avoid overspending or hiring unreliable movers. Because you are moving long-distance, it is best to leave the move to professionals. Always opt for a reputable moving service Brooklyn and ask for a price quote. It is a big change and a long trip, but if you organize in advance it can be smooth and convenient. Contact Dumbo Moving and Storage and we will give you a video estimate, on-site estimate, or online moving quote so that you can plan your move from New York to Indiana.

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