Pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods to explore

Pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods to explore

In spite of the tiny square footage of their apartments, many New Yorkers decide to share their living space with their furry friends. So, when they are moving, they have to look for a perfect environment both for them and their pets. As it turns out, there are many pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods that offer convenient amenities. Aside from finding the best movers Brooklyn who will help you out, making a foolproof moving checklist and juggling between different activities, you will have to tend to your pet’s needs all the time.

a dog sitting on the red pillow
There are a lot of pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods where your furry companion could be happy

Both your kids and pets will need your special attention during the arduous moving process. For them, few life events can be more stressful than moving. With an ongoing relocation process, pets may experience different levels of stress and anxiety. Remember that your beloved companions are able to decipher your emotions and nonverbal language. Many people believe that dogs can pick up on human emotions too. So, it goes without saying that maintaining a positive attitude during the entire move can be beneficial for all participants.

Your pets are a part of the family, and although they don’t have a say in the final decision, their needs do matter. To ensure a smooth transition, start by figuring out what kind of apartment and neighborhood would make your pet happy.

Moving alone will most certainly present you with numerous challenges. Add pets and kids to the equation and things may get even more difficult. In spite of being the most populous NYC borough, it keeps attracting even more and more people looking to start afresh.

What features to look for when researching perfect pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods

Brooklyn bridge
Choose a perfect NYC neighborhood according to your family’s needs and preferences

As advantageous as moving to Brooklyn can be, it can become rather overwhelming if not planned properly. Being part of the culture that embraces diversity and settling into some of the trendy and artsy Brooklyn neighborhoods can be both exciting and challenging. When looking for the best housing options for your family, make sure to take into account your pet’s primary needs. There are some basic requirements to keep in mind when deciding on the best environment for your furry friend.

  • Proximity to good vets.

Easy and fast access to a veterinary office should be one of the top-priorities when moving with a pet. Check with the local pet-owners for possible recommendations.

  • A nearby groomer and pet store with a lot of positive reviews.

A wide selection of pet-oriented businesses usually indicates that there a lot of pet-owners in the area.

  • A spacious backyard

A home’s outdoor space is a major factor to consider. The bigger the yard, the happier your dog may be. With enough space for running and playing, your dog may adjust to the new surroundings quickly. If there is a convenient opportunity to buy a home with a large yard, do so to create a perfect dwelling for them!

  • Easy access to large parks and walking paths

Well-lit paths and sidewalks should be safe enough for you and your children during the late-night walks. Check if local parks have off-leash hours and spacious green areas where your dog can exercise and socialize. Search for your pet’s possible playmates in your soon-to-become Brooklyn neighborhood.

  • Presence of pet-friendly restaurants.

You may want to take your pet when meeting with friends for coffee or lunch.

Convenient Brooklyn neighborhoods your pet will like

Prospect Park is situated in one of the most famous pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods
If you decide to move to Park Slope, your dog will have a lot of possibilities to explore

According to many people, Brooklyn is a perfect pet-friendly destination against all odds. Considering the scarce square footage of NYC apartment and limited access to outdoor space, one may think that pet-owners face a lot of challenges after moving to New York. The truth is that New Yorkers adore their pets and would do everything it takes to ensure the best quality lifestyle for them.

If you’ve decided to call Brooklyn your home, here’s what to pay attention to when moving with a pet. As it turns out, there are several pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods to choose from.

Park Slope

First off, Park Slope features a lot of pet-friendly apartment buildings. So, whether you are renting or buying a property, you’ll be joining a large group of animal-lovers after moving there. It’s also home to a large Prospect Park that boasts long dog runs, special off-leash time, an abundance of greenery and a popular swimming area for dogs. In addition to that, major pet veterinary centers, pet-sitting and grooming services, special stores and pet-friendly bars and restaurants could be found in Park Slope.

Brooklyn Heights

With it’s biggest green space – waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Heights has become a haven for the dog-lovers. They can enjoy spectacular scenery and the downtown Manhattan skyline, while their animal friends are exploring pathways and lawns. The new Hillside Dog Park is arguably one of the favorite places to visit with your dog. Quick access to pet-friendly amenities, restaurants, bars, pet care centers makes this neighborhood an ideal new home.


With its seven dog parks, Dumbo ranks high on the list of pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods. If you choose to uproot your life there, you can be sure that your pet will have a lot of special amenities to enjoy. You can dine at so many restaurants and bars always with your happy pet by your side. Any dog would be more than pleased to live in DUMBO.

Williamsburg street
Pick a charming Brooklyn neighborhood where your pet will enjoy to the fullest


Both pets and their owners may enjoy the lovely scenery around this neighborhood. It offers plenty of greenery and fun places for your pet friends. Having moved to Williamsburg,  McCarren Park Dog Run will soon become your pet’s favorite place. This lively neighborhood hosts some of the most amazing pet events and canine festivals.

When looking for a perfect NYC apartment make sure to expand your search criteria, especially if moving with kids and pets. Luckily, there are several pet-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods that can accommodate all your needs in terms of convenience and affordability.

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