Moving with pets to New York City

Moving with pets to New York City

People who are telling you about their problems with moving haven’t met those who had to move with a pet. Those of you who have had this experience can testify how hard it was to coordinate every step of the relocation. Moving with pets can be very traumatizing for every member included in this process unless you know how to approach it. Therefore, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC are here to help you out. We’ll make sure to give you simple tips to follow so that you’ll feel less stressed and do go through this as easy as possible. It will be as easy as a meow.

Moving with a pet
Make the relocation easy for your pet.

Prepare well for moving with pets

First things first. When relocating to a new place, you’ll need to be certain you’ve informed yourself about the laws and regulations that govern it. This is especially important when moving with pets. Each state will have different rules laws for keeping pets in private properties. Be sure New York have them. This is a homework you’ll need to do before apartment hunting in NYC. In order to do everything right, we’ll list out the most important steps of your pet relocation.

  • Getting health certificate
  • Finding vet clinics
  • Obtaining a permission
  • Groom the pet before the move
  • Get a moving carriage

Health certification

This is probably something you already owned as soon as you’ve purchased or got your pet. However, there are people who are careless and pay little attention to their pet’s overall health state. Before moving to a new place, especially if you’re relocating long distance with a pet, you won’t make many steps before you realize that you’re being prohibited to cross the borders of the state before having pet health certificate. This document should contain all the relevant information such as the certificate of origin, pet’s breed, owner’s personal information, etc.

General vet check

A white kitten being checked by a vet before moving with pets
Make sure your pet is thoroughly checked by a vet.

If it’s been a long time since your pet has had its last check, then it is a good idea to do it before the moving day. Therefore, make sure to make an appointment with your vet. This way you’ll be more at ease, knowing that your pet will receive the necessary medical attention. Doing this will also help the vet make an assessment of your pet’s overall condition. Just like with people, regular check-ups increase the chance of detecting the early stages of some illness.

Locate a new vet clinic

Normally, once you relocate it will be impossible to have the same vet to monitor the condition of your vet. Therefore, we suggest you ask your current vet to refer you to a colleague if he knows any in your neighborhood or nearby area. If not, you can always search for this information online and read some testimonials on the official websites of the vet clinics. Once you manage to do so, if there’s any possibility, make an appointment in the new clinics to get meet the new vet. After that, arrange with your current vet the transfer of your pet’s health records. This will allow the new doctor an insight of your pet’s condition. In this way, the vet can continue where you’ve left off with the previous one.

Getting a permission

Before moving with pets, you must be completely sure that your new environment accepts keeping one. Unfortunately, many communities are not so open to having pets around. Most are even more strict when it comes to keeping exotic animals such as iguanas, snakes, spiders, etc. On the other hand, some communities will allow keeping them. However, they will set a special cost rate. For this reason, we suggest you have a talk in the government’s office to find out more about these regulations. You don’t want to give up on your pet just because it is not allowed to keep it there. That is why it is necessary to choose a reliable real estate agent in NYC who can provide you with relevant information regarding this issue.

Grooming the pet

No matter what kind of a pet you have, most need regular grooming. There are many reasons for regularly grooming a pet, and it’s your obligation, as pet’s owner, to take care of this. The ungroomed pet will not look representable, and it might leave a bad first impression to whoever sees it first in your new neighborhood. Moreover, a groomed pet will less likely be prone to having any serious medical problem. And since we agree now on the importance of doing this, we also propose informing the groomer about your moving. Most experienced groomers will suggest you groom your pet the way to make it feel more comfortable during transportation. If you have a dog, using special shampoos to prevent inching is a great idea. It will not only make the trip easier for the dog, but you’ll worry less about it.

Have a suitable pet carrier

It’s almost absurd to say, but getting a pet carrier suitable for the type of your pet is unarguable. Those of you who are moving with pets by traveling by plane will surely have to get one of those. If a carrier doesn’t meet air-travel standards, your pet will not be allowed in a cabin nor the cargo. Also, it’s mandatory for your pet to have either a microchip or ID tags. This way, in case your pet gets loose, will be easier to locate it.

a cat in a carrier
Have an appropriate carrier for your pet.

Feed the pet

Before moving with pets to New York, please make sure your pet is being fed. In case your pet likes to play, then put the favorite toy in the carriage. This way your pet will feel less stressed during transportation and will be occupied during that time.

Having a pet is a great responsibility. Every family member should be well educated and able to take care of it. Even though it is more complicated than a regular move, moving with pets doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Paying attention to the aforementioned rules will make things so much easier for you.

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