Why Are People Moving from NYC to Texas?

Why Are People Moving from NYC to Texas?

If any residents love their city and take pride in it then it is New Yorkers. But what should you expect when you decide to leave your beloved Big Apple behind and head to Texas? As the saying goes “everything is bigger in Texas”, but what does it really mean? What can be bigger than the great City That Never Sleeps? Rest assured you will fall in love with Texas in no time as you did in NYC. Because it offers many benefits and famous southern hospitality, it will eventually grow on you once you settle and get to know it. Let’s see what you can expect from moving from NYC to Texas.

Moving from NYC to Texas

Here are the top reasons why people are moving from NYC to Texas:

Texas taxes

Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise when moving from NYC to Texas−it is one of seven states that have no personal income tax. How great is that? There is sales tax, which is 6.25 percent, and local tax burdens are one of the lowest in the nation. There is the property tax which is high compared to the rest of the nation, however, this fact still remains on the bright side because the prices of properties are also the lowest in the nation.

Lower prices

You Can Expect Lower Prices After Your Move from NYC to Texas

The truth is, where ever you move from NY, it will be more affordable to live. But things get way cheaper in Texas. You can forget about extremely expensive tiny apartments and get a 3-bedroom home for the same money. The fact that the real estate market is so much lower compared to NYC is one of the top reasons why people are moving from NYC to Texas. Not only rent, but the overall cost of living is lower, which might shock you at first when you move. But it is always easy to get used to good things, so you will get used to affordability in no time. Feel free to shop for new furniture after your move, because chances are that tiny and minimalistic NY furniture will not do the job in your big Texas home.

Mild weather

If you are the type of person who enjoys winter sports, you will probably miss changing seasons in NYC. On the other hand, if you are tired of freezing winter days and warm clothing, Texas will be a perfect fit. While climate will vary depending on the area you move to, in general, Texas will offer sunny days and mild winters. Once you move from NYC to Texas, you can keep your heavy coats for visiting friends in NYC in wintertime.

Raising a family

A Happy Family

While Big Apple has numerous advantages, raising a family comes with a great set of challenges. Finding a school for your child can easily become a nightmare. School can turn down your application easily. This is not the case in Texas. Some cities have an above-average number of children, and San Antonio is the largest community of gay parents. It offers family-friendly amenities, and pretty good schools, while the unemployment rate is lower than in NYC. According to WalletHub, Texas was ranked among the top 33 best states to raise a family.


New York offers constant change and plenty of jobs, but Texas will not disappoint you when it comes to the job market. Opportunities for employment are one more reason why people are choosing to move to this state. Its economy is the second-largest in the US, and its exports grossed more than the exports of New York and California combined. Texas is home to several headquarters of large companies like American Airlines, Dell, Livestock Investors Ltd, etc. According to Forbes, Texas cities are topping the list for best cities for job growth.

Choose your city when moving from NYC to Texas


Moving from NYC to Houston, Texas

Moving from NYC to Houston can bring many opportunities. It is the most populated city in Texas with a strong sense of community. Houston offers top universities, diverse cultures, a great job market, and a mild climate. Outdoor spaces and greenery are a highlight, as there are over 50,000 acres of park space within the limits of the city.


Moving from NYC to Austin, Texas

This city has been ranked #1 on the Forbes list of the best city for job growth. If you are searching for the famous southern hospitality, you will find it at the heart of the state. Because of its location, it offers easy access to other cities. Moving from NYC to Austin is ideal for people seeking job opportunities and a great city for raising a family.


Moving from NYC to Dallas, Texas

Even though it is extremely big, Dallas still has a hometown feeling and suburban charm. Coziness mixed with urban style is what attracts people to choose this city for their home. People are friendly and you will find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment. So, moving from NYC to Dallas is an excellent choice, especially if you’re looking for a quality lifestyle in a friendly city.

How to move from NYC to Texas

DIY move is not the best choice when moving to another state. If you were to drive without stopping for 1700 miles, it would take nearly 30 hours. As it is not stressful enough, add to this that you will have to know how to drive a rented moving truck with all of your household items. If any issue occurs on the road, you are pretty much on your own to deal with it. The best thing to do is to hire a professional moving company when moving long-distance. Because they have knowledge and experience, they will take care of transportation and potential problems along the way. All you need to do is hop on a plane and let movers take care of the rest.

Don’t rush into hiring the cheapest NYC movers. When making such a big change, you want to settle for reliability. Take your time and research the reliability, reviews, and credentials of NYC movers. Inquire about moving quotes, and get an estimate from several moving companies. Ask them a lot of questions to make sure you understand what services are included in the price. Moving service Brooklyn knows how to handle your move safely and conveniently. You can contact us to get a free onsite estimate, video estimate, or online moving price.

Best tips for moving from NYC to Texas

Moving is only stressful when you don`t have enough time or money to complete it. With our tips, you will avoid these common issues.

Start planning your move on time

An interstate move takes around twelve to sixteen weeks to plan and complete. So, as soon as you learn about your relocation date, start planning for the relocation. Make a to-do list and list all the tasks you have regarding the relocation. This way moving from NYC to Texas does not look scary, rather it is just a set of tasks you need to finish.

A Family Is Moving

Save money

While life in Texas is not as expensive as life in NYC, relocations may get expensive and you want to have enough money on your hands in case something predictable happens. A crucial question is how much money to save before moving house and how to do it? You can organize a yard sale before moving to Texas and sell all the items you don`t use and earn money as well. The fewer items you relocate the lower the final relocation bill will be.

Start looking for a job on time

Similarly, if you are not moving from NYC to Texas because of a certain job opportunity, you should start applying for jobs early enough before the relocation. Ideally, start investigating the job market at least two or three months in advance. Remember that the hiring process for senior positions takes longer, so you can start applying as well three months in advance.

Turn off your utilities and cancel subscriptions

An inevitable part of every relocation is dealing with technicalities such as utilities and subscriptions. Make sure to have the utilities canceled at least a day after your relocation so that you have electricity and water on a moving day. Also, choose new providers in Texas, and arrange for the utilities to be turned on at least a day before your relocation.

Cancel your gym membership, magazine subscriptions, or any other subscriptions you have. Furthermore, inform everyone about your address change, but only after the relocation for safety reasons. And most importantly, hire reliable interstate movers for your NYC to Texas relocation. Good luck!

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