How to Pack Lamps When Moving

How to Pack Lamps When Moving

Moving implies that you have to deal with all of the items that you own in one way or another. Whether you will sell it, donate it, move it, or pack it, you need to know a proper way how to handle every single item. And lamps are no exception here. That is why we have plenty of tips on how to pack lamps when moving in a way that is fast, efficient, and most importantly safe. Movers NYC can always give you a hand with packing and moving lamps, and if you need a place to store them storage units NYC are the perfect place for you to do this.

Packing Lamps

Get the right equipment for packing lamps when moving

Packing Supplies

If you want to pack and move your lamps right, you need to have the proper equipment. Head straight to the improvement store, or DIY store and obtain the following items:

  • Moving boxes – in sizes that will fit the size of your lamps, as we all know lamps come in different sizes and shapes as well
  • Tape – Get high-quality tape in order to protect your boxes
  • Permanent marker – Waterproof, high-quality permanent marker will be excellent
  • Bubble wrap – Depending on how much lamps you own, you can buy a whole roll of bubble wrap
  • Packing paper – This is one of the rare occasions that packing paper is actually better than newspaper, so buy enough of it
  • Packing peanuts – They are great in preserving your lamps and are worth getting before the packing day
  • A plastic bag

Dismantle the lamp

Most lamps consist of the lamp base, bulb, and the lampshade. Before you pack your lamps, it is vital that you dismantle the lamps carefully. It is good advice that you only handle one lamp at a time, as you might end up mixing the parts of several lamps. This will only bring you a headache, so dismantle only one lamp at a time. Carefully take the lampshade of the lamp and also remove the bulb.

Deal with all the pieces separately

Protective Packaging In Bubble Wrap

Once you have removed the lampshade and the bulb, you can pack all the pieces separately. Before packing the items put any extra pieces in the plastic bag and label it so that you know to which lamp do the pieces belong to. The lamp base will have a cord attached to it, so make sure that you wrap the cord around the base. You can use the tape to fixate the cord to the base, but if there is a risk of the tape damaging the base, do not do it. Instead, you can tuck the end of the cord in the rest of the cord.

Choose the right-sized moving box

a pile of free moving boxes may help you move on a tight moving budget

This is one of the most important things when packing lamps for moving. Using a moving box that is too large can lead to damaging the lamp that will move inside the box. On the other hand, a moving box that is too small could crush the lamp during the move. The best thing that you can do is to measure the lamps and use the moving boxes that fit their sizes the most. Lampshades are packed in separate boxes as you do not want to risk damaging the lamp.

Pack the lamp successfully

Your best ally in packing the lamps is the bubble wrap. Place a large piece of the bubble wrap on the flat surface. You can do this on your kitchen desk. Now, place the lamp in the middle of the bubble wrap. Then use the bubble wrap to completely cover the lamp from each side. Depending on how long your move will last, you might want to repeat this procedure with another layer of the bubble wrap. Next, use the tape and fixate the lamp with it. The tape will secure the lamp, just make sure you have enough of bubble wrap to cover the bottom and the top of the lamp as well and tape them, too. Place the lamp inside the box and use packing peanuts to cover any remaining empty spaces of the box.

Packing lampshades does not have to be stressful

Although lampshades can look really fragile, with proper handling there is no reason to worry about damaging them. Take the lampshade and cover it gently with packing paper. It is important that your hands are dry why you deal with the lampshade, otherwise, you might stain them with water. Cover the top of the lampshade with the bubble wrap or packing paper and place it in the box. If there is space, you can place two lampshades in one box. Use packing peanuts to fill out the empty space in the box and reduce the risk of damage.

Label the boxes correctly

Packing Fragile Items

Labeling the boxes correctly is vital when packing lamps for moving. Use the waterproof marker that you obtained earlier and write fragile on at least two sides of the box. Nowadays, you can simply print the labels for moving boxes as well. Download the label for which side of the box should go up and which side should go down.

This will go a long way in saving your lamps from breaking during the move. Your movers will handle the boxes with more care, and even if you are not hiring professionals for your move, it is easy for you to forget which box contains fragile items. If you want to make it even easier for you, you can write which lamp is in which box, so that when the times comes to unpack, you will not have to look twice for a specific lamp.
We have seen the easiest and most effective way to pack lamps for moving. If you do not have time, or simply do not want to risk damaging your office lamps, simply contact office movers NYC and they will be happy to give you a hand with packing lamps. Good luck!

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