Top NYC neighborhoods for millennials

Top NYC neighborhoods for millennials

Times Square NYC at night
Living in some of the NYC neighborhoods comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages

It’s no secret that many fresh graduates, dazzled by the city lights decide to pursue their dreams in the concrete jungle. In spite of high living costs, they seem to be attracted by abundance of business and entertainment opportunities. This especially rings true for those who are coming from small and calm backgrounds.

On the other hand, some young people realize at some point that there is also a vibrant and thriving lifestyle outside NYC. For many of them moving to the suburbs doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all the possibilities the city that never sleeps has to offer. It’s just they are ready to embrace a different pace and to explore the opposite of the big city hustle and bustle.

And, guess what? There are areas nearby that can be as charming as some of the most popular NYC neighborhoods. If you are willing to give it a shot and trade all NYC comforts for a peaceful suburban lifestyle, you may actually be surprised how many conveniences you may encounter down the road.

Which one of these two options you are going to choose depends on your current situations, preferences and set of challenges you are willing to face. As with any other decision, there’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of each option. As it turns out, not everyone is cut out for a suburban living. However, increasing number of people leaving big cities for a calm, suburban area indicates that hectic, NYC lifestyle doesn’t appeal to everyone.

With the skyrocketing rents and living costs, NYC ranks highly on the list of the most expensive cities in the world. Which poses another set of challenges for fresh graduates who are usually heading to the Big Apple to start their careers.

Suburbs vs top rated NYC neighborhoods

graduate girl holding diploma
One of the biggest post-graduation concerns is where to pursue a professional career

You made it through college, but are you able to keep up with NYC hectic pace? As we all know, renting in NYC can be a pricey endeavor you should carefully budget for.

So, one of the burning questions is: where can new grads afford to live? The truth is that many NYC neighborhoods are far from affordable, but you somehow need to find your own place in the sun.

The truth is that one of the most appealing destinations, Manhattan seems to be out of reach for many fresh graduates. But, as there is an exception to every rule, neighborhoods like Upper East Side, East Village, China Town, Morningside Heights, Yorkville seem to stand out in terms of affordability. In comparison with notoriously expensive neighborhoods like Flatiron District, Tribeca and Hudson Square, those NYC neighborhoods might offer a good deal for young tenants and professionals.

So, before you definitely write off Manhattan from the list of most affordable places, make sure to factor in all pros and cons carefully. Aside from an affordable rent, there are other aspects to consider when looking for a NYC apartment:

  • Accessibility
  • Commute time
  • Public transportation options
  • Cultural and entertainment options

What does living in NYC look like after college?

In spite of all difficulties, you can make it work by engaging your resourcefulness and implementing some creative survival methods. It’s not uncommon that due to financial struggles young professionals decide to share their living room with roommates or move far away from the city center.

a grey building entrance in some of nyc neighborhoods
Although notoriously expensive, Manhattan can be an ideal place for fresh graduates

Obviously, there’s a series of compromises ahead of you, so set your priorities and parameters you can work around. High rental prices shouldn’t be stopping you from trying to find your perfect NYC home where you can start afresh. You don’t have to spend your lifetime savings buying a small and overpriced apartment in New York. As it turns out, there are neighborhoods with favorable real estate market and reasonable living costs that may fit your budget.

NYC’s thriving economy has attracted many young professionals, which makes finding an affordable apartment in NYC very complicated. Since high demand causes even higher prices, finding a suitable apartment within the price range you can afford is all about compromising.

However, navigating through the expensive real estate market is a special skill you will gain eventually.

But first and foremost, adjust your expectations when hunting for a place to call home. Charming NYC apartments we often see on TV shows and movies have little or nothing to do with the frustrating real estate market. Having established your moving budget you will have a better understanding of what you can actually afford. Sooner or later you will realize that romanticized ideas about living in the city that never sleeps should be tuned down. The sooner you align your expectations, the better you will deal with unpleasant surprises you may encounter down the road.

What you may love about living in NYC neighborhoods?

You’ve probably heard so many times that NYC is an expensive city to live in, but if you choose it for your next residence, you will get to enjoy a lot of commodities.

street directions indicating one way or another
Where to settle is a major decision fresh graduates may face
  1. Diversity: NYC neighborhoods embrace everyone unconditionally which is why New York is often referred to as America’s melting pot for many different cultures and nationalities. New York City is one of the greatest and most dynamic cities in the world that attracts thousands of future New Yorkers looking to pursue their dreams in an environment that offers plenty opportunities.
  2. Unique flare and charm: after moving to NYC you will gain a unique experience from a fresh perspective. Stepping on the busy NYC streets may come as a shock to the people coming from a small town background. It’s a place where traditional and modern cultures meet and if you are looking to experience the thrilling big city life from a different angle and seize the chances that may come to you then look no further.
  3. Access to anything: a vast variety of cultural venues, museums, galleries, theaters, opera houses and iconic buildings that will satisfy the most refined of tastes. In addition to that, an easy access to a great variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and other entertainment options makes NYC an amazing place to settle in.

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