Moving to a NYC suburb

Moving to a NYC suburb

Calm and safe NYC suburban area is a great place to purchase a home with a spacious yard
Moving to a NYC suburb seems to be an efficient solution for growing families

Having given a serious thought to moving from a busy urban area to a NYC suburb you should know that months of planning and exploring are ahead of you. Finding the right community where you feel most comfortable raising your family is an exhausting and nerve-wracking process.

Embracing a hectic lifestyle within a fast-paced environment or moving to a calm area is a concern that bothers a lot of New York City residents. While there are a lot of obvious benefits of living in Manhattan, some people find small suburban areas more appealing.

Cultural diversity, plenty of job opportunities, endless entertainment options seem to attract those pursuing their dreams and trying to achieve a better life standard. However, high real estate and rental costs leave many NYC residents with limited options when it comes to house hunting. If your growing family is about to outgrow your current one-bedroom apartment, maybe it’s time to relocate to the suburbs.

In case you’ve reached a point where you need more space it might be a good idea to consider moving to a more affordable area. As it turns out, the amount of money that you set aside each month for your tiny Manhattan apartment may cover a rent for a two-story home with a large backyard in the suburbs. Also, nowadays certain suburbs are starting to feel like small cities due to a wide range of amenities available.

Is moving to a NYC suburb more affordable?

Living in the city can be rather expensive and for most people buying an apartment is out of the question. According to some people’s experience, moving from a big city to a suburb doesn’t necessarily mean that your monthly expenses will drop.

Busy streets and modern skyscrapers are just the opposite of the NYC suburb lifestyle
While living in Manhattan is beneficial for multiple reasons, there are also several good ones why people decide to move to the suburban areas

Therefore, before heading to the NYC suburbs make sure to weigh your options and consider all pros and cons. Each downside of the suburban living happens to match to one advantage of the big city lifestyle. It’s definitely up to you to set your priorities and make up your mind whether moving to NYC suburbs is the right thing to do.

While there’s a better chance of purchasing an affordable real estate in the suburbs than in Manhattan, it’s always a good idea to carefully calculate costs associated with each option. A homeownership comes with a lot of new expenses that renters usually have no knowledge of.

Not to mention all the hidden costs prospective buyers might not have taken into account before moving. Higher property taxes, additional upkeep costs, extended repair projects, school taxes, insurance, state income taxes are some of the less obvious downsides of owning a house and moving to a NYC suburb. It’s no secret that moving from a big city to the suburbs involves a whole new set of compromises and you will have to give up on something eventually.

Why are you moving to the NYC suburb?

Since a lot of suburban areas are now greatly in demand, real estate costs are getting even higher lately. Simply assuming that the suburban lifestyle is cheaper should not be the only reason to decide to move to the suburbs. The best thing you can do is to gather as much information as possible. In addition to that, make sure to inspect other cost-effective options to reduce your expenses. You might be surprised at how much you can actually save by moving to another part of the city or neighborhood.

Aside from the finances and affordability, are there other reasons why you are leaving the big city?

According to many people, suburban areas have a family-friendly infrastructure that makes a family raising process a lot easier. To be honest, the closer you get to the city center, the smaller the apartment will be. This space issue is especially annoying if you are planning to expand your family any time soon.

Furthermore, if you are moving on a budget, the fact that you may get a reasonably priced square footage may be even more attractive.

Green areas, trees, fresh air, clean environment is what you will get after moving to the NYC suburb
Moving to a NYC suburb allows you to enjoy green areas and parks

Due to less congestion suburban areas offer more privacy in comparison to large urban areas.

People who are moving with children and pets will be able to enjoy a fair amount of green space. Safer and cleaner environment is where all of them envision their families and loved ones.

Since they are typically looking for safe and low crime rate areas, suburbs turn out to be a good option. Provided that they are willing to compromise and give up on certain benefits that only big cities offer, moving to a suburban area can be very rewarding.

Also, better school opportunities are among the most important reasons why families decide to move to the suburbs.

Getting professional assistance for your suburban relocation

Having decided to move to a NYC suburb you should ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved. Relocating from a big city to a small and calm suburban area is quite a change that may generate a lot of stress and frustration. An affordable NYC moving company can take care of all the stages of your big household relocation cutting the stress out of the equation.

But first off, set a reasonable budget so that you know exactly which moving services you can afford. Finding reputable movers in NYC is a time-consuming process and requesting several moving quotes from different companies is considered as a proper start.

Moving rates as well as online reviews and former customers’ testimonials may reveal a lot about the company’s business practice. While extremely low moving quotes may seem overly attractive, in most cases they are an indicator that something’s wrong. With so many dishonest and fraudulent moving companies around, you should look for proper movers carefully.

As we all know there’s a lot at stake when moving house and you don’t want to take chances by hiring suspicious moving company. Moving to a NYC suburb is a delicate process that requires reputable movers’ attention and expertise. Only they can lead you through each phase of the move efficiently, while you are planning what your life in the suburbs will look like.

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