Moving from a small town to New York City

Moving from a small town to New York City

Everything that a small town isn’t, New York city is. Bold and aggressive, metallic and golden, glittering and covered in sparkles. It is a jungle, and it is the place to be. But, it is difficult, stressful and it can feel overwhelming. The concrete and the speed, the insane pace and the glitz and glamour…  Moving from a small town to New York City is one the biggest things you are going to do in your life. So, let’s get you started.

Moving from a small town to New York City
Don’t let the bright lights blind you!

Moving hundreds of miles away from home can seem really intimidating. Everything is unfamiliar, people seem to be looking better and talking brighter, and you might fall into a trap of feeling incompetent. New York does that to people. But, before you let the fear overwhelm you, let’s see what are the benefits of small-towners moving to the Big Apple.

What are the benefits of moving from a small town to New York City?

The fear and the anxiety might be pretty big when you decide to relocate from a small town to the NYC. But, the ambition and dreams have to be bigger! So, let’s take a look at the list of benefits one might experience, after making such a tough call:

  • Broadening your perspective – New York is a city where everything is possible. Different cultures, attitudes, ethnicities, and backgrounds clash and thrive together. If you are witnessing that first hand it will allow you to grow as a person. Allowing all of this diversity to enter your life and stay there will make your perspective way richer and broader.
  • Making a network and knowing how to use it – If you come from a small town you already know the importance of connections. You will be able to use that knowledge and start building around yourself a network of people whose influence and position might be of immense help. In addition to this, you will also create your first circle of friends. Cherish them, even more, when you relocate from a small town to the Big Apple.
  • Maintaining your values and remaining grounded – New York is glamour, posh and appearances. Being fake, being influential, being a celebrity or acting like one… All of that virtual fortune and fame, as well as the actual one, can be deadly for the newcomers. Not knowing where your place is and losing yourself can be pretty difficult. But, if you come from a small town you can grab a hold of your values, your education and the way you were raised to avoid all of this. It will help you remain grounded, yet ambitious.

Make sure that you visit New York before you actually move there

Moving from a small town to New York City is going to be a very complex and long task. You need to know all about NYC long distance movers, detailed packing tips, and even a little bit about renting and buying property. But, before you start planning and signing contracts, there is another thing that you should do. You should visit New York!

Although visiting New York is always a bit of adventure, this time it should be strictly business. We live in the 21st century, so you can get absolutely everything online. That means that you can find your new home without ever leaving the old one. But, should you? Well… No.

Moving from a small town to New York City
Finding a place that is just right for your is not going to be easy!

If you are relocating from a small town to NYC, you should know exactly what are you getting yourself into. Finding the right neighborhood, apartment or a house is going to be tricky. That is why you should be present. You will be able to choose, bargain, rent and buy that much easier. Another benefit is that you will get a pretty good vibe of the area, something you definitely can’t-do online.

Use the internet for everything else – researching places, people, and prices!

Although it is better for you to see your new place live, everything else can be found online. And just like New Yorkers know nothing about small towns, small towners know nothing about New York. Knowledge is power, so start typing! When you already know where exactly will you live in the Big Apple, you can start your research. First, get familiar with the pricing range. Moving from a small town to New York City can be pretty tight on everybody’s budget. Check out some discounts, out of the season sales, and second-hand stores. You will easily see how you can do a lot more for less money.

In addition to researching prices, you can also check online interesting places. This fresh start doesn’t mean that you should abandon your old habits. On the contrary, moving from a small town to New York City can be a great opportunity to start new ones. Going to the library, eating healthy, exercising… Keep building up mentally and physically, and enjoy your new home, full of new opportunities.

Relocating to NYC after living in a small town
Every new person is a new opportunity – seize it!

And last but not least… People! When you move from your small town to the Big Apple, you probably won’t know anyone. And that can scare anyone. But, like we have already said, don’t let that intimidate you. Getting to know your neighbors isn’t half as scary as you might think. And making new friends isn’t scary at all. All of that is a part of the adventure and the risk you are taking. It just adds to the flare.

Let go of the fear and take the chance – Moving from a small town to New York City is not as nearly scary as it will be exciting! Watch out for moving scams, learn how to do your own packing, and never miss a chance for  a new opportunity. Don’t forget where you came from and use it as a stepping stone. Good luck!

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