NYC Moving tips - Tips for moving abroad

NYC Moving tips - Tips for moving abroad

Every relocation can be challenging and overwhelming. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make it simpler! With the help of some useful moving tips and good preparation, you can relocate hassle-free! So, if you are thinking about tips for moving abroad, this guide is exactly what you will want to read in order to prepare yourself for the move! Keep reading and you will learn all about the challenges of relocating abroad and how to overcome them with ease.

Tips for moving abroad – is it a good idea or not?

The decision of relocating and leaving your familiar surroundings can be a tough one to make. After all, you will be presented with many challenges that you will have to learn how to overcome. However, that is not all that comes with moving abroad. After relocating with international movers NYC, you will also be presented with many new opportunities and adventures. You should embrace all of them and, soon, you will realize that it was actually a good idea to move abroad.

Woman moving abroad
Moving abroad can be a great adventure if you prepare it properly

So, if you have decided to relocate abroad, congrats! We are sure that you will adjust to the new state and neighborhood in no time! And, we will also help you along the way. Becue of this, let’s talk more about your upcoming relocation.

Some of  the things that worry people when looking at tips for moving abroad

One of the most common things that worry people who need to relocate is whether they will be able to afford the relocation. Being able to afford the only move doesn’t mean that you will have enough money for life after the move. And let’s face it – whether you are moving to the nearby street or to another country, you will need a certain amount of cash for the post-move period. You will need to have enough money to cover some basic moving demands like housing costs, emergencies, taxes, and travel costs. But, you know what? There are ways that can help you save a couple of bucks before the move. Here are some of them:

  • Hire a reliable but affordable moving company. It is true that pricy moving companies exist, but that doesn’t mean that every moving company has the same prices. You should find the time to do your research on affordable but quality moving services.
  • Plan your moving budget carefully. The simplest thing you can do is get a free moving estimate from your movers. After this, you will have a good idea of what your moving budget will look like.
  • Get rid of the items you don’t need anymore in a smart way. There is no need for relocating everything you own! You should separate the items that you don’t use anymore and try to sell them. By doing this, you will have fewer items to relocate and you will save some money for the relocation! This is something you should do even if you are moving locally.

What to do before moving abroad?

It is no secret that moving to another state is not as simple as it is shown in the movies or TV shows. There are lots of pre-move tasks that you will need to take care of before the big day. Below, you will find only some of these tasks.

Woman taking notes
Make a moving checklist to have an organized relocation

The most important pre-move tasks

  • Take care of moving-related documentation. You will have to fill in a lot of queries – visa and passport forms for your current country and your new destination. In addition to this, it is necessary to make copies of every important legal document, make money transfers, open new bank accounts, obtain necessary health clearances for you and family members… The list just goes on and on! Even your pets must have proper documentation for the move. So, before getting on the plane, double-check whether you have all the documents with you.
  • Check the general health care system. Make sure to check the coverage of your current health insurance. Chances are, you will need to purchase a new one according to the legal regulations of the country you are moving to. If you are taking some medications, think about a way of getting prescriptions for them. Also, don’t forget your other medical supplies, if you use them.
  • Arrange finances in advance. Set up access to your account in your new country. Since financial procedures for an interstate move can take a while, start arranging it before you move out. Also, make sure to pay all pending bills, taxes, and to find out which credit cards you are allowed to use.
  • Declutter – one of the essential tips for moving abroad. As we have already told you, it is very important to declutter before the relocation. All of us live in homes that are drowning in items we don’t use anymore. So, why would you relocate them to the new home? Instead, find the time to separate these items from the ones you will actually need in your new home. Also, if you are planning to return to your old home, think about moving some of your items in storage until you return.

What is the key to a successful relocation?

In order to move abroad with ease, you will need to start preparing for it way ahead of time. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with problems during your move, start organizing it as soon as you determine your moving date.  One of the first things you will want to do is to find reliable and reputable interstate movers NYC who will be able to meet all of your moving needs. However, this doesn’t mean that you should rush with hiring movers.

Man looking at the wall
The key to every successful move is a moving plan made in advance!

Unfortunately, moving scammers exist. And, you will need to learn how to separate them from moving companies that are legit and offer moving services of the highest quality. Keep in mind that every moving company needs to be registered with the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration that gives them a license number. So, before you hire one moving company ask for their license and check the USDOT number online. This will help you stay away from potential scammers!

Oh, and one more thing! Even though you are planning to hire a moving company, ask a couple of friends or family members to be by your side during the move. In case you start to feel overwhelmed, they will be there to help you feel better. It is perfectly normal to have mixed feelings about the upcoming move. However, as soon as you relocate, all of these bad emotions will disappear!

Life after moving abroad

Whether you are moving to a different neighborhood or to a different continent, you will need to spend some time adjusting to the new place. However, as soon as you charge up your batteries and unpack the last of your moving boxes, you will be ready for your new town! There is no room for homesickness! Instead of feeling blue, you should start exploring your new surroundings. Find out where the cheapest grocery store, best restaurant, and the best cafes are. Meet new people and they will help you adjust to your transition. Trust us, you will feel much better once you start exploring the place where you have relocated to.

Two girls riding a bike
Explore your new surroundings with your new friends

As you can see, moving abroad is not that scary! It is true that this will be a huge change in your life but we are sure that you are going to love it. Make sure to prepare for the move properly, and, if you have any questions regarding your move, feel free to contact us. Dumbo Moving and Storage will gladly help you relocate in the safest and fastest possible manner!

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