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Setting a realistic budget and expectations is crucial when transitioning to a new home. It’s no secret that relocating is a pricey endeavor, so let’s take a look at the average cost of moving a house. As you are getting ready for the big day, you’ll surely want to learn the approximate cost of the upcoming move. We can offer you a speedy solution that is our moving cost estimator. However, we will also look to explain how the estimate process works.

If you have your heart set on another home that happens to be situated in another part of the country, you may want to figure out all logistical and financial hacks involved. As it turns out, the issue that tops the list of the biggest moving-related concerns is how much money to save before moving out. Since there is no one generic answer to this question, we cannot define the right amount to save prior to moving day. The final cost of moving a house is based on a number of factors and here are some of the most common costs you should budget for when facing a household move.

Set up your budget as soon as you decide to move house

Planning your budget in detail and sticking to it will help you avoid expensive moving mistakes. As we all know, moving expenses may add up quickly. Hopefully, with the following guidelines, you won’t let the moving costs catch you off-guard. They will highlight both basic and the most commonly forgotten expenses you may face while preparing for the big day.

Moving expenses to plan for: figuring out the cost of moving a house

Calculating a moving budget is arguably one of the most important tasks when facing a household relocation. As it turns out, some costs are pretty foreseeable while others can find a sneaky way to multiply without you even noticing it. Unless you plan for those (un)expected costs, chances of draining your bank account are pretty high. Moving to a new home doesn’t have to leave you in financial trouble. A thorough moving budget requires some timely planning, so start gathering all relevant information as soon as your move becomes a fact.

Hiring a trustworthy real estate agent

Whether you are listing your home or buying a new one, you will want to get the best possible deal. It’s no secret that realtors have superior negotiating skills as well as the ability to catch potential deal-breakers that clients usually fail to notice.

Although hiring a real estate agent may seem like an unnecessary additional cost, his knowledge and experience can help you save money down the road. With a reliable professional by your side, you can avoid costly mistakes.

A reliable realtor will break down the daunting house hunting task

New apartment costs

If you are a renter you should factor in some major costs involved:

  • Apartment application fee

  • Security deposit

  • First month’s rent

  • Real estate agent’s services

Bear in mind that many apartment complexes and landlords charge additional fees such as pet fees, garbage pickup, pest control, storage, and parking. Thankfully not all landlords require these fees, but it’s a good idea to inquire about them in advance. The cost of moving a house may increase if you fail to calculate the expenses associated with renting.

Cleaning and repair works

When it comes to real estate costs, you should know that both homes will need a good cleaning. In order to get your security deposit back, you will want to leave your home spotless. However, if you don’t have the time to tackle both homes, then getting professional cleaning services would be your best bet.

Leave your home in good condition in order to get a security deposit back

Also, if you are listing your old property, you will probably plan for a few repairs before putting it on the market. So, you may want to budget for new carpeting, paint, adding some fancy lighting, etc. to boost your home’s curb appeal. Small remodeling costs may easily add up, so calculate them wisely so as to figure out what you can actually afford.

Hiring professional movers

Undoubtedly, moving all your earthly possessions will be a lot easier if you have professional movers around. When calculating the average cost of moving a house one of the first things to figure out is whether to hire movers or perform a self-move. Typically people who are moving locally within Dumbo NYC or any other neighborhood decide to relocate on their own. However, if you are transitioning to another state, these are the expenses you are likely to deal with:

  • Truck rental or professional movers’ services

  • Packing supplies and moving equipment

  • Packing and unpacking services

  • Renting a storage unit

  • Travel costs and lodging

  • Car shipping

If you are hiring professional movers, make sure to gather several moving estimates to get a better understanding of the average cost of moving a house. Unless you are organizing a last-minute move, it’s always a good idea to schedule an off-season moving date. Moving is an expensive project and who would blame you if you want to cut some costs. As a matter of fact, if you decide to move during the off-season, you are likely to score some really good moving deals and discounts. Also, when relocating for work, you may be able to deduct the costs of moving from your taxes.

Easily forgotten moving expenses

With so many moving tasks to take care of, no wonder you are unsure if you’ll manage to memorize them all. To that end, a thorough checklist can help you keep track of your duties and costs throughout the move. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten expenses you should prepare for.

A detailed checklist will help you keep your moving costs under control

Utility deposit

Utility companies typically charge additional fees to disconnect and reconnect their services. In addition to that, they may require an upfront payment. So, make sure to discuss those costs with the utility provider in advance.

Tip for your movers

Your movers are working hard to meet and exceed your expectations. While tipping is never required, it’s a standard way to show your appreciation. If your movers have done an outstanding job, showed up on time and didn’t cause any damage to your goods, it’s only normal to reward them once the move is over. Although there are no rules for tipping movers, you should give each team member an equal amount.

Purchasing an appropriate insurance

Once you realize that the basic liability protection covers only $0.60 per pound per item, you may want to get additional insurance to keep your items safe during the move. Purchasing extra insurance is an investment that pays off eventually.