Moving your items into storage

Moving your items into storage

When moving, the storage option can be really helpful, especially if you are moving overseas or your new house is not completely ready on a moving day. In case you are downsizing your new home and don’t want to give up on your treasured belongings, you should consider moving your items into storage. If you are relying on professional movers during your move, they would be able to offer a storage service, especially if you are hiring interstate movers NYC.

So, do your research online, each moving company has moving cost estimator on their website so that you can get a quote immediately. Then pay a visit to the moving company you have chosen in order to get a detailed description of the terms and conditions of the storage.

Also, find out whether you have to notify someone when you need access to your possessions. However, before packing and asking for the quote, decide which items you will need to be transferred. Do you want to keep everything you own? In order to avoid spending enormous amounts of money on storing, try to de-clutter.

Sort your goods carefully and decide what you really want to keep. Most probably there are items you haven’t been using for ages, so what’s the purpose of moving them? Organize yard sale, donate unused items to charities or recycle them if possible. Mind your environment while moving. Instead of throwing away unwanted items, go to the nearby recycling center and get further instructions.

Giving charity
Besides cutting costs of moving your items into storage, you will also make someone happy

When you make a definitive inventory list, start calling moving companies Long Island. When doing that, ask which items require special storage. Knowing the exact amount of items you need storing, will allow you to determine the size of the storage facility.

Tips for choosing a storage service company

When looking for a professional storage company, a reference from a friend, family member or real estate agent can mean a lot.

If you are hiring professional movers, just ask them to make a detour to the storage units Brooklyn, so that you don’t have to move your items twice. The storage unit should be situated at your new location. In case you are unfamiliar with the city and its neighborhoods, try to obtain more information online by reading reviews and other people’s experiences.

Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check at the police station whether the neighborhood where the storage is situated is safe. For starters call the company and try to get as much information as you can. Don’t hesitate to ask them some important questions:

  • What type of security system do they have?
  • Were there any break-ins recently?
  • Are there temperature controlled units?
  • What’s the size of the facility?
  • Do you have access at any time you want?
  • Are they offering insurance?
  • Are they providing references of their previous customers?
Questions for storage providers
Reliable storage providers should answer every possible question you might have

Types of storage service

Before signing any contract take a look around the storage unit. Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of storage service that suits you best.

  • Self-storage or mini storage is used for storing items on a short-term basis. Also, there is a possibility for long-term storage both for individuals and businesses. The storage unit is secured by your lock and key so that no one has access without your permission, not even employees. This implies that only you are responsible for the items, so you ‘d better have proper insurance. In most cases, your items won’t be covered by the facility’s insurance. You will have access to the unit at a specific time, according to the company’s policy. Most probably you will have to do the packing and moving your items into storage yourself. In some cases, the storage company might offer professional assistance and charge you additionally for that.
  • Container storage is used for long-term storage services. The company delivers containers to your address and give you instructions about packing. A home inventory done beforehand will help you determine the number of containers you will need. All the containers are transferred to the storage facility by your storage company. You may not have access to your goods at all or you will have just restricted access. This type of storage is usually used by those who are moving, but their new place is not ready yet. Also, the storage space can be rented on a set period of time. So, the type of the move – interstate or local move will determine the type of the storage unit you need.

The essential checklist for moving your items into storage

While you are moving or renovating, a warehouse offers the perfect way to keep your belongings safe. As with everything else, it’s best to plan your storage in advance and make sure that every small part is covered so that nothing is left behind. With proper preparation, you protect your products from damage, breakage, and mold – all of which can be more expensive in the long run when replacing and repairing.

What is the best way to organize? With a storage checklist, of course. Dumbo Moving and Storage has over 10 years of experience working with storage moves and we have compiled a checklist below to make your move as quick, easy and carefree as possible.

Checklist for moving your items into storage
A checklist will help you have a much better organization

Starting out

The first step is the planning phase. Uncheck these checkboxes 1-2 months before the day you move, if you can:

  • Confirm your storage items. List everything for storage. Please note if it is fragile, as well as any other storage requirements.
  • Reserve your vault. Explore warehouse companies and choose the best option for you. Safe storage offers great value for money and safety.
  • Get packing materials. Buy boxes, prepare wrapping paper and tape. Pro tip – a tape gun will save you a lot of time.
  • Organize movers. Call and find a high-quality mover to move your items into storage. If the storage period is short-term, book on the return trip.

Packing for storage

The best time to start packing is a few weeks before moving your items into storage. The goal is to do this 2-4 weeks before the big day:

  • Check storage requirements. Certain items, such as dangerous goods or food, should not be stored. Check your packing list if necessary.
  • Pack fragile items. Follow the correct procedure to wrap and pack fragile items to avoid damage. Clearly indicate “fragile”.
  • Pack in boxes. After fragile items, pack the remaining small household items in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Prepare your electronics. To pack the electronics for storage, remove the batteries and put them back in their original boxes for better protection.
  • Disassemble the furniture. Lay your furniture in pieces, if possible, and get a few blankets or protective sheets to prevent scratches and dents during transport.
  • Unplug and drain whitegoods. Turn off the refrigerator, washer, and dryer and follow the correct packing methods to make sure they will not produce mold.

Stack the warehouse efficiently

When it comes the time for moving your items into storage, follow these tips for best results:

  • Use every space. Maximize space by filling every corner to make storage cheaper.
  • Place lighter objects on top. Fold heavy objects underneath to prevent crushing.
  • Mattresses are on their side. Most lack it – the best way to pack mattresses for storage is vertical. This protects the springs from damage.
  • Protect your stuff. Throw a plastic sheet over everything to protect it from dripping or falling objects.
  • Lock it. If you use self-storage, purchase a high-quality short-arm lock for maximum security.
Checklist for moving your items into storage
Check all of these items on your list for an easy, quick, and convenient move into storage

Make moving your items into storage much easier with these 9 simple steps

Moving your business or home can be quite complicated without the added stress of trying to figure out how to move some things to storage. There is a wide selection of services and various price models. Although this article cannot solve the storage problem, it will help you plan a more successful move. By following these 9 simple steps, you can relieve stress from moving and enjoy a more relaxed move, free from common headaches.

And here are the steps

  1. Plan how you will move your things to the storage. Will you rent a truck or van or just transport it in your own or another car?
  2. Make sure you have enough packing materials for moving your items into storage. You can use a combination of the boxes you already have and buy additional boxes from a transport or warehouse company.
  3. Disassemble the large pieces so that they are easier to transport and put into storage upon arrival.
  4. Mark all your boxes clearly with a permanent marker so that when you return for them, you can quickly and easily find what you need.
  5. Clean all appliances that you can store and seal the doors so that they do not open during transport or when lifting.
  6. Load your largest items in your truck, van or car first. Then be sure to fasten heavy or large objects so that they do not move, slide or break during transport.
  7. Once in storage, do not place heavy boxes on top of lighter boxes to avoid breaking them. Keep all equipment with the doors open.
  8. Leave the aisle to go through it so you can get to the back of your unit if you need to pull anything out of the back at a later date.
  9. Once you finish, put a dust sheet on all your items to keep them in good condition while they are in storage.

This list will help you relieve stress when moving your items into storage. By following these 9 simple steps, you will be in a better position than those who are not getting ready. By following this checklist, you will also be sure to remember a few key steps!

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