Packing up your household for a summer move

Packing up your household for a summer move

A household move involves a series of important decisions that will determine the outcome of your big move. How to pack and unpack your earthly possessions appears to be one of the first thoughts that crosses your mind when facing an imminent household relocation. The problem gets even more serious if you are downsizing, but still not sure where to start and how to let go of some of your precious items.

Furthermore, limited choice of reliable moving companies during the peak season won’t help you beat the moving stress, but if you start preparing well in advance chances are that you will find some of the top-rated moving companies in NYC available.

The time has come for you to move to another home, as it turns out, your big household move will take place during this summer. In case you weren’t sure as to the best season to move house, read on to find out more about advantages and disadvantages of moving house during the summertime.

Tips for moving house in the summer heat

A household relocation takes time and summer is considered the busiest season for NYC movers, so make sure you give yourself enough time to plan and execute the move smoothly. If the moving date is set during the summertime, take the following aspects into consideration:

– A great deal of household moves in New York happens in the summer and if you are looking for a reputable moving company that would be able to assist you with your move, start researching them a couple of months in advance. Contact several moving companies and try to get the best possible deal. More importantly, don’t let the companies that offer extremely low moving estimates deceive you. While looking to get a convenient moving quote, you can easily end up being a victim of a fraudulent moving company that wants to take advantage of you and your possessions.

Professional movers make summer relocation much easier

– Ask for some special discounts. Full-service movers may provide some special offers especially if you are planning to rent a storage facility for a long period of time. However, bare in mind that most moving companies are not willing to lower their quotes during the busiest period of the season – Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in July.

– Sell, donate or throw away what you don’t want to use any more and be realistic about packing. Don’t move more items than you actually need. Cluttering your new home with piles of old and unused items is not the way to start over in a new home. Some items can be packed in advance, while others may need a special professional treatment. Summer is a good time for a garage sale as well, so chances are that you will earn some extra cash. Leaving everything for the last couple of days will make the entire situation even more complicated and overwhelming, so make sure to tackle moving tasks regularly, one at a time.

– Fight the heat by dressing appropriately so as to improve your circulation on moving day and taking breaks when needed. And more importantly, keep yourself hydrated all along. Also, provide refreshments for your movers and helpers, but leave out caffeine and alcohol, since they may speed up dehydration. Always be mindful of your movers’ needs, since the summer heat may make the whole moving process slightly uncomfortable. Also, remember to tip your movers after they finish the daunting job. Although moving during the summertime doesn’t involve  climatic challenges, you shouldn’t be exposing yourself to the direct sunshine all the time.

Remember to stay hydrated while moving house this summer

– Know what shouldn’t be transported in a moving van/truck during the summertime. Some items may get damaged and, as a result, damage other belongings in the truck, so avoid transporting candles, vinyl records or CDs under high summer temperatures. Go through your items and dispose of all potentially dangerous or unnecessary items always keeping in mind that the total weight of shipment will also affect the final cost of the move. Heat sensitive possessions require special treatment and in most cases the best solution would be to pack and transport them separately from other household belongings.

– If you have to move during the busiest time of the year, at least pick the least busy day.  If you choose to move house on a weekday during the working hours chances are that you will have much smoother moving experience.

– Turn on the electricity at the new location and make sure the air conditioning is working properly.

Why do people choose to move in summer?

People seem to be better off moving house during the summertime rather than in the cold and challenging winter days. There are several reasons that make the summer moves more appealing:

– Plenty of real estate options – summer is actually a convenient time to sell your house and there are more houses on the market.

– School-age kids have enough time to adapt to the new environment after moving and to prepare for the new school year.

– Flexible work schedule allows families to relocate. Summer is a good time to find a seasonal job and find a temporary housing.

– As a result of various household moves there are a lot of garage sales.

– Students have enough time to settle into their dorms or apartments before the new school year starts.

– Summer days are longer and you will have more sunlight at your disposal.

– This one is pretty much obvious – nice weather conditions. While moving in the summer heat can be challenging and sweaty, just imagine what can possibly happen if you are moving during the cold and icy winter.

Planning a move?

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