Moving a Bedroom Made Easy

Moving a Bedroom Made Easy

man standing in front of the moving calendar with blue and red fields
Follow your moving timeline to ensure a peace of mind when relocating

Let’s face it – the mere idea of boxing up your lifelong belongings doesn’t seem like an appealing task at all. Although moving is an exciting prospect, its organization is one of the most dreaded and frustrating activities. At first, it may seem that packing and moving a bedroom is a no-brainer, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

Stick to our practical pieces of advice to avoid bad decisions during the upcoming move. From our experience, one bad moving decision may lead to another, which may result in a disastrous overall moving experience. As your bedroom contains both large and fragile items, a unique packing strategy in place will allow you to navigate smoothly through the packing process. Since you will have to pack more than just one bedroom, consider making and sticking to a moving timeline.

By now you’ve probably heard about different room-by-room packing checklists. As each room has its unique nature and requirements in terms of packing, the best would be to create a customized plan of action. There are so many free apps out there that will help you make a personalized checklist and perhaps even make it fun. Just use your phone or tablet and download the app you like best. Remember that when and how you approach your packing task is very important. Therefore, an early start will allow you enough time to get adequate packing supplies and obtain free moving boxes from different sources.

Not to mention that you won’t rush into choosing the most suitable local or long-distance moving company. If you are lucky to get a recommendation from a friend, the prospect of hiring a mover will be over in no time. Otherwise, researching, interviewing, reading online moving reviews, and getting moving estimates may take quite some time.

If you’re wondering how to move a bedroom, we’ve prepared some simple steps for you to follow.

Moving a bedroom – where to start?

Not so surprisingly, when it comes to the packing timeline, bedrooms are usually packed up last since we are using them until the very moving day. But, when the time comes, here’s a suggestion on how to approach this task.

king-size bed with colorful pillows and a night stand
Packing and moving a bedroom can go much smoother with the right approach

Pack and move only what you use regularly

Whether you are dealing with a residential or office relocation, you should know that clutter is your worst enemy. First and foremost, make an inventory list of all bedroom items in order to better understand how much moving a bedroom will cost you eventually.

If your king-size bed is going to be hauled up and down a flight of stairs, you are likely to incur additional moving costs. With that in mind, try to be honest with yourself. Decide what you will be using at your new place. Transporting certain items turns out to be more expensive than purchasing the new ones after the move. So, take your time to decide on the items to part with. Don’t insist on moving every single piece of furniture because it may be way more affordable to simply buy a new one after you move. That’s especially true if you’re moving long-distance. Moving heavy and bulky items can be really pricey.

Inexpensive items

Inexpensive and easily replaceable items definitely shouldn’t be part of your moving load. But, the good news is that you can give a new life to the items you no longer need by donating, giving away, or selling them. Surely there are people who may put those items to good use. A yard sale is always a good idea, so organize one before you move away – don’t forget that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. By selling some of your unused household items you’ll have a chance to make a few extra bucks that you can use for any moving expense. Also, do not forget to be gentle with the environment while packing and moving. By implementing eco-friendly relocation principles you will reduce a negative impact on the environment. One of the ways to do so is to use plastic moving containers made of recycled plastic – they’re durable and you can rent them for as long as you need.

Packing clothes and linens

wardrobe moving box with a bar and hanging clothes
Get different types of moving boxes when packing and moving a bedroom

Your closet may present you with some unexpected challenges when it comes to packing. No matter how hard letting go can be for you, purge your wardrobe ruthlessly when about to move your bedroom. Stock up on different types of cardboard boxes as well as specialty wardrobe boxes.

In order to take the best care of your hanging clothes make use of wardrobe moving boxes which are equipped with a bar across the top. Also, since bedding and linens are susceptible to moisture and mold, the best would be to put them in plastic bags and then in cardboard boxes. Also, use mattress covers to protect your expensive mattresses from dirt during transportation.

Once you’re done, label each box according to the content and final destination. Add extra instructions for the boxes that require special handling. Bedrooms are usually packed up last and unpacked first, so make sure you can easily access the box with the bedding once you reach a new home late at night. You can also pack an essentials bag and pack your bedding in it. Having a bag with essential items is often helpful because you have everything on hand once you reach your new home so you don’t have to go through your boxes to find a toothbrush and fresh sheets.

How to pack furniture when moving a bedroom

As it turns out, your furniture will be better off if handled by professional movers and packers. While your strong friends and volunteers may help you with heavy lifting and hauling, taking some pieces apart will significantly ease the process.

It’s good to remember that full-service movers will take care of each aspect of the move, including the packing stage. So, if hiring them makes sense for your budget, do not hesitate to enlist professional assistance for the upcoming move. As they’ve done it hundreds of times before, disassembling, packing, protecting, and hauling your furniture won’t be a problem for them. Always hire the best service your budget allows.

But, in case you end up disassembling your furniture on your own, make sure to take pictures of each step. You will find those guidelines helpful when you start reassembling your furniture in the new home. Also, make use of quality packing materials like bubble wrap, plastic wrap, furniture blankets, and sealing tape to protect your furniture properly. In addition to that, a furniture dolly is arguably the most convenient tool for taking large furniture pieces from the house to the moving truck. Always use this type of professional equipment if you’re DIY moving because it will make the process much safer and more efficient. There’s no need to spend a lot of money, just reach out to your local movers and ask if they have one for rent.

red handle with care label applicable when moving a bedroom
Keep fragile bedroom items safe during the move

Handling fragile bedroom items

When moving fragile items you will definitely want to have appropriate supplies and tools to keep your valuables intact. Pieces of artwork, frames, mirrors, lamps require special attention and utmost care. Luckily, your movers can offer special crating for paintings and mirrors to keep them safe during the move. When it comes to moving your valuables, antiques and collectibles, consider getting an appropriate moving insurance just in case. Even if you entrust your move to the most reputable moving company, accidents do happen. Most movers will provide basic coverage but you want to check full-coverage options when moving fragile or valuable items.

Don’t hesitate to get insurance from another provider if your moving company doesn’t offer the one you want. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so check all insurance options before moving fragile bedroom items.

As you can see, packing and moving a bedroom has multiple stages to take care of. Nevertheless, it’s a fairly straightforward process if you come up with the right approach. As always, the easiest way to move a bedroom is to hire professional moving services. A trusted moving company will have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to perform a bedroom move in the most efficient way. If you’re looking for a licensed and trustworthy NYC mover, Dumbo Moving and Storage may be the perfect solution. We perform all types of moves, including commercial and residential and we’ll move your bedroom with ease, whether you’re moving to another state or just around the corner. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get affordability! Let’s get in touch and chat about your upcoming move. We’ll be happy to create a specific plan for your relocation and provide a moving quote completely free of charge.

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