Is it possible to perform a cheap move?

Is it possible to perform a cheap move?

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With a timely and efficient strategy in place everyone can perform a cheap move

By now you’ve probably heard several times that there’s no such thing as a cheap move. Unless you are a zealous minimalist, you will need to set aside a significant amount of money when you decide to move to a new home. Going about the relocation with little or no savings is challenging, but certainly doable with some extra planning and resourcefulness.

A limited moving budget makes a move a bit more complicated, but never impossible. Even if you haven’t saved enough money for a care-free moving experience, there are still tricks and strategies for performing a cheap move. The truth is that you are going to put a lot of sweat into the upcoming move, not to mention the upfront planning and wise budgeting. In order to optimize your financial resources you will need to come up with an efficient strategy.

Keep in mind that no two household moves are the same. What was considered as an efficient method during your friends’ relocation process might not work for you. While people may assume that DIY moves are more affordable than hiring professional movers, you may want to think twice before making such decision. As it turns out, the financial aspect should not be the only factor to take into account when making the final call.

Whether you are going to relocate with or without the professional movers’ help depends also on the following:

  • moving distance
  • timing
  • moving load
  • complexity of the move

Venturing into a household move project without an upfront planning is just reckless. Stay with us, as we are about to highlight some tips and tricks on how to go through a cheap, but secure household relocation. Since you are not willing to accept less than satisfactory services, let’s try to find a healthy balance between price and quality.

Potential risks of going for the cheap move

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Beware of fraudulent and suspicious movers when looking for the ways to perform a cheap move

In the event of moving a couple of blocks away, a DIY move may make more sense than if you are moving to another state. In case you are forced to make quick decisions make sure to weigh all options carefully. And remember, not every cheap moving company is the one you can completely rely on.

While it can be tempting to hire movers that offer extremely low moving quotes, do not base your decision exclusively on low pricing. As it turns out, uncharacteristically low estimates usually mean that something’s not quite right, so keep on searching until you find a perfect package. A thorough background check is an infallible source of information about any moving company under consideration. While online moving reviews are very valuable pointers, make sure to check movers’ BBB and USDOT credentials.

Dazzled by too-good-to-be-true moving estimates, people may forget other qualities they should look for in a moving company. Finding a balance between cost and quality is what one should aim to in order to avoid overspending. After getting several quotes from different moving companies you will be able to gain a more accurate understanding of the current moving rates, trends and tendencies.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, pursuing a cheap move at all costs may turn into a very expensive undertaking. Since overspending during the move is not an option, a timely and thorough preparation will allow you to manage your financial resources wisely.

Therefore, stay away from unreasonably low moving estimates provided via phone and suspicious conditions offered by illegitimate so-called moving companies. It’s basically a catch that may induce additional costs that haven’t been stated or mentioned before.

Getting the best deal on moving services

With a clever strategy in place you may be able to negotiate a lower price with your moving company.

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Engage in small negotiation with your movers before deciding to accept the offer

Unless you are moving during the peak season, you will be able to negotiate moving costs with your movers. It’s not a secret that during a lazy, off-peak season moving companies tend to lower their prices so as to attract and keep their customers. If you are willing to schedule your move for a less popular time like a midweek, you may reach an agreement that will be advantageous for everyone involved.

Also, your movers may ask you to reschedule your moving date so that they can move multiple households at the same time. If you are open to certain compromises, an opportunity for a discount may present itself throughout the negotiating process.

Furthermore, even if your movers are not willing to lower the price, they might offer some special moving deals on additional services like packing, handling of fragile and valuable items, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, piano moving… While moving expenses tend to pile up, you could certainly use some free additional services. However, try to be reasonable when negotiating – do not sacrifice a good quality service for a couple of bucks.

Major secrets to a cheap move

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Get hold of free cardboard boxes to cut your moving expenses

The good news is that you can tick off the task of purchasing moving boxes and supplies on your moving expenses list, since you can get them for free. Luckily, there are several sources around you where you can score free moving boxes.

In addition to that, synchronize utility cancellation/set up with your moving date so as to avoid paying extra bills. Keep in mind that paying utility bills for two households may be detrimental to your budget.

Also, a properly organized garage sale will not only reduce the moving load, but also put some extra cash in your pocket. Get rid of the items you no longer need so as to ease your transition to a new home.

Do you qualify for tax deductible moving expenses? If your relocation is work-related, you may be eligible for             deduction of moving expenses. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has two basic requirements for claiming moving expenses on your tax return: distance and time test. Deductible moving costs include:

  • moving and packing of personal and household items
  • limited storage costs
  • transportation from the temporary housing to a new home
  • lodging costs
  • costs of utility cancellation/set up

Planning a move?

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