Improving home security after moving to a new place

Improving home security after moving to a new place

Follow our safety tips to protect your property immediately after moving to a new place
Securing your property after moving to a new place should be among your top priorities

Once you have settled into a new home, you will want to take all necessary precautionary measures to make your new home a safe and secure place. While still excited about the move itself, it’s easy for you to overlook this important aspect after moving to a new place.

Regardless of how safe your new neighborhood is, you should know that occasional criminal activities may happen. Even quiet and safe neighborhoods are likely to face crime activities at some point. The truth is that people tend to neglect this important fact due to the relocation excitement and tight post-move schedules.

Creating a sense of security after moving house is a gradual process. However, in the whirlwind of mixed emotions, numerous duties and responsibilities people are likely to forget even the most obvious steps.

Safety issues when moving to a new place

Hopefully the following tips will put your mind at ease after moving to a new place.

Change all doors and windows locks immediately after moving to a new place
Changing locks is one of the most important safety issues to handle after moving to a new place

– Have the locks changed so as to make sure you are the only person who has access.  You can never know for sure how many spare keys there are. This also applies to locks on your windows, storage areas, garage. If you are renting a place, discuss with your landlord building policies and safety measures you would like to introduce in order to ensure your peace of mind. However, even if you change locks and still hide a spare key under a plant pot or doormat, your property is highly exposed.

– Install proper alarm system. Whether it is a basic alarm system, or a fully monitored smart security system it goes a long way toward protecting your new property against potential break-ins.

– Change the batteries in smoke alarm system. Place smoke detectors and fire alarms in each room.

– Make sure the lighting system is working properly. Keep the outside area well-lit so as to keep intruders at bay and reduce the risk of  break-in attempts.

– Conduct a home safety assessment immediately after moving to a new place so as to prevent potential accidents and injuries. Make sure your garage and storage building doors are locked and windows secured.

– Put high-quality coverings on your windows that will add privacy and style to your new place.

– Some people may think that dogs are efficient deterrents to burglars. So, if you share that opinion, get one to protect your new home against criminals.

– Plan for an emergency. While this is not something you want to think about when starting over in a new place, emergencies do happen. Be it adverse weather conditions or household accidents, you will want to take precautions to keep you and your family safe.

– Keep the outside area in good condition by installing strong fences and tall gates. Also, hide ”convenient” tools and equipment that burglars usually use to get into one’s property. Also, trim hedges and shrubs around each home entrance regularly, so as to eliminate potential hiding places for burglars.

– Put security signs up so as to deter intruders immediately after moving to a new place. According to some people, even fake security signs can be as effective as the real ones.

Choose the right neighborhood where you can buy your new home
Choosing the right neighborhood is critical to feeling comfortable in your new place

– Once you decide to relocate, make sure you do your homework about the neighborhood you are moving to. Get more information and statistics about the crime rate in the area where your new property is situated.

Get to know your neighbors as soon as you settle into your new home. Team up with your neighbors in order to keep criminals away. As it turns out, recently moved households are the most vulnerable targets for burglars. Keep in mind that your neighbors can keep an eye on your property while you’re away.

– Do not leave your belongings and moving boxes unsupervised on moving day. Also, unattended moving trucks are an easy target for an expert thief. That being said, we would like to underline some important facts about how to protect your home on moving day.

Guidelines to keeping your home safe on moving day

It’s not a secret that unfortunate events and accidents are not uncommon on the day of the move. The last thing you would expect on moving day is a damage to your new property. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to the following tips on how to keep your property intact on moving day.

– Plan ahead what your moving day will look like. If you have decided to entrust this important task to the professional movers, you can rest assured that your earthly possessions will be properly taken care of. Thanks to their previous home moving experience, they will know how to keep your property damage-free on moving day. On the other hand, DIY moves usually involve a lot of risks and safety issues.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong in the blink of an eye – one rookie mistake may completely ruin your moving day. Therefore, consider hiring affordable yet reliable moving company to tackle each and every tiny detail of a household move.

Keep your possessions safe during the inconvenient weather conditions
When moving to a new place you should be prepared even for the situations beyond your control

– Weather and traffic issues may determine the outcome of your moving day. Although moving during the off-peak season may be more budget-friendly, you should be aware of possible downsides. Moving house in adverse weather conditions may expose your belongings to a great deal of risks.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to purchase an appropriate insurance for your belongings just in case. In addition to that, road accidents may cause severe damage as well, so take this aspect into account when scheduling a moving date.

– Make your kids’ well-being your primary concern on moving day. The entire relocation may have negative impact on your little ones, so keep them away from the moving chaos.

– Use plywood sheets or carpet film protectors to keep heavy traffic areas unharmed. Also, make use of large sheets of thick cardboard to prevent your delicate floors from getting dirty and muddy. Moving in bad weather conditions can be very challenging and your resourcefulness is more than welcome in these situations.

– Take advantage of foam and padding materials to protect doorways and narrow hallways and prevent scratches and scuffs.

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