How to Protect Walls When Moving Furniture

How to Protect Walls When Moving Furniture

Property damage is one of the common concerns people have before moving. They wonder how to prevent scratches, dents, broken tiles, and other damage that comes with furniture relocation. If floors, walls, doors, or other parts of your home get damaged while you’re moving out, you’ll be adding another cost to an already costly moving process. So, preventing damage makes a much better choice. Walls are most commonly damaged areas of a home on moving days. So, It’s important to know how to protect walls when moving furniture. There are things to know when moving large items. Large furniture pieces and narrow hallways often lead to unwanted contact between furniture and walls. Lack of manpower, professional materials, tools, and not planning ahead are only some of the reasons for accidental hits and wall damage.

To help you keep your place as it was, we prepared a few simple ways to help you avoid property damage when moving. Carry on reading to learn how to protect walls when moving furniture.

A Couple Is Wrapping A Couch In A Protective Cloth
Wrapping furniture in a protective cloth will help you protect walls from damage

Don’t let furniture damage your walls

The first thing you must do to protect walls while moving furniture is to take care of furniture first. What that means is that you need to make each furniture piece safe for moving. That way you’ll prevent damage even if unwanted contact between walls and furniture happens. First, inform on how to disassemble furniture properly. Then, go ahead and disassemble an item as much as possible. Smaller parts are much easier to move and fit through the doors than the entire bulky furniture piece. If furniture pieces are too tall, too long, or awkwardly shaped, they may be harder to move and navigate around corners. So, any forced attempt to get them through can result in unwanted damage.

Removing legs, arms, or decorations from your belongings is one of the best ways to protect walls when moving. It’s because those protruding parts are usually the ones causing the most damage. Then you’ll want to use bubble wrap and furniture blankets to wrap the whole item. By doing so, you’ll prevent it from scratching, denting, or scuffing walls on a moving day. Make sure you get enough packing tape to secure the blankets and bubble wrap in place. Also, pay attention not to let the tape get in contact directly with the item’s surface.

Wall Repair Costs
Damaged walls after moving out will cost you money

Cover walls for extra protection

Another great way to protect walls when moving is to cover them. Use cardboard, drop cloths, blankets, and corner guards. When you use a soft cloth to cover your walls, you allow the material to absorb any accidental hits and keep your furniture and your walls protected. Cardboard also makes a great solution for this purpose. It’s easy to find and it will keep your walls from getting damaged. Once you cover the walls with the material of your choice, make sure you use tape. Don’t save on the tape. It will keep everything in place and keep the protective layers from falling off the walls.

While you’re at it, don’t skip corners as they require extra padding so they would remain intact due to their sharpness. Go ahead and use corner guards for the best results. Wall corner guards will eliminate chances for damage and will keep those most vulnerable wall parts 100% safe. They’re usually made of durable plastic and you can find them online or in your nearest home improvement store.

Use a moving dolly for heavy and bulky items

When you’re looking to keep your property in its best shape while moving, you can also use professional moving equipment for a safe and smooth move. This will make things much easier and safer. One of those tools is a moving dolly. It requires fewer people to navigate and it makes the navigation through the tight hallways or awkward corners easier, resulting in fewer chances of damage.

A Heavy-duty Moving Dolly For Moving Furniture
Use a heavy-duty trolly car to avoid damaging your walls and floors

A few extra tips

Besides taking any of the steps above, you should also take measures of precaution before you even start moving your furniture. The first thing to do in order to have a safe move is to plan it well. Creating a moving plan in advance with a comprehensive week-by-week moving to-do list is crucial, especially when moving large or awkwardly shaped furniture. Next, you’ll want to take care of your exit path. You should remove any obstacles and have a clear path from your starting point to the moving truck. Remove any home décor pieces or furniture that’s in your way and that you could potentially trip over. Walk your intended route to double-check it before taking the furniture out.

Also, you must have help with packing and moving heavy items. Don’t try to move them alone. Not only you will most likely damage the property but you’ll probably end up with injuries as well. Speaking of that, another thing to keep in mind is that you should dress properly and have comfortable clothing as well as closed-toe shoes to protect your feet in case of any accidents.

A Couple Is Planning A Move In Advance
Planning your move thoroughly in advance will help you avoid damaging an apartment

Hire furniture movers

As you’ve learned so far, accidents can happen anytime during relocation and lead to scratches, dents, scuffs, or breakage. You will definitely focus on covering floors as this is usually the most affected area of the home but don’t forget that walls are susceptible to damage too. Repairing walls while you’re busy with your move is certainly to be avoided so follow the tips you’ve just read and keep your property safe.

As always, the best way to avoid property damage and protect walls when moving is to hire a professional moving company. The reason is not only convenience but the fact that the moving crew has professional tools like moving dollies and wall corner guards and they’ll know the best techniques as well to keep your home protected and avoid property damage of any kind, including wall damage. In case you’re eyeing to hire a trusted furniture mover, check out Dumbo Moving and Storage. We’d love to hear from you − feel free to contact us and request a free moving quote.

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