How to move safely to New York

How to move safely to New York

Moving is both physically and emotionally demanding affair, so everyone involved should be very cautious during the move. Make sure that your house is safety-proofed, even if you are hiring professional movers NYC. Before you choose a moving date and pay for a moving service, you should know the risks of the moving day and how to avoid them. This article is for everyone who wants to move safely to New York and avoid additional moving complications.

Avoid moving injuries in order to move safely to New York

In order to move safely to New York, you will first need to stay healthy during the move. If you are working a stressful job, make a schedule that will help you handle the move better. Ask family members to help with children and packing. Also, you could consider hiring affordable movers NYC to help you lift and load heavy pieces of furniture. Straining your back is not worth it, no matter the distance of your move.

Remember to sleep enough the night before the move so you don’t neglect your health.

Moving injuries happen more often than people think. Besides straining your back, there’s a chance of cutting yourself on sharp edges or stepping on a pointy object. That is why organizing your moving preparations is so important. If you want to move safely to New York, you should try to declutter and have a clear space to work in. Once you organize your belongings, the packing process will be much easier.

In case of any sort of injuries, the first aid kit should be close at hand at any time. Prepare band-aid, bandage, cotton, painkiller tablets and other medications you might need during the relocation process.

Wear proper clothes

Many people think that choosing their clothes for a moving day is not an important issue. However, wearing improper clothes can lead to tiredness, injuries and get in the way of an efficient moving process. This is why you should consider wearing comfortable clothes on your moving day. Also, you should make sure to look at the weather forecast a few days prior to your move. In case you are moving in hot weather, you should avoid wearing flip-flops or any open-toes shoes.

Overall, you should wear proper, comfortable clothes and footwear on moving day. Sneakers are always preferable to slippers, sandals or any other inappropriate shoes.

Pack a necessity moving bag

Safety during a move to New York is not only health-related. Moreover, there are many emergency situations that can occur at any time. What’s important is that you keep all of your important documents, money and personal items close with you. Before the moving day comes, you should make sure to pack a necessity moving bag, which will help you move safely to New York. If any emergency comes up, have your mobile phone within reach in order to call for help.

rain in the window
In case you are moving in hot weather, you should avoid wearing flip-flops or any open-toes shoes.

Don’t forget that movers often refuse to transport valuables like jewelry, antiques, money, financial statements, computers, etc. This is another reason why you will have to arrange the transport on your own or keep them with you on a moving day.

Pack the proper way

Since most home relocations require moving items of different sizes, it’s important to pack them in the right order. In case you overpack a moving box or use bad quality packing supplies, your inventory can damage during transportation. Take a look at some packing tips that will help you move safely to New York.

  • Don’t overload the moving boxes! While packing, remember that someone (you or your movers) has to carry the moving boxes up and down the stairs, load and unload the truck. If you can barely lift them without too much effort, that’s a sign that you should stop. Avoid filling large boxes completely, because it will be difficult to move them. Instead of one large box, use several small or medium-sized ones. Your movers will appreciate the gesture.
  • Use a separate box for packing hazardous materials and don’t mix dangerous chemicals with other items. Flammable, explosive or corrosive substances are dangerous to move, so find out how to pack and store those materials properly. In most cases movers are not allowed to transport those materials, so you will have to move them on your own.
  • Get moving supplies and equipment in order to make the moving process easier. A dolly could be very useful for carrying heavy boxes from the house to the truck. And you can secure all of your boxes by using straps.

Plan the moving day on time

The moving day almost never turns out exactly the way we plan it. However, by getting ready for it the right way, we can avoid possible moving complications in advance. When trying to move safely to New York, there are some of the things most people forget to do. If you are planning a safe relocation to NYC, make sure not to forget the following:

  • Check your new property before the moving day in order to identify possible dangerous spots. See if there are some obstacles for your movers and remove them or mark them. Your movers are not familiar with your new property, so make sure to mark all problematic areas and inform your movers in advance about them.
  • Label all of the boxes, especially those which require special care and treatment.
  • If you cannot handle the packing of some items, place them in the middle of the room and wait for the movers to pack them safely.
  • Arrange and supervise your movers so that every one of them has his own role.
  • Make sure to gather enough people to help, especially in case you are performing the move on your own.
clothes on hangers
In case you overpack a moving box or use bad quality packing supplies, your inventory can damage during transportation.

How to move safely to New York with children and pets?

The moving process can be complicated, but it’s definitely a challenge when moving with small children and pets. If you are a parent of small kids, you should consider asking a family member or a friend to help you during a move. On the other hand, schoolers and older kids can help you with getting ready for the move. If you are decluttering, sorting out and packing clothes and other items in your home, you can turn it into a family activity.

Kids don’t always react in a positive manner to the relocation process. Some of them can’t wait to move into a new home while others feel the stress of changing the environment. If you are moving with children and you hired professional movers, make sure to keep kids away on moving day. It’s a good idea to prevent them from interfering when the movers arrive. This way, moving professionals will be able to do their job properly. The best way to keep them out of the way is to ask your friends or neighbors to take care of them during the move. For that purpose, you can even hire a babysitter. Keeping them away from the house is the best way to keep them safe actually.

The same goes for pets. If you are moving with pets, they could be unfriendly toward the movers. Your pet can be a real obstacle, so ask your neighbor to take care of it until you move to the new home. Both your children and your pets require your attention, which you cannot actually share on moving day. In order to avoid any dangerous situations, ask someone to look after them.

Stay healthy while moving

Besides wearing proper clothes and avoiding different moving injuries, the way you eat can also affect your health on a moving day. What you can do is plan your meals for this day, especially if you are moving long distance. It’s not likely that you will be able to eat home-prepared meals, but you can always pack some healthy snacks and drinks in your moving day bag. Also, here are some tips you could use when preparing food for the relocation day.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated all the time. Before moving prepare enough water and food, so that you can offer a snack to your movers. Everyone could use a refreshment because moving is a very demanding and exhausting process.
  • Remember to sleep enough the night before the move so you don’t neglect your health. If this is not possible (because of a baby in the house or else), you should plan to take short breaks and eat properly while moving.
family in the park
If you are a parent of small kids, you should consider asking a family member or a friend to help you during a move.

Avoid complications and hire a reliable moving company

Moving to a city as big as New York can take a lot of time. Moreover, there are always some aspects of your move you will not be able to predict. If you want to move safely to New York and avoid stress, you should consider hiring one of the reliable Bronx moving companies. By choosing to pay for a professional moving service, you will save a lot of time and make sure your inventory is safe during transportation. To sum it up, make sure to plan your move in advance, stay healthy and let the moving company do all the hard work on your moving day.

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