How to move a safe

How to move a safe

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have to move a safe, you know it. A safe is a tricky item to move due to its dimensions and weight. If you haven’t and came here to find some help, you’re at the right place! All you need to do is call our best movers Brooklyn that will do all the heavy lifting for you. But, before you start calling our relocation experts, there’re a couple more things you need to know about safe moving. Let’s see what they are.

Is there a way to move a safe on your own?

A heavy safe is designed to protect your personal valuables from burglars or thieves. Therefore, it is difficult to move a safe. And oddly shaped, heavy and bulky items usually need a special approach when it comes to moving them to another place. If a safe is in an office, you can simply call commercial movers NYC, and they will do all the work for you.

Be extra careful

Still, if you have a safe at your house and need to move it, you surely need a helping hand. As we said, some household items are really easy to handle, while others require special attention and sometimes professional assistance. At least you need to know how to lift it properly. You can call professional movers to give you a piece of advice on this.

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If you need to move a safe, you surely need a helping hand.

Difference between classic relocation and heavy items moving

The fact is that no relocation is smooth. And the challenge is much greater when it comes to heavy loads, such as a safe or cash register.

Classical relocation involves the transport of things such as furniture, while items weighing more than regular fall into the heavy goods category. Safes are not the only items in the “heavyweight” category. Those are also stoves, various industrial machines, refrigerators, all kinds of pianos, etc. Also, moving a chandelier can be tricky as it needs to be dissembled first, moved, and then put up again.

Here are some tips for moving a home safe

If you have a home safe, have in mind the following considerations if you decide to move it on your own. However, we do strongly encourage you to call professional movers to help you with this.

  • Make safety your top priority. Take good care of the people involved in the move, and only then think about the security of your safe.
  • Empty the safe and prepare it for the moving day. Bear in mind that small portable safes containing documents or money can be put in sturdy, secure, metal moving boxes NYC. Those boxes can accommodate valuable and expensive items during the move. However, an empty safe is more comfortable to move and maneuver, so make sure you remove everything if you have a large, heavy safe.
  • Pack content of your safe separately and ensure maximum safety and protection throughout the move. You can ask movers for help. Of course, it is highly recommended to take all the necessary documents, cash, and valuables with you.

Consider purchasing appropriate insurance for your valuables during the safe relocation in case your household coverage is not sufficient.

To move a safe without complications, you need to take the time to plan it all carefully.
  • Assess your moving budget. If you cannot afford to hire professional movers to help you move your safe, make sure you gather enough strong and capable helpers. Of course, you can ask movers for a piece of advice or look for a reliable moving tutorial online.
  • Weigh your moving options. Moving a huge safe to another place can be really challenging, especially if you are doing it on your own. Bear in mind that moving heavy and cumbersome items can be really dangerous for you and other people who are helping you. That being said, you should be mindful of your and your helpers’ well-being and try to stay uninjured throughout the relocation process. Therefore, hiring a professional moving company that specializes in moving huge and oddly-shaped items is a logical and safest thing to do.

Here are more tips on how to move a safe:

  • Wear proper clothing on a moving day. Take every precaution necessary to stay healthy and uninjured during the process of moving a safe. Dealing with large items can be very risky if you are not familiar with the measures that should be taken. Wearing protective gloves, proper shoes, and comfortable clothes will allow you to move easily.
  • Get proper moving supplies:  appliance dolly, moving straps, and protective packing material. Due to its particular dimensions and weight, a heavy-duty appliance dolly is absolutely necessary when moving your safe. Use a furniture blanket to wrap the safe to prevent severe damage in case it hits the floor or walls.
  • Always measure your safe before you rent or borrow the required equipment. You can call the moving company and ask them for proper moving supplies. With this, place protective mats, large pieces of cardboard, old carpets, or blankets on the floor.
  • Make a moving plan. Provided that your helpers have shown up on time, your safe moving adventure can begin. Make sure there are no obstacles on the way to the moving vehicle. Avoid dangerous zones in the house if possible. If not – make them safe.
  • Once the safe is loaded onto the appliance dolly, proceed slowly and carefully one step at a time, especially when you are going down or up to the stairs. Make sure the safe is firmly attached to the dolly with straps at all times.
  • The moving vehicle should be equipped with the loading ramp, which is necessary for loading heavy and bulky items. If moving a safe seems too complicated, do not hesitate to contact local NYC movers to help you out.

Procedures when moving a safe

Moving a safe from one location to another involves a series of operations and procedures. These can be: removing items from a home or office, loading it into a vehicle, unloading it from a vehicle, as well as bringing it into a new facility and placing it in the position you want. Since the weight of a safe is over 250 pounds, it is not necessary to emphasize that this is a job for professionals. People who deal with safe moving daily know how to carry heavy and bulky items.

It’s not about the muscles

The conditions that occur on the actual moving terrain are not always the same.

One of the secrets when moving a safe is that it’s not about the muscles. You should know how to carry a heavy object such as a safe. Plus how to adequately protect it from possible damage.

Often people get a headache when they realize that they have to actually move a safe, which is, for example, located on the fifth floor of a New York building without an elevator. At first, they even think this is impossible. However, for experienced relocation professionals, there is no such thing as “impossible” – but just a challenge. That is because movers know that every new job is a story to itself and satisfied customers are their greatest satisfaction and motivation.

Additional moving equipment that can help you

It is clear that any relocation involves the transfer of certain things from point A to point B. However, the conditions that occur on the actual moving terrain are not always the same. Certain places are just easier to get to and some more difficult… As in our example of a building that does not have an elevator.

However, everything can be simple if you have an excellent relocation plan. And also the specialized moving vehicle and the right number of experienced people. Moving companies use small and large lifting cranes, forklifts, hydraulic lifts, hand pallets, stair robots, outdoor lifts. They also use special mounting cranes for rooms used precisely when lowering or pulling heavy safes or other heavy machines. When moving a safe, remember it is imperative to protect the floor inside the building due to possible damage.

What about the transport

Safe transport is a special category of transportation. That causes headaches both for those who wish to carry out the transportation and for those in charge of it. It requires a high level of expertise, proper planning, and the right equipment. Special loads differ depending on dimensions and weights. In this way it’s completely different when you need to move a safe and, let’s say, a piano.

Safe transport requires high standards and professionalism, as well as special loading and unloading equipment. Also, the proper equipment to protect a safe to reach the address undamaged. If safe transport is done abroad, you also need to comply with the regulations of the country where the transport takes place. When you think about the moving location, know that good moving companies transport safes to all locations and to all floors in New York or abroad. They have special equipment and people with more experience. You can always use moving cost estimator and see how much your safe relocation may cost. This is free, and you will get the idea if it’s really worth it to do it on your own.

How can professional moving specialists move a safe with such ease?

Use moving cost estimator and see how much your safe relocation may cost.

Special cargo operations are just more complicated, so movers usually hire more people for them. They, in addition to physical strength, must know how to carry such cargo. Before any transport, movers checks at both locations whether it is at all possible to move a safe as intended or whether the safe can go through all the premises. Plus, your safe will be well packed and additionally secured.

To conclude

In the end, we hope you know that it’s not really easy to move a safe on your own. You will probably have to call a reliable moving company. However, it’s better to leave everything to the professionals than to jeopardize your safety by lifting – or moving – heavy objects. The evaluation of moving services is entirely free of charge. For any additional information about the safe move, simply contact us.

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