Moving for work

Moving for work

A new job is always a great life event, whether you got a better offer, or simply decided to start fresh. Relocating for a job is a huge change which is usually accompanied by a lot of decisions and choices. While some obvious benefits of the move may seem very attractive, there might be some drawbacks you should be well aware of. Before making a final decision, you should be honest with yourself and answer several crucial questions. Before you hire movers to assist you with relocation, here are some guidelines to follow when moving for work.

Moving for Work to Another Country

Questions to ask yourself before moving for a job

Do you have enough information?

Is your new job something you were eyeing for a while and what makes you inspired and driven? Do you have enough information about your prospective company? Are they offering a dream job?

How is the real estate market?

Where will you and your family live? What are the housing options and real estate market conditions? Does a new place provide options and affordable rent?

Does it fit your budget?

Ask Yourself If Moving for Work Fits Your Budget

Will your budget meet new standards and cost of living in a new city? Can you afford to move to a new city and still be able to save some money for some future projects?

Moving expenses

Will your new company cover at least one part of the moving expenses (if not all)? Are they willing to help you find at least a temporary housing and help you sell/rent the old house? Your new employer might be happy to help with your relocation regarding the expenses and finding a new place to call home.

New lifestyle

Will the cultural and political background of the new city fit your family? Will your new neighborhood be a good match for your kids in terms of socializing and schooling options? Does a new city or a new borough provide things necessary for the lifestyle you are searching for?


Is your partner on board when it comes to moving to a new city? How will this change affect his/her lifestyle? Is it going to be easy for your partner to find a new job? Will your family be happy to move?

Is your job satisfying?

Dream Job Opportunity

Will you be stimulated at work? What your career path will look like in the next couple of years? Is your new job an opportunity for you to improve your knowledge and skills? Does it inspire you to keep working hard and reach your goals?

Factors to consider when moving for work

Although you were offered an ideal job in a new city or state, which is a dream come true, you should be able to picture how your day-to-day life will look like in a new environment. Whether you are single or married, a decision to relocate for a job shouldn’t be taken lightly.

However, when moving with a family, your spouse and children will be directly affected by your decision to move. Having their well-being in mind, make sure the relocation to a new city will give them a sense of stability.

Do a thorough research

Do a Thorough Research Before Your Move

Research your new area in terms of cost of living, housing and education options, safety, lifestyle, weather conditions,…Before making a final decision you should ensure your new environment is beneficial for your family in terms of job possibilities, education, relationships, entertainment options, etc.

Check the economy rate

Research the economic situation in your new area. Check if it fits your budget and allows you to live comfortably. Remember that moving for a better-paid job to an extremely expensive city may prove counterproductive. Weigh all pros and cons before signing any contract with your prospective employer. You want to make sure that you are able to provide solid living conditions to yourself and your family before moving for work.

Compare your income and outcome

A Woman Comparing Incomes and Outcomes

Will your higher income affect the overall living standard? You might get a higher salary but find that the overall cost of living is way higher than expected. Compare your income with the outcome to be sure of your decision.

Remember details

When calculating your budget, make sure that you include housing expenses as well – rent, mortgage, security deposit, utility bills, repair work, etc. Research the real estate market to find suitable neighborhood and affordable housing options for you and your family. Bear in mind that proximity to good schools may increase the cost of the property, so set your priorities in advance.

Set a moving budget

use the Calculator to Calculate the Moving Budget

Create your moving budget by taking into account all possible charges and fees you may incur throughout the process. In most cases, job relocation expenses are tax-deductible, but you need to be fully aware of how much the move itself will cost you. Don’t be too quick to hire the most affordable movers NYC because it can easily lead to scamming movers. Rather find the most suitable moving company, and cut your expenses elsewhere.

Is a new home family-friendly?

Will your kids be able to make new friends easily in the new neighborhood? Are they prepared to experience different social and cultural backgrounds? Prepare them in advance by finding things that will be exciting for them in a new city.

Employer’s help

If your employer is offering financial and practical help, the relocation itself will be much easier. Depending on the written contract or agreement you have with your new employer, you may (or may not) be fully reimbursed for all moving expenses. If your new employer refuses to cover at least some of the moving costs, you should decide whether the financial sacrifice is worthwhile.

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