Guide for moving from NYC to Long Island

Guide for moving from NYC to Long Island

When moving within NYC you may easily find yourself priced out. Why? Well, due to the high demand of the competitive real estate market. Whether you are forced by circumstances or just want to expand your search criteria towards the east, moving from NYC to Long Island can be a viable option. If you are planning your big move, it’s a good idea to get a big picture of the wide range of options Long Island has to offer.

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Focus on positive aspects of moving from NYC to Long Island

Although part of New York state, this fish-shaped island seems to be an expensive getaway from the hectic NYC lifestyle. It’s roughly parallel to the southern shore of Connecticut, with Long Island sound in the middle. The North Fork and the South Fork, which are separated by Peconic Bay form the tail of the fish. The island is divided into four counties:

  • Kings;
  • Queens;
  • Suffolk;
  • Nassau.

For many people, the mere mention of Long Island creates visions. Images of powder-fine sandy beaches, splendid Hamptons mansions and vibrant nightlife. However, the truth is that the western part of the island has its urban and suburban New York charm. While the eastern half is a predominantly rural area with long beach shores and farmlands. So, not all Long Island neighborhoods are filled with extravagant properties and fancy mansions. Luckily, there are some affordable areas where you can move and start afresh even when moving on a tight budget.

Moving from NYC to Long Island made easy

Having decided to uproot your life in the suburban area it is time for you to start organizing your big transition. Moving from NYC to Long Island is a giant leap into a differently-paced lifestyle that comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages. Not everyone is cut out for the suburban living. But if some unforeseen circumstances are forcing you to make this transition, try at least to make the most of it.

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Get ready for a variety of perks after moving to Long Island

While NYC is a spectacular place to live, people often find themselves sick and tired of its hectic pace, overwhelming crowds and busy lifestyle. Leaving NYC is a tough decision, but sometimes it takes some courage to put yourself out there and explore other possibilities out of your comfort zone. Here’s what you can discover when relocating from NYC to Long Island. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by some aspects.

Pros of moving to Long Island

  • Long Island is famous for a number of nice and fancy restaurants. Here, you can enjoy both authentic international dishes and fresh and tasty seafood. In addition, North Fork is home to large vineyards and wineries. So, you can count on a lot of wine-tasting events and tours around abundant wine region.
  • Due to a vast cultural scene, there are all-year-round entertaining and cultural events and activities. Suffolk County is famous for being a hotspot and a never-ending inspiration for the local culture and art scene.

No matter where your new home is situated, there’s always easy access to the beach. There are a lot of famous vacation destinations just around the corner. So, you won’t need any upfront arrangements for the holiday season.

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Long Island may provide a quieter environment for your new home
  • If you are a big-city lover, there is good news. You are still close to the epicenter of endless entertainment and business options in NYC.
  • There are a lot of family-friendly and quiet neighborhoods. Especially for those who want to escape large city hustle and bustle and enjoy great scenery.
  • There are a lot of small, charming and welcoming towns that happen to be appealing to those who want to perform a residential or business move.

Cons of relocating from NYC to Long Island

Like any other decision, this one also comes with some potential risks and challenges. Here are some of the most common downsides of making such a transition.

  • Long commutes may take a physical and mental toll. A traffic issue is a serious consideration to take into account when planning to move from NYC to Long Island. Getting stuck in traffic on a daily basis can add more stress and frustration to what was supposed to be a short and smooth commute.
  • Extreme climate conditions, unbearable summer heat and humidity, chilly winters, exposure to hurricanes and snowstorms. These are all important factors to consider when making a final decision.
  • When purchasing your perfect new home, high property taxes is one of the expenses you should certainly budget for. Your housing costs may easily skyrocket due to enormous taxes. So, make sure to find the perfect balance in terms of location, amenities, and taxes.

Moving with children might get more challenging

Also, if you are moving the entire family, make sure your kids are well aware of the upcoming change. Moving from NYC to Long Island may cause a major disruption to their routine, so make sure to schedule the move once the school year is over. Help them understand why the move is beneficial for them what their new life would look like after the move. Encourage them to anticipate their day-to-day activities in the new environment. Helping your kids adjust to a new home should be your top priority when relocating.

How to prepare for the big move

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High property taxes can be a deal breaker when moving to Long Island

Having determined your moving budget you can start juggling a variety of tasks. With a little help provided by experienced movers, your move to Long Island can be a smooth experience. Start researching professional movers Long Island NY as soon as your move becomes imminent. Take the time to run a background check on every moving company you are interested in. As we all know, hasty decisions may result in a series of difficulties.

While it’s no secret that the right choice of movers may ease the transition, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Luckily, companies like Dumbo moving and storage NYC are willing to accommodate all kinds of moving needs. Whether you are moving long distance or just within the same city, we can offer a uniquely tailored moving solution according to your specific needs.

Planning a move?

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