Graduates moving to the NYC - here is what you need to know!

Graduates moving to the NYC - here is what you need to know!

There are a couple events in life that can really turn it around. Graduation and relocation are one of the biggest ones. If they are combined the stress can really be overwhelming. But, if you have already made a decision, it’s going to be much easier. Many graduates decide to move to New York – after all, it is the city where dreams come true. But if you want to pay your student loans, start building a career and enjoy your twenties, you need to be prepared. Graduates moving to the NYC need to know a lot more about the city than what they see in movies. Dumbo moving, as one of the best moving companies in New York, is here to help.

graduates moving to the nyc should know this
A lot of graduates will pick NYC as their top destination. Make sure you are well prepared!

New York city is big and complicated. Even if you are used to improvising and figuring things out as they come, you might see that this will simply not cut it in the Big City. You need to do your homework before you move to NYC. Being a graduate, you might think that you are done with studying. Actually, you have just begun. Regardless if you are in for a long distance move to the NYC, or if you are having trouble as a first-time renter in Manhattan. You are going to need help and we got you covered.

The biggest problem for graduates moving to the NYC is housing

Actually, scratch that. That is the biggest problem for anyone! But if you are a recent graduate, chances are you don’t have a lot of experience. Budget is surely not big, and you don’t even know where to look. So many questions, little or no answers. In order to help you get through this we came up with a few useful steps all graduates moving to the NYC should have in mind:

  • Choose your roommates  – Before you start looking for a place, figure out who are you going to live with. This carries a lot of weight and it will help you make all the other choices.
  • Then, decide on the budget – When all the interested parties get together you can start discussing your price range. Once that is set, it will be much easier to decide on the details.
  • Choosing the size of the apartment and the neighborhood – graduates that are moving to New York should have in mind what they are looking for in advance. Otherwise, the concrete jungle might eat you up.

When looking for a place to live in the Big Apple, try to be flexible. Go under, never above your budget, explore different neighborhoods, don’t exclude the not so luxurious places. Most of them can be fixed in a day’s work and the rent will be much cheaper. You can always move if you are not happy. The important thing is to reduce stress and to start your new life after graduation.

Invest all of your efforts into finding a job in NYC!

If you thought the school was hard, welcome to the job market. Everything that you did so far was just a warm up. Now the game really begins. As a recent graduate finding your job should be your top priority. It is most certainly advisable to find one before you actually move to the Big Apple. But, that is not always possible, and you might have to continue your search after you relocate to New York.

graduates moving to the nyc should start job hunting right away
Try to stand out, but not in a bad way. The line can get blurry sometimes.

Don’t spend too much time on your apartment hunting if you don’t have a secured job. Actually, don’t spend way too much time on anything. Focus on this important task, because once you have that secured, everything else will be easier. Graduates that are moving to the NYC should keep their eyes open for every available opportunity.

Once you start job hunting be careful and be ready. Don’t fall for the shady deals, and don’t let someone undermine your education and experience. It might become difficult or even brutal (they don’t call it a jungle for nothing), but in the end, you will find a perfect fit. Just be patient and persistent.

A couple of additional tips when it comes to living in New York

Living in New York isn’t always as it seems in the movies. It isn’t easy to keep up with the image we have in our heads and that can sometimes be too hard. A lot of people leaving New York say that it is too stressful. But, it is only as difficult as you make it be. There are many ways to make your stay in NYC more enjoyable, especially if you are a recent graduate.

moving to nyc for graduates
You are not just sitting on the sidelines, this is now your home!

Recent graduates moving to NYC will be compelled to spend time with their old friends. The change is difficult and you might feel like you can’t take it anymore. But, seeking comfort in people that know you well will prevent you from facing the challenge. And that is the first step to overcoming it. If you really want to feel good in your new home, get to know your neighbors after the move. Ask them for advice, invite them to your home and start creating bonds. This is your home now.

At this delicate time in your life and your career, the big decisions can be life changing and heart breaking. But, try to look at every challenge as an opportunity. Leaving college and your home, starting your first job and moving to the Big Apple… It is all scary, but it is so exciting! Don’t let the stress get to you, turn it into excitement, joy, and inspiration. Connect with the city, the people and the dream. You are a graduate moving to the NYC, and you are on top of the world. Enjoy it!

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