Tips for first time renters in Manhattan

Tips for first time renters in Manhattan

When you are moving to NYC for the first time, you may be uncertain as to which borough to choose. New York City is composed of five boroughs with specific characteristics, so make sure you choose one that meets your lifestyle standards and requirements. But, this could be your first time for a lot of things, so it tends to get overwhelming. You might be a first time New Yorker, or amongst the first-time renters in Manhattan if this is the borough you choose to call home.

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Still, as this will be the first time for you need to understand that you will have to make a lot of decisions. Still, fortunately, our residential and commercial movers NYC are here to help. Don’t think that you have to do all of this alone, because this is not the case. We are here to help if nothing with a little bit of advice.

How to find your first apartment in NYC – tips for first-time renters in Manhattan

– People moving to NYC/Manhattan for the first time are usually shocked by the prices. They all think that gorgeous apartments are just waiting for them. Unfortunately, they get unpleasantly surprised when they find out that, if moving on a limited budget, they have to compromise. They may have trouble finding an affordable apartment that is in a good location or big enough for the whole family. In that case, you will have to decide which option is acceptable and what your non-negotiables are.

Figure out what your budget is

Establish your budget, how much you can set aside for monthly rent and all additional fees so that your real estate agent can show you the apartments that you can really afford. Having high expectations and a limited budget, you are at risk to end up disappointed and frustrated. Furthermore, be aware that rents are higher during the summertime, so moving in winter wouldn’t be a bad idea if you want to save some money. The most common mistake, and the biggest advice we have is for you to be realistic. More often than not people grab more than they can chew. This might be sweet at the start, but as you progress through months you will soon realize how painful this is for your wallet.

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So, be careful and be realistic. And remember, this is only the beginning. Your income and career will grow in time, and as it grows – so will your options. Just be patient!

First-time renters in Manhattan are also disappointed by the size of NYC apartments. It is not uncommon that small studios in Manhattan are offered at extremely high prices. So, if renting a decent, cozy apartment is beyond your possibilities, consider sharing your space with a roommate. This option is especially convenient for college students. If none of these options is good enough, maybe other New York City boroughs like Brooklyn or Staten Island offer more convenient and affordable housing options.

Don’t go overboard

Since you are a newcomer, get some recommendations from friends or relatives who already live in the Big Apple – they certainly know the rental market and can provide some useful tips. Once you receive an appealing offer, make sure to react immediately. Be ready to sign a lease after seeing a suitable apartment. You are certainly free to take a couple of hours or even a day to think about it, but someone else might take it in the meantime. Whenever you decide to sign a lease, have the necessary documents on hand. Remember, advice is vital! If you don’t know anyone around whom you could ask for advice, feel free to reach out to East Village movers. We’d be more than happy to help all first-time renters in Manhattan.

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You should spend up to 30% of your income on rent, as all first-time renters in Manhattan should. Landlords in Manhattan usually perform a credit check in order to make sure their potential tenants are able to pay rent and bills regularly. They have rigorous credit requirements. Ideally, tenants should earn a yearly salary which is about 40 times the monthly rent, which is why new grads need a guarantor – a person, usually a family member who will co-sign a lease. His yearly income should be even higher – about 80 times the monthly rent. Still, you will go and do this based on your capabilities. It is absolutely fine not to have someone like that. However, if you do it’ll make your life quite easier.

Keep an open mind

Keep an open mind while looking for an apartment. Decide what you can compromise on and what is not negotiable at all. Does the apartment meet your basic requirements? Is it situated in a pet-friendly building? How long will the commute take? Is the apartment fully-equipped? Is the crime rate in the area high.

When you find an appropriate apartment, start preparing for the move as soon as possible. Decide whether you will be moving on your own or you will be hiring a professional NYC moving company. If you are in NYC for the first time, you could certainly use some professional help provided by Manhattan movers. However, research carefully moving companies before deciding to hire one. Online reviews, other people’s experiences as well as friends’ or relatives’ recommendations can be really helpful. Although your goal is to find cheap movers, don’t go for the lowest quote. Too-good-to-be-true offers are usually some kind of catch and similar options are to be avoided.

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